Bender Ballin’ to Some Killer Abdominals

About 42834729 people have questioned/commented on my obsession with working my core.

I can’t help it. I love feelin’ the burn in my abs.

And I have a confession – I only report about half of my ab workouts on my exercise tab. Seeecret ab workouts going on around here.

I have a love affair with my Bender Ball.

Check out this video, try the ball, and you’ll understand. Promise.

There is a huge lack of awkwardness in this video. No sir, no awkward here at all.

I also love how YouTube always gets my very most attractive angle in its preview thumbnails. Thank you, YouTube!

Now go get a Bender Ball. Its results are equivalent to doing a bajillion crunches for hours a night. Trust me, I used to try to do that. The Bender is better.

Once you go Bender, you never go back.

Dear Leslie Bender, you may now send me a grand percentage of your proceeds from here on out. You’re so very welcome for this unsolicited glowing review.

😀 Enjoy that.

27 responses to “Bender Ballin’ to Some Killer Abdominals

  1. YOU CAN ROCK that bender ball! i wna get me one of these!

  2. I probably need one of these. My core is PATHETIC! You’re quite the skilled videographer!

  3. Can you please make lots of Vlogs, you are hilarious and I love Ke$sha. I have never been more entertained by vlog in my life ha.,

  4. LOVE your vlogs soooo much!! That bender ball looks AWESOME and seriously you SHOULD get commission for that haha! 🙂

  5. Amy @ countrystrong21

    I’m at work right now so I can’t watch your amazing vlog until I’m at home. But I saw on Twitter that you had update your blog look and so I wanted to check it out. I just couldn’t wait until I got home tonight 😉 But anyways. I don’t know if it’s just me but the writing in the light pink color in your header is really hard to read. I don’t know what those awesome (I’m sure!) words say up there 😦

  6. I love your vlogs, lady! My BFF has a bender ball and it’s killerrr! I need to invest 🙂

  7. awesome vlog as always! do you know, you can change the preview thumbnail on the YouTube settings (though I obviously digg em)?

  8. So it really works, huh? I’ve always secretly wanted to try it, like most things on infomercials. I’m guessing it probably has to be comibined with all that eat healthy, small portions and do lots of cardio and other lifting nonsense too, huh?

    Well, I’d give a whole lot for my body to look like yours so if you wanna share those secrets by all means!

    PS Jroll hit a 3 run bomb as I read this, weird timing!

  9. 1) LOVE the new design!
    2) The bender ball looks awesome!
    3) You’re freakin hilarious and i love you 🙂
    4) That is all.

  10. You may have sold me on the ball 🙂

  11. Your vlogs always make me smile! So cute. Andddd now I need a bender ball

  12. I’m always in the market for a fresh, new ab workout! I’ll have to try these bender balls!


  13. Haha I’ve always seen it around and have been tempted a few times to pick it up but never have!! I totally hit the floor almost every night for ab work during my tv shows. It cracks my hubby up!! 🙂

  14. this bender ball looks fun! If I use any kind of ball for this stuff, I usually do pushups with my feet on a med. ball, or other exercises on the swiss ball. This is a great video Alyssa~It’s so interesting to see the person behind the words here. 😀

  15. Girl, I hear ya! I love a good ab work out! I spend way more time on my abs than anything else, haha!

  16. i love your vlogs!!! i never do ab workouts…bc im lazy. but im going to buy one of those bender balls! my little brother works at sports authority so hopefully he can hook a sister up.

  17. I meant to comment on this when I saw it the other day… LOVED the video, haha. I definitely don’t do enough core work.
    And I love the new blog design as well!

  18. I need one of these!! 😀

  19. Hahahaha! Love your video- especially the beginning 😉
    I need a bender now. Maybe I’ll just have to Google it!

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