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Baseball, FroYo, and Cars

I’m so girly with my blog titles, aren’t I?

Daddy-O, also known as B-Halt, came to Virginia Beach last night to work on the house a bit (for those of you who don’t know, my daddy is currently “flipping” the house in which I currently live).

After a fun trip to Home Depot for Slug Bait (heeey, what up, slugs in mah bathroom?), Aunt Bait (I’ve also got some homeboys marching into my kitchen), and a sprinkler, we headed to Waterman’s for some dinna.

I should get a frequent visitor card to Waterman’s. I can’t help it… I just love the food, location, and atmosphere, and I had to show Dad around.

And guess who was playing on the bar T.V. right in front of us?

this guy



The best matchup ever… my team versus one of my college buddies. Remember my post about how my friend Jerry was brought up to play in the majors for the LA Dodgers? He’s still busy being awesome. Batting 7th last night against the Phillies. NBD. Just a few grand slams…

It was difficult to capture him on my Blackberry’s camera…

But Jerbear’s got some moves. (source)

I spent the game texting Jerry’s fiance, Morgan, planning my trip to D.C. when the Dodgers play the Nationals. I’m pretty psyched about cheering in the stands with her like old times. 🙂

Boop! He’s excited.

After watching the game over dinner, Dad twisted my arm and had to bribe to go get some fro yo. Part of that sentence is true, part of that sentence is a complete fabrication.

Skip, skip, skip to my loo

I was goin’ for some real health on my fro yo. I picked nonfat dark chocolate mixed with nonfat frosted cupcake.

Then I added butterfinger, oreo, pie crust, cookie dough, a brownie bite, and cinnamon toast crunch.

Please don’t hold the hot fudge.

Hey, I ran an easy 5 yesterday… I do what I want.

Plus, it’s completely this guy’s fault I have such a problem controlling myself around ice cream and chocolate.

It’s also his fault I am really lanky and have long fingers and not so tiny feet, but that’s a story for another day.

Know what else is fun? Spending 1,200 some dollas getting your car completely serviced (new fluids, new brakes, removal of the unicorns who were poking holes in my exhaust) to find your “check engine” light back a month later.

Does anybody else still have the same car they got when they first started driving? I never ever ever want mine to die. I love him. Any guesses to what breed he is? 😉

P.S. If you got the Dane Cook reference above, you get to join my new best friend list. 🙂


I’ve Got Some Seriously Talented Friends.

Why, do you ask, was my Facebook news feed blown up with the name “Jerry Sands?” And why was #Jerry Sands a Twitter Trend?

First off, Jerry was one of my goofiest college friends. I can’t really think of one time he failed to offer up some laughs, crazy dance moves, or a few rounds of dizzy bat when he was around.

good ol Halloween

Jerry was called up to play in the majors last night (check out his news coverage here). He started for the LA Dodgers vs. the Braves, starting at left field and batting 7th. He hit a double and a sacrifice fly, getting his first major league RBI. The Dodgers kicked some Brave booty with a final count of 4-2.

It was pretty cool to hear our buddy Jerry was already a crowd fave in L.A… the stands were apparently alight with a sound familiar to Catawba baseball fans. “Jer-ry, Jer-ry, Jer-ry.”

you know you’re a good friend of mine
when you’ve got the muskrat face down.

give Jerry a bat, he does work.

Checking out FBook and Twitter, it seemed like everyone was as psyched about the news as I was. I was cracking up at Morgan, Jerry’s fiance’s, Facebook updates.

Jerry left Catawba a year early to play in the minors and has had some rockin’ stats ever since. We missed him dearly back at school, but when he and his lovely fiance Morgan would visit, it’d be a highlight of the weekend. They even came back into town for a visit to celebrate my 21st birthday!

Talk about an amazing year for Jerry and Morgan… an engagement and the major leagues all in a few months? And seriously, how stinkin’ adorable are they?

Our whole circle of friends has Dodger fever… and it couldn’t be for a better cause.

I’ll cheer on the Dodgers for you, Jer, but no
promises when it’s time you go up against the Phillies. 🙂

So, it’s official: Our friend has hit the big leagues. You may be a pro, now, Jerry, I’m pretty sure most of us are always going to enjoy remembering the good ol’ days…

Go get ’em, Jer! We’re all rooting for you. Chuck Norris included.

P.S. You know you’ve hit the big time when you get a MLB butt slap on T.V.

That’s a major league butt slap.