For Good

Oookay, who else from my high school choir got choked up when Glee sang “For Good” last night? It was our graduation song, and I still remember squeezing Maggie and Meim’s hands as we sang our last song before graduation. Oh, the good ol’ days. I miss my Jersey girls!

there we are… little babies graduating high school

The Bachelorette Season Premier

One thing that appears to not be “For Good?” Ashley H’s search for love on The Bachelorette Monday night. Honestly, who keeps a guy around who insists on wearing a mask over his face? Yeah, maybe he wants Ashley to see the “inside” of his heart, but honestly… if I were in Ashley’s shoes, I’d be more concerned about what’s going on in this dude’s head.

Ohhh, okay, I get it. It makes your eyes look beadier.

I really liked Ashley in the beginning last season’s Bachelor (lezzbehonest, I probably just identified with her Philly roots), but now she’s just annoying to me.

P.S. Ashley, I think (and this is me totally going out on a limb here) Bentley MIGHT be a bad guy if you’re already getting phone call warnings before you meet him on the show. Maaaaybe it’s a good idea to not go there?

If they say the guy’s bad, he probably is (P.S., cool plaid shirt).

Man.. it must be that really sexy plaid shirt he’s sporting. I can’t get over it. That’s some hot stuff.

Just sayin’.

Maybe I won’t be so critical when I go on the show mahself. 😉

Bridesmaids: [Not Me. The Movie.]

A.K.A., the best movie I’ve seen in ages. Lisa-Marie and I hit the theater for a 7:40 show last night, and we’re so happy we did.

Kristen Wiig absolutely stole the show, aaand I think I have a new favorite actress. Go see it. I’m serious. Guys, too.

The airplane scene: the best of the entire movie (source).

LM and I were also pretty psyched about her bridesmaid dresses
being much prettire than that little number they wore in the film.

Since we went to the movies on a whim, we didn’t have any dinner beforehand. So where did we head for dinner at 10 p.m.? IHOP!

good thing LM wore my scarf to the movies..
it was fa-fa-fa-freeezing in that place.

Try really hard to not judge us, okay?

P.S. Remember my friend Debbie Smith’s hilarious Bachelor recaps? Welll, she’s baaack! Go read her gold here. I’m behind from seeing the movie last night; I need to go read it now, too!

Today I have the day off due to power outages at the school. I’ve got some video editing and wine glasses to paint and wordpress plugins to install…

…but the sun may be calling my name. Our pool DID just open… 😎 I’ll figure out a way to be productive. 😉


19 responses to “For Good

  1. I heart bridesmaids! I need to go see it witout the parentals by my side.

    And wtf is up with restaurants keeping it artic?? I hate toting around a jacket when its 90 something degrees out.

  2. Ah, I keep hearing about Bridesmaids. It’s like the-movie-to-see right now, haha!

    Yeah, I’m hoping Bentley is being kept around because the producers are making her keep him for drama. I really hope she doesn’t actually fall for him. Ick.

    I really need to see last night’s Glee!! Love that show!

  3. I hate when movie theaters are freezing!

  4. gaahh I love “for good” but didn’t see them do it. I need to try to find it on YouTube. I looooved bridesmaids too. I may have seen it two days in a row. And now I have a massive girl crush on kristen wiig. Ihop at 10pm? I’m jealous

  5. Kristen Wiig is my homegirl – she’s the reason I’ll check up on SNL! (Her Penelope “One Upper” skits = golden!) But I agree with you, Ashley was a little too much to handle by the end of the episode.

    In college, when I rushed sororities I remember many houses sang “For Good” during the last night! My house switched it up to “Feels like Home To Me” the next year…aaand now I’m nostalgic. 🙂

  6. I really want to go see Bridemades as well. AH.

    Your review of the bacholorette just makes me want to watch it and I haven’t in a few years. A man in a mask…seems like my number one guy.

  7. I SO need to see Bridesmaids!!!!!!! My mom told me the other week that Kristen Wigg’s aunt goes to her church…and their like, legit friends. crazyyyy!

    BTW, I think there are some MAJOR cuties on the Bachelorette… (hello, Ryan P!). And yes, Bentley looks like a major dbag but the previews make it seem like she keeps him on for a while, bah!

    PS. Your graduating class was so tiny! I thought mine was small at 100ish people!

  8. OMG! If you watch the commericials and stuff for the coming weeks…Bentley totally breaks her heart! He says “if you were emily this would be different”. Honestly this season is kinda crappy already idk if Im going to watch this one. just dinky and weird and not many nice/cute guys

  9. moveovercelery

    Even though he’s fun to look, he’s so sketch! I loved the premiere. My sister and I always crack up at the awkward exchanges when the guys first meet the bachelorette. LOLOLOL!!!

  10. The picture of mask man is creepy!!!

  11. I laughed so hard during Bridesmaids, it was hilarious! And nothing better than Ihop at 10pm right? My friends love to go to Dennys. You can find me there either Fri or Sat at around 1am ;D

  12. I so want to see Bridesmaids! I don’t think I’ve heard one bad review. And yes what is with freezing movie theaters? Not okay.

  13. I am waiting for the right opportunity to go see this movie! I hate how cold movie theaters are too it sucks!!

  14. Amazing job on your HALF MARATHON!!! How do you look so gorgeous doing it?!?! Now I NEED to go see Bridesmaids. I cry in every episode of Glee I have problems. Will you please come watch the Bachelorette with me…we would have so much fun together!

  15. You are the second person i talked to that has given that movie rave reviews! It looks like it would be another cheesy chick-flick but I guess not! I haven’t seen a movie in ages, maybe if the weather still sux by this wknd I’ll give it a try!

  16. i’d have to agree that bridesmaids is the BEST movie i’ve seen for a LONG time. looks like your life is just full of adventures! i love reading about them:)


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