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I’m Self-Hosted! & A Weekend Recap

This post is going to be a ginormous update full of A.D.D. I know I’ve been M.I.A., but I swear, I have good excuses. 🙂

One. I’m OFFICIALLY self-hosted now! Thanks to Seth @ Boy Meets Food (thank you for the rec, Julie, he was awesome), I’m now with Bluehost and available at lifeofblyss.com. Ah yeah!

That means I can finally reply to reader comments with an automatic e-mail notification. And if you haven’t yet, go “Like” the blog on Facebook!

Two. My childhood bestie from New Jersey, Mag/Maggie/Magalicious (remember my birthday post to her last November?) came to visit Virginia Beach for the weekend. It was blyssfull (I love doing that; don’t hate).

Three. I then spent Sunday-Tuesday at home with my parents, my pup, and my sister and her three kiddos. It was some wonderful family time, and nowwww…


Her excitement upon seeing me never fails to completely melt my heart. I arrived home to be tackled and slobbered all over.

good thing I wore my swimsuit

so. many. kisses.

I will tackle you back and cover you with kisses and you will like it.

So, after I was reunited with my baby, my awesome sister arrived for a few days with the girlie gals.

And after getting used to her overzealous nature, they were pretty big fans of her, too. Mackenzie, the one holding the leash, decided she now wants to become a dog breeder instead of a DJ.

Adelyn, the one on the ground, thought she was being told to “SIT.” when we were trying to pose Chloe in this picture. Such a good listener.

And check out the brave tubers!

Speaking of brave, many have asked how my sister is doing.

Three words: She’s a rockstar. She is officially cancer free, and she even ran with me yesterday with NO PAIN. So much excitement!

She’s awesome. And cancer free.

And speaking of RUNNING, guess whose dream Asics arrived?!

cue the angel chorus; it’s my bright yellow Asics!

I gave them a whirl, along with my hydration belt, for the first time.

I’ve got a belt.

It was above 90 degrees out. There was no wind. I got bright red and very, very sweaty, and I will not subject you to a visual of my face afterwards (thank me later).

I can’t decide how I feel about the hydration belt. The two baby bottles don’t even fit a whole bottle of Propel in the two of them, so I feel like I’d get even more water if I just carried a bottle. I also had a lot of trouble with it bouncing on my hips.

I ended up pushing it as far down as I could, kind of resting it on the top of my butt, to make it stay. Thank you, ‘donk.

And this is my recovery spot.

And then, because I decided I earned it, I did work on the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. In my life.

It’s heaven on a very big plate. There’s mushrooms and white truffle oil on that sucker, and it’s crazy amazing.

And now, I’ll leave you with scenes from the weekend.

how “VA Beach” am I with that cutoff shirt?

Actually, that shirt didn’t used to be a cutoff. It shrunk in the wash, and I have a really long torso. Whoops.

Maaag, open those peepers

“This bar. It smells like stinky feet.”

“…You but in front of me.”

I’ve waited SO LONG for these girlies to meet!

(And how much of a hot mom is Anastasia in her one piece?)

To clarify, she’s not a mom. We just tell her she looks like a hot mom when she wears the one-piece. Yes?

Evidence that Mom has adopted the “Waaah!” And evidence that Chloe is the bomb.com and everybody loves her.

“They’re the twooo best friends that anyone can have”

One last thing.

I have found the perfect earrings for our bridesmaid dresses. The only thing is, they’re priiicey! Does anyone know a jewelry designer/maker who does personalized designs and could recreate these bad boys for less?



Running Anxiety

When I was in high school, running literally gave me anxiety. We had to run a seeerious amount for my field hockey team, and if you weren’t up to par, you didn’t get to keep your starting position.

I’d stress all day at school remembering how I had to make it rain later on the field.

little baby high school field hockey player

don’t worry, I eventually grew some muscles to look
a tiny more intimidating for college field hockey.

Honestly? High school field hockey made me hate running.

…But I got over it.

After my field hockey career ended, I ran for me. And that’s what made me love running. After over 11 years of people telling me what to run and how to run it, I could follow my own rules and I could be my own boss.

I made a subconscious promise to myself to keep running fun for me. And that’s why I do it. It keeps me sane. It makes me happy.

It makes me feel like a BAMF? 😉

So, to make running fun, I quit the head games. I don’t get down on myself if I have a rough run, and I don’t set unattainable goals. I keep a laid-back, positive attitude, and I remember that I run simply because I like to. I run to stay healthy. I run because it’s a positive thing in my life.

And that’s how I’ve gotten through every half marathon easily and in good spirits. I don’t stress beforehand, and I’m proud of myself afterwards. Time doesn’t matter. If I don’t crush it this time, I’ll do it in the next race.

my first ever running medal.. good ol’ high school track.

So why am I feeling anxious for the first time for the Williamsburg Half Marathon this Sunday?

As it’s clear my shin injury and recent life events have put training on the “yeah right” list, I am the least prepared I’ve ever been for a half marathon. For my past three, I over-trained (I like to be prepared).

So… Anastasia are planning on bringing skateboards to the Williamsburg Half Marathon and scooting over the finish line on our butts. Wearing these shorts.

But really. I need to remember that this is a FUN run (uh, duh, look at those shorts) and that time doesn’t matter. This is for fun, and this is why I do it.

So… dear Alyssa, relaxo. And have fun. Cause that’s why you run in the first place. 🙂

fun run for the A Team!

Why do you run? Do you get caught up in your head too much when it comes to running?