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I’m Self-Hosted! & A Weekend Recap

This post is going to be a ginormous update full of A.D.D. I know I’ve been M.I.A., but I swear, I have good excuses. πŸ™‚

One. I’m OFFICIALLY self-hosted now! Thanks to Seth @ Boy Meets Food (thank you for the rec, Julie, he was awesome), I’m now with Bluehost and available at lifeofblyss.com. Ah yeah!

That means I can finally reply to reader comments with an automatic e-mail notification. And if you haven’t yet, go “Like” the blog on Facebook!

Two. My childhood bestie from New Jersey, Mag/Maggie/Magalicious (remember my birthday post to her last November?) came to visit Virginia Beach for the weekend. It was blyssfull (I love doing that; don’t hate).

Three. I then spent Sunday-Tuesday at home with my parents, my pup, and my sister and her three kiddos. It was some wonderful family time, and nowwww…


Her excitement upon seeing me never fails to completely melt my heart. I arrived home to be tackled and slobbered all over.

good thing I wore my swimsuit

so. many. kisses.

I will tackle you back and cover you with kisses and you will like it.

So, after I was reunited with my baby, my awesome sister arrived for a few days with the girlie gals.

And after getting used to her overzealous nature, they were pretty big fans of her, too. Mackenzie, the one holding the leash, decided she now wants to become a dog breeder instead of a DJ.

Adelyn, the one on the ground, thought she was being told to “SIT.” when we were trying to pose Chloe in this picture. Such a good listener.

And check out the brave tubers!

Speaking of brave, many have asked how my sister is doing.

Three words: She’s a rockstar. She is officially cancer free, and she even ran with me yesterday with NO PAIN. So much excitement!

She’s awesome. And cancer free.

And speaking of RUNNING, guess whose dream Asics arrived?!

cue the angel chorus; it’s my bright yellow Asics!

I gave them a whirl, along with my hydration belt, for the first time.

I’ve got a belt.

It was above 90 degrees out. There was no wind. I got bright red and very, very sweaty, and I will not subject you to a visual of my face afterwards (thank me later).

I can’t decide how I feel about the hydration belt. The two baby bottles don’t even fit a whole bottle of Propel in the two of them, so I feel like I’d get even more water if I just carried a bottle. I also had a lot of trouble with it bouncing on my hips.

I ended up pushing it as far down as I could, kind of resting it on the top of my butt, to make it stay. Thank you, ‘donk.

And this is my recovery spot.

And then, because I decided I earned it, I did work on the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. In my life.

It’s heaven on a very big plate. There’s mushrooms and white truffle oil on that sucker, and it’s crazy amazing.

And now, I’ll leave you with scenes from the weekend.

how “VA Beach” am I with that cutoff shirt?

Actually, that shirt didn’t used to be a cutoff. It shrunk in the wash, and I have a really long torso. Whoops.

Maaag, open those peepers

“This bar. It smells like stinky feet.”

“…You but in front of me.”

I’ve waited SO LONG for these girlies to meet!

(And how much of a hot mom is Anastasia in her one piece?)

To clarify, she’s not a mom. We just tell her she looks like a hot mom when she wears the one-piece. Yes?

Evidence that Mom has adopted the “Waaah!” And evidence that Chloe is the bomb.com and everybody loves her.

“They’re the twooo best friends that anyone can have”

One last thing.

I have found the perfect earrings for our bridesmaid dresses. The only thing is, they’re priiicey! Does anyone know a jewelry designer/maker who does personalized designs and could recreate these bad boys for less?



Remember This Pup?

Incase you don’t remember, Chloe was my birthday surprise in January.

Would you believe me if I told you she now looks like this?

with our amazing breeder and her trainer, Stacy

My baby is all grown up!

And she’s got such proud grandparents.

I went home for Memorial Day and got to go visit Chloe to see her last few days of boot camp before coming home to get spayed. It was so impressive to watch her show off all she has learned.

Stacy, her breeder, said she’s so smart. She got it from her mama.


(look who’s ready for runs with Mom!)

..and sit.

Chloe loooves Stacy.

I owe a huge thank-you to Stacy, Chloe’s breeder and trainer, for doing such an awesome job with Chloe. And if anyone is wanting a black lab puppy in the near future, Chloe’s birth mama, Kate, is off getting knocked up again. You’re welcome!

Although I was impressed with Chloe’s new skillz, my favorite part of my visit was when Stacy gave Chloe the okay to come say hi to me.


I got tackled. With so many kisses.

Reunited and it feeeels so gooood!

And now, she’s at home with her Opa and Gigi awaiting getting spayed tomorrow. 😦

“Pyyeeeugh. Don’t make me go. Bleugh.”

Beachin’ It for Memorial Day

Warm weather makes living at the beach so. much. fun.

Okay, yeah, I’ve lived in Virginia Beach for a year now, but this is the first summer I haven’t had to work holidays and weekends. And I finally live right by the oceanfront. So NOW I actually get to play on the beach.

Not that I’m psyched or anything.

And look who else showed her pretty face!

Our day started bright and early… Lisa-Marie and I stocked up the cooler and jumbo bigdog “I’m not messing around” cooler with some margaritas…

this thing’s serious.

We had some nice LisaRee and Alyssaloo snuggle time…

We deemed splits in the sand as underrated…

And we learned certain awesome green beach chairs don’t last three years. So sad.

We spent allll day on the beach. After beach activities came dinner and drinks on the oceanfront. Look how nice we clean up!

and look… the new Bud Light labels you can draw on!

all day beach activities make us sleepy…

My homegirl Ensley would have loved the awkwardness that was my encounter on the Virginia Beach strip.

Here we were, driving to dinner, and a young man approaches my window. Confused, I hit the button to roll down the window (is it still “rolling” down the window if you push the button?). He gave me a wordless 5 second staredown, reached across, and hit me with a flower he most certainly picked off the sidewalk.

And then I jumped out of my car, into his arms, and we skipped off into the sunset.

Singing Ke$ha.

But really, the first part really did happen. It’s a shame this guy didn’t end up on this season of The Bachelorette. He would’ve fit in so well with the rest of those clowns.

That’s a real poll on abc.com. Yes, I’m serious.

More weekend recaps to come later… and guess who I got to go visit? Here’s a hint.. she’s got dark hair, she’s become SO well behaved, and I was covered in slobber after I arrived to visit.

Wait, no… not her.

That one.

Thankful Updates

I can’t describe to you all how much your thoughts, prayers, and comments touched the hearts of my sister, my family, and me.

I’m so happy to report that Amy is smiling big from the hospital recovery room.

Why is she smiling so big, do you ask (other than all those pain meds ;))


We are all so thankful, relieved, and excited. One more cancer free family member gives us all so much happiness and a huge sigh of relief.

I will be heading to Northern Virginia to help Amy recuperate so my parents can go to Ohio to be with my dad’s family for my grandpa’s funeral. I’ve been really antsy sitting her in VB all by myself not being able to help anyone, so I’m anxious to get there and help my sister.

Although somebody (cough..Mike) had me really craving sushi last night, I was intent on using up some of my veggies I needed to get rid of before going out of town last night. SO… I decided to put my new little garlic chopper to work!

Wait till you see. This sucker’s is a genius.

garlic. master.

Abby showed me this little guy during my visit to Salisbury. This thing easily and quickly minces garlic without mess and without making your hands smell like garlic for 2397 days.

Not that that’s a bad thing…

Sidenote: I may have made a little booboo and purchased ELEPHANT garlic. Uh, what’s the difference, besides it being huge and not smelling as great as regular garlic?

It must be my new-found obsession with elephants after reading and seeing Water for Elephants. Yes, I now want my own elephant.

big dog garlic

My bad.

Check it out. You put the garlic in there…

Close it up…

Roll it on the counter… and the blades chop it all up!

Et voila. You can make [gross looking, but] delicious pasta sauces without making a mess of your hands.

Sorry I’m not sorry I don’t care enough to make a picture of my pasta sauce look more appetizing.

To make this delicious low-fat cheesy tofu cream sauce:
-3/4 cup plain greek yogurt (I used my love, Chobani)
-3 medium mushrooms, sliced
-1/4 cup tofu, cut into blocks
-1 triangle Laughing Cow Light, Garlic & Herb flavored
-a pinch of light goat cheese
-1 clove garlic, minced
-a few shakes of Garlic & Herb seasoning

All added to this stuff:

whole wheat fettuccine pastaaaa

Try not to trip over yourself as you sprint to Target to pick up this baby. You won’t regret it.

In other news, Chloe is doing beautifully at boot camp. Our breeder reported that she is one one of the smartest dogs he has ever trained. She is doing well with heeling and sitting, and he’s getting ready to teach her to ignore distractions.

The tornados we had last week touched down in the town she’s in, but we got a phone call saying Chloebear was safely inside. Phew!

“Mom. Relax. I’ll be home soon.”

I miss my baby. 😦

Did you notice? I’m now self-hosted!

I finally gave in and got my own domain. Check the top of your browser.. see where it says lifeofblyss.com? Yeeeeah.

Now, you expert WordPress friends, please tell me how I can now add the plug-ins I want to use so badly (i.e., comment plug-ins). I need your help and I’m sick of trying to Google it.

Next time I post, it’ll be from NoVA alongside my rockstar sister. πŸ˜€

Baby Blog No More. I Also Almost Died.

I’m not one to dwell on site stats.

I write my bloggity blog cause I like writing, I like my workout log, and I like being able to keep in touch with all of my family and friends all over the world. And hey, I like you fellow bloggers, too. πŸ˜‰ For those who don’t like the blog, uhh.. why are you reading it?

BUT, I’ve gotta say, after my Guest Post on Carrie’s blog, Moves ‘N Munchies yesterday, I was so touched by all the new readers I’ve snagged.

I really just added some subliminal messages in those videos. Just like in that Josie & The Pussycat Dolls movie. I forced you to like me. You’re welcome!

No, but really. I felt great when I hit 800 some views yesterday. I can feel the love, and I love it!

if I could give you all kisses, I would.

Know what else I love? When friends I haven’t talked to in ages approach me to tell me they follow this. Seriously, you guys are too cool. Keep coming outta the woodwork, cause I love hearing it.

I’m gonna stop talking about love. I’m getting a little mushy.

But I DO love my dog. She’s my baby, I’m her mama, and she makes me happy.


Chloe – 1; Papazan Chair – 0

Bad girl.

“uh. wasn’t me?”

I’m thankful that chair had already seen better days. My friend Anna and I probably logged 80 hours in those chairs watching every episode of The O.C. as 8th graders.

I use the term “better days” loosely.

Speaking of Chloebear and her obedience, guess who is going off to Boot Camp next week? For what may be FIVE whole weeks?Β I’m excited for her. She’s going back to her breeder and learning how to be a lady. And she’ll alongside her mama, Kate.

You’re welcome, dear Papazan Chair.

I’m a Phan.

Victoria’s Secret may have gotten MLB apparel. And I may have used my Secret Rewards card to do work.

I have a valid excuse, though. I don’t live in Philly country. It’s hard for me to get my hands on some good Phillies gear, and I love Vic Secret clothes. Don’t rain on my parade and tell me this is out of hand. I like it too much.

Hanson Never Disappoints.

Why I haven’t heard their new single before today is beyond me, but my college roommate Dana sent me a bbm telling me I had to download “Give A Little.”

Can we saaayyy… “this baby’s gonna be played on repeat on my obnoxiously long drive this weekend?”

Cause it is. I have no shame. I’ll own this Hanson love.

Plus, they cut their hair. It’s now a little more socially acceptable to profess your love for them.

I almost died on Tuesday.

I’m also melodramatic.

I showed up to a little running group with my buddy Robby expecting a nice long run with some people who would probably push me to plug along a little faster. After a little warmup run, what words did I hear?

“Six 800 repeats. Two minutes in between. Let’s go.”

Let’s talk about speed training. I haven’t done a speed workout since high school track. I did suicides and punishment sprints in college field hockey.

Me and sprints? We don’t like each other. I don’t like them. They’re ugly, they’re mean, and they aren’t nice to my slow-twich muscle fibers. Although I was a sprinter in high school track (200m runners, whatwhat!), my natural ability definitely lies in long distance.

I wasn’t happy.

But I did it. And I’m happy I did it. We’re not going to mention my shins. They’re not so happy.

And ya know what? I ran with the faster group, and I didn’t come close to being last once. And then I kept a 7:30 minute pace for a 2.5 mile cooldown. Bam!

Q & A

I had entirely too much fun completing Carrie’s goofy Q & A for my guest post yesterday. And I wanna do it more.

So, give me some random questions I can answer just like I did on her blog. I’ll even make a fool of myself in some more shorty videos. Just for you. You’re gettin’ that fa sho. Fa sho.

’cause life’s no fun when you’re serious.

I’ll be on haitus from here till next week. Tonight Anastasia comes to me for a nice dose of friendship and wine, and tomorrow I’m headed on a rooooad trip to a fun formal. Thankfully, I’ve got my new tunes andΒ Water for Elephants on audiobook. Ah, yeah!

Hit me with some questions to answer!
And really, let’s not get too serious here.

Do you incorporate speed training on a regular basis?
something tells me I need to start doing this.

What’s the most recent Audiobook you’ve purchased?
I’m a fan of the mindless Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella for car-listening. Cause dad likes me to focus on the road. We all know I’m the best driver ever. I don’t know what he worries about all the time.