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Bender Ballin’ to Some Killer Abdominals

About 42834729 people have questioned/commented on my obsession with working my core.

I can’t help it. I love feelin’ the burn in my abs.

And I have a confession – I only report about half of my ab workouts on my exercise tab. Seeecret ab workouts going on around here.

I have a love affair with my Bender Ball.

Check out this video, try the ball, and you’ll understand. Promise.

There is a huge lack of awkwardness in this video. No sir, no awkward here at all.

I also love how YouTube always gets my very most attractive angle in its preview thumbnails. Thank you, YouTube!

Now go get a Bender Ball. Its results are equivalent to doing a bajillion crunches for hours a night. Trust me, I used to try to do that. The Bender is better.

Once you go Bender, you never go back.

Dear Leslie Bender, you may now send me a grand percentage of your proceeds from here on out. You’re so very welcome for this unsolicited glowing review.

😀 Enjoy that.