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Sound it out: Bijuju.

Bijuju. Pronounced “Bee-zhu-zhu.” Aren’t you glad I spell everything out phonetically? You’re welcome.

A fantastic accessory boutique. If you’re in need of jewelry, watches, scarves, handbags, etc., check out the online shop. I went a little nuts at the outlets over Easter break, and I walked away with some fantastic little additions to my wardrobe.

Like this…

Mine’s a darker purpley-gray color, but I fell in love with this sucker. I rarely even carry purses anymore.. I’m a wristlet girl. 😉

I got these in a  cream/pale blue theme, but you get the picture. I’m a big fan of wearing two or three at a time.

Aaand my favorites. I have a big thing for birdies, as evidenced by something else I recently purchased..

forgive me. there’s no great angle for photographing a mirror hook.

A mirrored birdie hook. For me to hang my jeeewelry. Only $8 at a little shop in Salisbury, North Carolina. I’m gaga over it. Yup.

Speaking of my thing for birdies, I finally painted myself a wine glass! Is it weird that I’ve been so busy painting creations for everyone else, I’ve never painted my own?

dear flash. you’re killin’ me.

It’s hard to see how awesome this is with the poor photo quality in my poorly-lit room, but this baby will be making an appearance with me at Wine Fest in two weekends. Yes, that’s a birdie, yes, it’s yellow, and YES, there’s glitter on it. All my favorite things on one wine glass of heaven.

GUESS WHO ELSE IS COMING TO WINE FEST? With her own bLyss Designs glass?


My college partner in crime. I can’t wait to REALLY introduce her to Virginia Beach and all my loves here.

And Lisa-Marie will be sporting a new glass at Wine Fest too! She requested I make this baby to match the dress she bought for the event.

let me see ya PEACOCK!

The whole time I painted this baby, I had Katy Perry’s song “Peacock” running through my head. It’s inappropriate. I may have sung it out loud. Sorry, Bethany.

My good friend Katie introduced me to this gem of a song. And just for you, Katie, I’ll include a live video of her performing this on Letterman.

Who agrees that little number should be my Halloween costume for next year?