Marathon Training & Exercise Log

watch for the guns.

After training for the 2011 Shamrock Half Marathon, I have realized that keeping a log of my workouts really helps me to track where the holes are in my workouts.

My workout weakness is my inability to “mix it up.” I get caught up in what’s comfortable and what I like best, and I keep doing that… and doing that… aaand doing that.

I.e., the treadmill is my best friend. So, encourage me to switch up my routine if you see this getting too repetitive. 😉

Marine Corps Marathon on October 30, 2011

14: 4.5 miles; ab workout; tubing!
13: rest day
12: 4.5 miles
11: 2.5 miles; upper body weights
10: 4 miles; ab workout
9: 7 miles
8: 15 minutes elliptical/15 minutes bike/weights workout
7: hard 5 miles
6: easy 5 mile run; abs
5: rest
4: rest
3: 5 mile run; Bender Ball (shocker)
2: 6.5 miles
1: 4-mile run on the boardwalk; Bender Ball Ab Workout

Let’s just skip over May, shall we? It was a rough month with my shin injury and family crises. Just throw in some running and abs here and there, and that, coupled with the Williamsburg Run for the Dream Half Marathon on May 22, was my May training.

7: 8.2 mile run
6: Upper body weights
5: six 800 repeats; 2.5 mile run
4: 4 mile run outsiiiide; Ab/Butt workout
3: 9 mile run
2: Bender Ball Ab Workout
1: 6 mile interval run

31: 6 mile run
30: 20 mins. arc trainer/Upper body weights
29: 11 mile run with Jamie!
28: 3 mile run; Power Cut Class
27: 7 mile run; Nike Training Club Ab Ripper
26: rest day
25: 7 mile run
24: 4.5 mile run; abs & butt
23: rest day
22: Bender Ball Ab Workout
21: rest day
20: Yuengling Shamrock Half Marathon!
19: rest day
18: rest day
17: Nike Training Club 45 Minute Workout (Back Definer, Shoulder Ripper, Arm Definer) + Bender Ball Ab Workout
16: 3 mile run
15: 4 mile run
14: 3 miles; Power Cut Class
13: 8 mile run
12: rest day
11: 8.5 miles on the treadmill
10: 8 mile progressive run + walk on .10 incline every mile for .25 mi
9: Upper body weight workout; hip abductor & adductor
8: 6.5 mile run
7: 7.5 mile run
6: 4.5 mile run + STRIVE workout with my sister! 🙂
5: rest day
4: 10.3 hill run with Anastasia. (uh, ouch.)
3: rest day
2: Total Body Weights Workout
1: 6.5 mile run/incline walk on 9.0 for .3 every other mile (gotta get those shin splints in gear)

3 miles; Power Cut Class
5.5 mile run outside
Bender Ball Ab Workout
9.5 mile run outside (phew!)
8 mile run outside
Bender Ball Ab Workout; Nike Training Club Arm Toning Workout
22: 6 miles; Bender Ball ab workout
21: 9.5 miles (3 on the treadmill, 6.5 with Jamie)!
20: rest day
19: Nike Training Club 30 Minute Workout: Ab Ripper & Butt Buster
18: 5.5 miles outside (warm, sunny weather.. YEAH!)
17: 3 miles + Power Cut Class
16: 7.5 miles with an incline walk cooldown
15: a slight spin on Total Body Weights Workout
14: 8 mile treadmill run
13: Nike Training Club 15 Minute Workouts: Ab Ripper & Butt Buster
12: Virginia is for Lovers 14k
11: rest day
10: Nike Training Club Workout: Super Fusion
9: 6 mile run (with my love, Anastasia.. yes!)
8: 8 mile interval run
7: Power Cut Class after a 1 mile sprint
6: 7 miles outside (woohoo!); ab workout
5: Bender Ball ab workout
4: off day – working all day/night
3: 9 miles
2: Total Body Weights Workout
1: 6.5 miles

31: 8 miles
30: Bender Ball ab workout
29: abs; upper body weights
28: 5.5 miles
27: 7.5 challenge (if I’m ever not feeling “challenged” during the run, I up the speed 2 mph)
26: Total Body Weights Workout
25: 8 mile progressive run
24: 6.5 mile run
23: rest day
22: Jackie Warner 30 minute strength/cardio workout
21: 2 mile sprint
20: 8 miles! this was rough at mile 4, but by mile 6, I was geared to go!
19: 6 miles – progressive run, last .5 miles at 4.1 on 11.0 incline
18: rest day
17: 8 miles – interval training on the treadmill
16: 2.5 mile walk with momma and Chloe (does holding Chloe 90% of the time
count as a 9 lb weight workout, too?)
15: rest + bender ball ab workout (my fave!)
14: 2 mile sprint
13: 7 miles – sprint/run workout; last .5 miles walking at 4.5 – 8.0 incline
12: 5 miles – progressive run for 1 mi (7.0 – 9.0), walk .3 mi at 4.5 on 5.0 – 8.0 incline
11: 7.5 miles – medium run
10: Power Cut class (1 hr) – helloooo, sore muscles for four days!

9 responses to “Marathon Training & Exercise Log

  1. I love this.. except for how lame it makes me feel. You are da (wo)man!

  2. Wow! You are doing awesome. Im starting my training for a my first full marathon and I think im also going to log it. It very inspirational!

    • thanks, girl! 🙂 it DEFINITELY helps me see where my training is lagging. and I feel way more of a need to accomplish something if I have to log it!

  3. Wow, great training schedule! I’m currently getting ready for my first half (in Missoula, MT this summer, where my sister lives–I’m running in honor of her wedding the next week) and I’m really enjoying the prep so far.

    Any tips for a first-timer?

    • totally! I’d love to help. 🙂 my biggest piece of advice for a first timer would be to focus on speed and distance separately. on your long run days, don’t worry about how fast you run. and for speedwork, keep it short! I definitely recommend interval training to work on your speed.

      please don’t hesitate to contact me with more questions/advice! 🙂

      • Thanks so much! I’m definitely focusing mainly on finishing since I took quite a long break from running (I spent a lot of 2010 sick and unable to exercise), but would love to finish in a reasonable time, lol 😉
        I’ve been running my long runs at whatever pace felt most comfortable, but I haven’t tried any interval training. Sounds like a great idea!

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  5. runyogarepeat

    Do you have a marathon training plan? I’m thinking about doing my first marathon in October as well and have kinda started training (still have a half marathon base built up), but I was just wondering what other bloggers have used/are using for marathon plans.

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