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Are You Ready, VB?

Remember these pretty ladies?

Triple Trouble.

That’s right. My college best friends. Yes, we were known as “Triple Trouble,” inseparable for four years.

And I’m SOSOSO EXCITED for their first trip to visit me in Virginia Beach this weekend!

We were little babies when we met…

And now we’re (sorta) grown-ups.

But let’s be honest. What’s the fun in acting like a grown-up?

Yes, we are in a bathtub, yes, Abby was Peter Pan peanut butter for Halloween, yes, we thought we were cool with those sparkly “headbands,” and yes, we all needed some static guard.

In a few short weeks, the three of us will live in Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia. It’s sad to not be three steps away from each other anymore, but it just makes our time together that much more perfect. 🙂

I hope these chickadees are ready for some beach fun. Cause I suuuure am!

And for your (or maybe just my) enjoyment… I present to you,

Triple Trouble: About to Take VB By Storm:

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