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This Is How Awesome I am.

The title of this beauty is all Janae‘s fault.

You see, in her post yesterday, she talked about how she recovers from her long run/work days (or long days void of any hard running or working). After noting she likes to get in pajamas, leave her hair a mess, eat cookies, and watch marathons of not-so-popular TV (sorry, Janae, you’re still my hero, and I’m still mildly obsessed with you, but I don’t know anyone else who watches “Make It Or Break It”) ;), she asked what I did to recover.


I was being completely facetious, but she just straight up told me she’d hunt me down if I didn’t do a post about how awesome I am.

…or something like that.

So… how do I recover from a tiring day? 

1. I run a lot.
KNOCK ON WOOD, my shin is recuperating well with all my special stretches from physical therapy. Booo-yah! So, this week started the lax part of MARATHON training. That still sounds weird without the “half” in front of it.

So, I’ve joined a new gym (with Jamie! fist pump!), and I’m loving the change of scenery. Even if the treadmill has a very ill-placed bar in front of my face. Good thing Jamie’s cute. I’ll just rip her headphones out every day and make her talk to me.

2. Lotsa painting.
Since Colleen’s bridal party glasses are done and in her hands, I’ve completed a makeup artist glass for my friend Alyssa (a girl who was clearly blessed by the great-name fairy).

Trust Sandra. She’s a Makeup Artist.

3. Get really motivated to do laundry,
throw the clothes in the washer, switch them to the dryer, and leave them there. Cause folding sucks and I hate it.

4. Buy the best color asics…ever… online.
‘Cause apparently, when you’re training for a half marathon, you need TWO pairs of running shoes.

Free shipping at Zappos, whatwhaat!

Elite Runners must all be rich. This is a stupid expensive hobby.

But I’m not complaining, because I found the best color Asics on the planet. Remember these? Obsessed much?

5. Extend my online shopping problem to Victoria’s Secret
and buy things I’ve been swooning over since last September.

See that? It’s mine.

Apparently, Victoria’s little secret has eluded me, ’cause I return on a quest for more entirely too often.

6. I sift through and delete really fantastic Facebook messages
from strangers who can’t even view my profile.

MAN.. cuter than a koala bear? I’m swooning again.

You’re welcome for sharing that with you.

7. And just as I told Janae, I like to grab my bender ball for a nice ab workout.
Sometimes I bang it out in 15 minutes, sometimes I lay there with the ball propping my head up. Ya win some, ya lose some.

That’s how I roll.

I’ll leave you with this.
Cause Chloe wants you to go “like” the new Life of bLyss Facebook page. 😉