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When Things Just Work Out Perfectly

Have you ever had one of those weekends where everything just turned out… perfect?

Don’t get jeal or anything, buuuut… WE DID!

As you know, my college besties came to visit me in Virginia Beach for the first time. And it. was. awesome.

Dana and Abby didn’t get to Virginia Beach until late Friday night, so we stayed in and caught up in preparation for serious activities the next day.

Dana was sad Chloe wasn’t home yet, so she slept in her bed for the night.

But you KNOW the next day we were up and rarin’ for some beach fun!

As promised, I provided the margaritas.

(Just pretend my tan doesn’t fade upwards. It’s weird and I’ve always had a pale face/chest and really tan legs.)

“wait, you can’t stay forever and ever?”

When you both have a sick Victorias Secret “problem,” you will end up having the same bikini top.

“What’s that? I make the best skinny beach margarita ever and you love Virginia Beach and you want to move here? Awesome.”

After our all-day beach extravaganza, we got all prettied up for a night out on the oceanfront.

I’ve missed dressing Dana so much, I dressed her in my pink ruffle tank top (even if she did embarrass me by looking like at shoobie tourist with the coveted camera-around-neck look).

And guess who forgot this weekend was the huge Beach Concert series? This girl did!

The oceanfront was a complete zoo, and as we pulled up to Waterman’s, our restaurant of choice, we were feeling pretty defeated.

Buuuut who knew a pout coupled with some puppy eyes would coerce a valet boy into parking our car? 😉

Sometimes, it’s nice being a girl.

We walked into the restaurant expecting a 23847 minute wait, and we were right – a one hour wait was posted. BUT LUCKY FOR US, a man I’ll call “I’m-really-impatient-and-silly-but-others-appreciate-it” gave us his table because he was too tired of waiting.

Hellooo, 15 minute wait!

Things got better.

Would you believe me if I told you we were lead to the best table overlooking the Beach Boys Concert?

I’m serious. Best seats in the house.

We made a few Full House references (remember when the Beach Boys were on there?!) and high-fived and did splits in the air over our fantastic luck.. all before our drinks arrived.

After our dinner of calamari, fish tacos, and seafood pasta, we skipped out to the oceanfront to meet up with this girl you always see frequenting my blog and the boys.


Abby was really impressed with Virginia Beach’s use of cops on horses.

And by impressed, I mean Abby spent the whole night snickering about how that cop could certainly take down so many more people on horseback than if he were on a motorcycle or in a cop car.

And then it was time for dancing.

Virginia Beach: We bring you our trademark dance move… all the way from freshman year. You can be impressed.

Abby got jealous because we kept taking Jersey girl pictures so she stuck her Georgian foot into this one.


You know somebody’s a happy girl when the DJ plays Ke$ha for her all night long.

My Virginia Beach-but-really-from-South-Jersey partner in crime

“Hey back right, play me some Ke$ha and check your pocket.”

And look who won a VB T-shirt? She wasn’t psyched about it. At all.

This guy wanted to dance with her because they had matching ponies.

My kinda guy.

We called it a night after a whooole lotta dancing, “Yo-kid” greetings, hair flips, splits in the bar (I’ll spare you those pictures), and the face you make when you don’t want to have to dance with somebody.

But not before staring longingly into the windows of Kohr Brother’s Ice Cream wishing they were open for some treats.

Some things never change.

And I’m so glad they don’t. 😀

It was the perfect weekend with my girlfriends I miss so much. Somebody tell them they need to move here full-time so we can repeat this weekend for the rest of our lives. Please and thank you. 😉


Nobody likes a Mr. Sniffles

As my good friend Kate Hudson says, “nobody likes a Mr. Sniffles!

(Okay.. maybe she’s just my good friend in mind. Keep dreaming, dreamer.)

Anyway, all weekend, Lisa-Marie and I were Ms. Sniffles. We couldn’t figure out if it was a bug or allergies, but we were poppin Halls left and right.

our Sunday-Funday beach setup: Halls, Vicks tissues, iced coffee, breakfast sandwiches

Has anybody else experienced the wonder that is Puffs with Vicks? Holy geez.

That’s what you do when you have an awesome Vicks tissue. You stick it in, enjoy its goodness, and, HEY! when you sneeze, it’s so convenient!

sickies on the beach

All this sickness is making me a little worried for my Williamsburg Run for the Dream Half Marathon on May 22. I was planning on running this for my final PR before starting to train for the Marine Corps Marathon on October 30, 2011, but with the way my shin’s been hating on me plus my sickness plus some unforeseen family issues lately, it looks like this may be the least prepared I’ve ever been for a half marathon. Waaah.

My last run was on Friday with Jamie.. we were troopers with my oncoming sickness and her sore leggies, but we had to get in one more run before she moved (Jamie just moved to the oceanfront, so she’s now about 15 minutes away instead of 2.4 miles away). Laaaaame.

Anyway, we felt the (strange) need to capture our last ceremonious Friday Fun-Run run togeths.


there it is.. our sacred meeting place!

we run through the jungle. normal.

and then we played for a little bit.

“does this count as my weight training for the day?”

To wrap up the weekend, LisaRee and I had the Sunday Funday of a lifetime. Our fun weekend included some 80s music, dancing, shopping, a photo shoot, a movie (Water for Elephants! Uh, the book is SO much better), and a day on the beach with lots of halls, tissues, and wine. And maybe some margaritas at the end.

blueberry mojito!

Today was spent buying myself a neti pot after work.

I don’t want to talk about it.

I’m off to blow my nose for the 2939183th time today. I need more Vicks tissues.