When Things Just Work Out Perfectly

Have you ever had one of those weekends where everything just turned out… perfect?

Don’t get jeal or anything, buuuut… WE DID!

As you know, my college besties came to visit me in Virginia Beach for the first time. And it. was. awesome.

Dana and Abby didn’t get to Virginia Beach until late Friday night, so we stayed in and caught up in preparation for serious activities the next day.

Dana was sad Chloe wasn’t home yet, so she slept in her bed for the night.

But you KNOW the next day we were up and rarin’ for some beach fun!

As promised, I provided the margaritas.

(Just pretend my tan doesn’t fade upwards. It’s weird and I’ve always had a pale face/chest and really tan legs.)

“wait, you can’t stay forever and ever?”

When you both have a sick Victorias Secret “problem,” you will end up having the same bikini top.

“What’s that? I make the best skinny beach margarita ever and you love Virginia Beach and you want to move here? Awesome.”

After our all-day beach extravaganza, we got all prettied up for a night out on the oceanfront.

I’ve missed dressing Dana so much, I dressed her in my pink ruffle tank top (even if she did embarrass me by looking like at shoobie tourist with the coveted camera-around-neck look).

And guess who forgot this weekend was the huge Beach Concert series? This girl did!

The oceanfront was a complete zoo, and as we pulled up to Waterman’s, our restaurant of choice, we were feeling pretty defeated.

Buuuut who knew a pout coupled with some puppy eyes would coerce a valet boy into parking our car? 😉

Sometimes, it’s nice being a girl.

We walked into the restaurant expecting a 23847 minute wait, and we were right – a one hour wait was posted. BUT LUCKY FOR US, a man I’ll call “I’m-really-impatient-and-silly-but-others-appreciate-it” gave us his table because he was too tired of waiting.

Hellooo, 15 minute wait!

Things got better.

Would you believe me if I told you we were lead to the best table overlooking the Beach Boys Concert?

I’m serious. Best seats in the house.

We made a few Full House references (remember when the Beach Boys were on there?!) and high-fived and did splits in the air over our fantastic luck.. all before our drinks arrived.

After our dinner of calamari, fish tacos, and seafood pasta, we skipped out to the oceanfront to meet up with this girl you always see frequenting my blog and the boys.


Abby was really impressed with Virginia Beach’s use of cops on horses.

And by impressed, I mean Abby spent the whole night snickering about how that cop could certainly take down so many more people on horseback than if he were on a motorcycle or in a cop car.

And then it was time for dancing.

Virginia Beach: We bring you our trademark dance move… all the way from freshman year. You can be impressed.

Abby got jealous because we kept taking Jersey girl pictures so she stuck her Georgian foot into this one.


You know somebody’s a happy girl when the DJ plays Ke$ha for her all night long.

My Virginia Beach-but-really-from-South-Jersey partner in crime

“Hey back right, play me some Ke$ha and check your pocket.”

And look who won a VB T-shirt? She wasn’t psyched about it. At all.

This guy wanted to dance with her because they had matching ponies.

My kinda guy.

We called it a night after a whooole lotta dancing, “Yo-kid” greetings, hair flips, splits in the bar (I’ll spare you those pictures), and the face you make when you don’t want to have to dance with somebody.

But not before staring longingly into the windows of Kohr Brother’s Ice Cream wishing they were open for some treats.

Some things never change.

And I’m so glad they don’t. 😀

It was the perfect weekend with my girlfriends I miss so much. Somebody tell them they need to move here full-time so we can repeat this weekend for the rest of our lives. Please and thank you. 😉


30 responses to “When Things Just Work Out Perfectly

  1. ahh looks like a BLAST!!! margaritas – perfect recipe for a good time 🙂

  2. AHAHAHHAHHA Danny’s face in that picture CRACKS ME UP! SOO much fun tell them to come back ASAP. And I like having you here on weekends. And in my gym… YEAHHHHH! 😀

  3. First off..vallet boys love you, all of them. fact.
    Secondly stop having so much fun without me I worked 5 shifts this weekend.
    Third, aren’t you supposed to be hunting for DC jobs so I can snuggle you and chloe every night?

  4. Hookay sooo this is totally off topic and borderline cah-razy but… when I move i’ll be 3 hours from V-Beach. um….. party. 😉

  5. probably so jealous right now.

  6. SO JEALOUS!!! But it looks like you had an AWESOME time so I’ll try to be happy for you! 😛 And I LOVE your bikini!! And wowzers you are so tanned and have awesome abs! You really should be an actual VS model y’know 🙂

  7. hahahah these pictures are hilarious!and please teach me your ways..I wanna know how to get valet parking, a 15 minute wait, and the best seats in the rest. please please please

  8. Hahaha wait I love you, when I come this summer please lure the valet boy into parking our cars

  9. The Teenage Taste

    Wow! Sounds like SUCH a fun time! I wanna go to the beach so badlyyyyy!
    PS – I totally have a tan that fades upward too. Well, except for my feet. My feet are super white! 😛

  10. So awesome that you had a perfect weekend!! Looks like a ton of fun with your friends! I want to try your margaritas!!

  11. I think you should take bids on renting out your life 🙂 Glad you guys had such a fantastic time!

  12. I’m glad you had such a great weekend 🙂 Good times with best friends are wonderful and much needed! xoxo

  13. BAHAHA. You are hilarious I love it. I also enjoy the VA Beach horse cops. I always laugh for like 45 minutes upon seeing them. Anywho-I love love love your dress and I also have a VS bad obsession. Seriously I’m surprised I don’t have that top too lol.

  14. Girl, I’m the opposite with tanning – my torso and arms get so dark while my legs stay lighter. It’s weird. Anyway, you look fabulous regardless and I never would’ve noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out. Also, your abs look amazing. I’m jealous. 😉 Glad you had so much fun! You make me want to come down for the weekend sometime! 😀

  15. Love the pictures! Looks like you had such a great weekend!! Girlfriends are God’s gift to us! 🙂 I love the dress you are wearing – and just spent allll day looking for summer dresses (i have 2 bachelorette parties, 1 rehearsal dinner and 8 weddings this summer) and came up empty handed!! WHere do you get your dresses- Help a girl out!

    • that little number is a forever 21 purchase! but I have a ton of Vic Secret dresses that are great for casual AND dressy events. 🙂 also, try Cache! I love that place for formal events!

  16. What a great weekend!! I need to hit the beach asap 😀

  17. Where is your belt from? So cute 🙂

  18. You and your friends are hot. Please stop posting bikini-clad pictures of myself, as they lower my personal self-esteem.

    Can’t wait until Royar and I make it up for a weekend!

    -Ensley http://www.haughtybynature

  19. “likey alot:

  20. HAHHAA I just wrote about full house in my last blog post. I loved when the beach boys were on there! My University roommates and I would always watch Uncle Jesse’s video for Forever when we were procrastinating!

  21. i want to go dancing with you and your friends! yall look SO FUN!

  22. You are so cute!! LOVE that dress 🙂
    You & your girls definitely know how to have a good time!!

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