We Ran for the Dream: Williamsburg Half Marathon Race Recap

48 hours ago, I had just finished the Run for the Dream Inaugural Half Marathon in Williamsburg, VA.

To everyone who hasn’t read my 29438 explanations, I have a shin splint in my right shin that has sidelined me from proper training for this half marathon. My physical therapist told me I was allowed to “run” the race, but not “race” it. The killer hills were going to be particularly rough on my baby injury, so I was supposed to take it easy.

AAAAND I did. And still feel like I came out with some okay results. 🙂 I stopped and stretched three times and I didn’t sprint to the finish line like I generally love to do. My finish time was 1:49.

This doesn’t come close to my PR, but I figure with my gimpy leg, the hills, and the heat, I still did a-okay.

I’m a little jaded… it’s hard to feel like a rockstar when you know you can do a lot better. I’ll get ’em next time. 😉

We got up around 6 a.m. to eat, stretch, and suit up in our awesome outfits. A shuttle drove us to the start line at 6:50 a.m. for our 7:30 start time.

If you run, you know what Robby’s trying to accomplish here.

“HEY! Let’s go run another half marathon!”

I was pretty psyched about the results of our awesome shorts. Hollie spotted me on the run, as did Brandi. And my friend Katie from college field hockey spotted me at the post-race bash!

Look how cute we were in college..

Tongue tattoos. You’ve gotta get creative
when you’re stranded in a Pennsylvania hotel room for
a field hockey tournament weekend.

If it weren’t for these two people,
I would never have run my FIRST half marathon, let alone my fourth.

Good morning, Williamsburg!

We were in Corral 1 and took off pretty quickly. The first few miles of the route were smooth sailing through Colonial Williamsburg, but then we hit some serious hills.

Honestly, that hill is nothing. I wish I could have captured the obnoxious rolling hills, but I really didn’t have the energy to turn the camera on and snap a picture. We were all like The Little Engine That Could.

“I think I can, I think I can…”

there’s my running twin!

Anastasia and I had a great chuckle out of the fact that about 80% of the compliments on our shorts came from men who were 40+.

Here’s a new trick: want people to run behind you? Wear shorts that ride up in the back!

look how happy we are!

I could say I liked the above scene because it was so pretty, but let’s get serious. I enjoyed it because it was finally a flat surface for a few yards.

The worst part of the hills was the bottom out-and-back portion at the bottom of that map. We ran out to the water, then had to turn around and tackle those same rolling hills all over again.

It was a ROUGH feeling seeing the rockstars in front struggling way ahead of us going the opposite direction. I would have preferred to not know the struggles that lay ahead of me.

After I finished, I captured Anastasia going for her last .1 of the race.

And I iced right away, just as my physical therapist ordered. 🙂

While I wandered around looking for some ice, Anastasia and Rob had a fantastic find. A medical tent with two sports massage therapists just chillin’.

And we were offered free massages.

How about… best post-race activity ever? Gimme that massage!

I think I apologized 14 times for how sweaty I was.

Then I ran around demanding that everyone provide me with food and beer.

Mission Accomplished.

I’m not sure if it was the fact that I hadn’t trained much for this race, if it was the heat, or if it could have been the hill exertion I’m not used to as a VA Beach flat land runner, but this was the roughest I’ve ever felt after a race.

Or maybe it was the chocolate cherry energy gel shot that made me want to lose my breakfast 6 miles in.

Gimme beer and sustenance! Or I’ll roll around in the dirt and pose for awkward pictures!

bee-yah and bar-bee-que.

All in all, it was a fun, laid-back race for the A-Team. Feeling victorious, we took our typical A-Team photo. See that A? You’re welcome for that.

I like to pretend my muscles are bigger than Rob’s.

These ladies were jealous our twin outfits were better than theirs.

I’m already planning my fifth half marathon… if one falls at a good time during our training for the Marine Corps Marathon, we’re gonna send it in for one last race before our first FULL marathon! AAAH.

On the shin front, I’m feelin’ good. I’ve been icing since the race like a crazy lady.

My quads, however, are in a fight with the rest of my body.

I need a leg massage. Bad.

Any takers? Anyone?


31 responses to “We Ran for the Dream: Williamsburg Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. You are an animal for running injured! I could not have hung in there. Do work!

  2. Girl, congratulations! You looked so cute and your time was AMAZING!

  3. HAHA love that you got so many comments from old men!! Hilarious!!! He’ll I’d run behind you guys too if I were them cos u guys are HAWT 😉

    AWESOME race!! You rock and that marathon is gonna be a breeze for you my shin splinted twin! Hope yours goes soon!! LAVE YOU ❤

  4. You look like you had more fun than anyone else who’s ever run a half – and your time was great! This post makes me want to get out and run. Those shorts are just too much!

  5. love love LOVE the shorts!!!!!!

  6. congrats on the race, lady! way to go 😉

  7. You are amazing! Congrats on the race.
    Those shorts? so awesome 😀

  8. Mariah@Apples"N"Oats

    your muscles are totally bigger!!
    how do you still manage to look pretty in your post race pictures??By the time i’m done, noone wants their camera around me!!

  9. I am so sore! OMG. HA. My quads are begging me for no more. Ever again…I love free leg massages.

    So sad we didn’t get to see each other when we weren’t on the move but you did seriously awesome!

  10. Congrats girl! Running a half-marathon is still a big accomplishment – especially while injured! I give you big time props.

  11. U LOOK SO HOT!! and TAN! and i love the SHORTS! looks like so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cnt wait for mine!

  12. Haha I love that you took a pic with other running twins. way to rock the race injured and yay for free massaged after! You can tell you still had fun, I’m so glad 🙂

  13. Amy @ countrystrong21

    Way to rock that run girly! Notice how I didn’t say race 😉

    You and your running twin are just too cute in your matching outfits!

  14. Great job on the run! Shin splints seriously suck. I got them really bad in highschool because of over training and it eventually led to a stress fracture. I finished the season, but every game I played I could feel myself just getting worse and worse. Moral of the story, rest up and take care of yourself 🙂

  15. Congrats girl!! Even though you couldn’t “race” it, you still did really amazing!

  16. Congrats on that girl run! You look gorgeous and those shorts are seriously the cutest thing ever 🙂

  17. Ahhhh look at you gorgeous girl!!! You beat my PR with your gimpy leg! Haha you should be proud of that:) I am so glad you are not hurt after the race, I can’t wait to hear more about your training and SEE YOU THIS SUMMER!!

  18. Heck yeah, that’s an awesome time…especially with a gimpy leg. I’m impressed. I got the WORST shin splints when I was training for my first marathon – it felt like I had broken legs, I’m glad yours are feeling good after the race. 🙂

  19. you’re the bomb.
    the end.
    i’m sorry about your sore leg 😦

  20. wow congrats on your fourth half marathon! i just did warrior dash over the weekend… i know they are going to VA in October if you wanted to try it!

    Love the shorts too! Where did you get them? And score on the free massage afterwards!

  21. moveovercelery

    Get. it. girl. That’s hilarious about the shorts! They are definitely awesome, though. 😉 Even with the injury, your time is very impressive! Congrats again!

  22. Your phys therapist would be proud =) good girl! Congrats on your 4th half marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock. Star. ❤

  23. runyogarepeat

    Congrats on the race! That’s still an amazing time with shin splints and running for fun – way better than my half time. I love that there was a bbq and beer at the end. I’m finally 21, but there wasn’t a beer tent at my last half.

  24. Congrats on the race!! I didn’t realize they were going to have beer at the end how exciting.

    You kicked butt for being injured. It sucks when you run in a race after coming back from an injury and knowing that you are off your best time but I’m hoping it gets better. I keep telling myself I will come back stronger. Maybe its wishful thinking? but it helps right now!

  25. You’re a champ! Congrats, girly!!

  26. Haha you guys look cute in your matching outfits, no wonder the old men were all over you! I love your “A” team picture, awesome. Glad you had a good race, don’t feel bad about your time! Be happy you did it! And no extra injuries 🙂

  27. Pingback: Sun Days > Snow Days | Life of bLyss

  28. You are a rock star! That is an awesome time, especially with your injury and the hills! I’m just getting caught up on your blog! 🙂 I’ve been computer-less for a while! Congrats girl!

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