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Bender Ballin’ to Some Killer Abdominals

About 42834729 people have questioned/commented on my obsession with working my core.

I can’t help it. I love feelin’ the burn in my abs.

And I have a confession – I only report about half of my ab workouts on my exercise tab. Seeecret ab workouts going on around here.

I have a love affair with my Bender Ball.

Check out this video, try the ball, and you’ll understand. Promise.

There is a huge lack of awkwardness in this video. No sir, no awkward here at all.

I also love how YouTube always gets my very most attractive angle in its preview thumbnails. Thank you, YouTube!

Now go get a Bender Ball. Its results are equivalent to doing a bajillion crunches for hours a night. Trust me, I used to try to do that. The Bender is better.

Once you go Bender, you never go back.

Dear Leslie Bender, you may now send me a grand percentage of your proceeds from here on out. You’re so very welcome for this unsolicited glowing review.

😀 Enjoy that.


And The Verdict Is… [Video Blog]



(can we just talk about how good looking I am?
MAN, that’s a nice screen capture up there.)

I’m psyched.

You should be psyched.

These girls were psyched.

I’m choosing to treat my shin issues aggressively. I will be going to my Active Release Technique therapy twice a week until the Williamsburg Half Marathon on May 22, and although I can’t “race,” I’m still allowed to jog the run.

I’m a little disappointed since this was going to be the first half marathon for which I’d officially go all out, but hey… I’d rather have healthy shins and run with my running twin. 😉

In a nutshell, in my new desk job, sitting all day has made my hips and quads really tight. This puts too much stress on my shins and calves when I run, so with the massage therapy and area-targeted stretching, I should be okay in no time.

Three cheers for good news! Happy dances all around!


But slow, easy happy dances. No hills or speedwork. Don’t get ahead of yourselves.

Video: Stretch Your Shins!

Lucky you guys… I made a new video!

Jacqueline is a reader, fellow runner, and a friend of mine from college. We used to run together on side-by-side treadmills every day after class. Oh, the memories.

She suggested I figure out a way to show how I warm up and stretch my shins to prevent/rehabilitate the shin splits that just rudely returned.

SO, here you go. A 2 minute video. Go watch – it’s fun AND educational. 😉

and, as an added bonus, you’ll see Chloe’s FIRST trick she finally just learned.

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Here’s to healthy and happy shins for all. Mine are already feeling better! 😀

Today is Friday for me. I’m taking a three day weekend and scooting to North Carolina and then spending a fun weekend D.C.! Wahooo!