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Remember This Pup?

Incase you don’t remember, Chloe was my birthday surprise in January.

Would you believe me if I told you she now looks like this?

with our amazing breeder and her trainer, Stacy

My baby is all grown up!

And she’s got such proud grandparents.

I went home for Memorial Day and got to go visit Chloe to see her last few days of boot camp before coming home to get spayed. It was so impressive to watch her show off all she has learned.

Stacy, her breeder, said she’s so smart. She got it from her mama.


(look who’s ready for runs with Mom!)

..and sit.

Chloe loooves Stacy.

I owe a huge thank-you to Stacy, Chloe’s breeder and trainer, for doing such an awesome job with Chloe. And if anyone is wanting a black lab puppy in the near future, Chloe’s birth mama, Kate, is off getting knocked up again. You’re welcome!

Although I was impressed with Chloe’s new skillz, my favorite part of my visit was when Stacy gave Chloe the okay to come say hi to me.


I got tackled. With so many kisses.

Reunited and it feeeels so gooood!

And now, she’s at home with her Opa and Gigi awaiting getting spayed tomorrow. 😦

“Pyyeeeugh. Don’t make me go. Bleugh.”