I’m So Greek.

I always say that. Because it’s comical… cause I’m very clearly the least Greek girl in the world with my German/French/British blonde hair and blue eyes.

But since Anastasia’s Greek, and I obviously want to be just like all my best friends, I like pretending I’m Greek. ‘Cause my naaame’s Greek!

And I’m going to Anastasia’s for the weekend in D.C. Which means lots of big Greek hugs from her wonderful Greek mama and poppa!

one side of this picture is Greek. the other is not.

We entered the big tent to see the most Greek thing I’ve ever witnessed. I wanted to dance on my toes, throw my hands up in the air, and yell “OPA!”

And break out my Windex (My Big Fat Greek Wedding reference? Anyone?).

Speaking of Opa, this was above the draaanks station.

blurry from my phone.. but I had to send this to my daddy cause he is “Opa” to his grandbabies (Opa is German for grandpa).

Lisa-Marie with our “GREEK BEVERAGE OPA!”

our friend Yanni cooking the chicken on a stick.

I’m not going to pretend I remember how to say “chicken on a stick” in Greek, but I will tell you it was reeeaal yummy.

chicken on a stick? check. baklava? check. green beans for veggies? check.
reallybigsmilecauseIwashungryenoughtoeatyourfaceoff? check.

the Greeks must have known my love for baby spoons and cups.

AND because we have Greek friends in high places (thank you Yanni and Maria), we got these Greek donuts fo free. They’ve got honey on them. I may have had more than a few. I forget the name for those, too.

You see, I love learning other languages, and when I actually remember how to say different words, you bettah believe I use ’em. Just like when the only Greek term I knew (I think from My Big Fat Greek Wedding again) in Greek was “Christos Anesti” (“Christ is risen”), I waited about a year to be able to say it to Anastasia and her family at Easter.

Last summer, I had two little Bulgarian girls working for me. And they taught me how to say “knife” and “fork” and “surprise.”

I was surprising everyone with knives and forks all summer.

Aaanyway, the Greek Festival was tonsa fun.
But ya know what was just as great?

mowing a nice peanutbutter-chocolate gelato afterwards.

I’m glad you have the same priorities in life as I do.

Wanna watch something really funny, too?

Jason, Anastasia, Rob and I have this “really cool” catch phrase. And we typically take videos of ourselves on our phones and send it to each other to ease the woes of our long-distance relationships.

I’ll paint the scene for you: Anastasia, Rob, and Alyssa all giggly walking down the sidewalks of downtown with our gelato. A great idea presents itself. And a random biker totally makes the video SO. MUCH. BETTER.

And totally makes up for Rob’s lack of getting MY “c’mon man” on camera.

I guess you kinda had to be there. But I’ve watched the video over approximately 46 times, and I’m still laughing. So I decided you should enjoy it too.

And look where my 4 mile baby run took me yesterday.

If this doesn’t entice you to come run with me, Janae, Katelyn, Emma, Micki, and Hollie, I don’t know what will. Hurry up already.

I had my second ART physical therapy session yesterday. And as usual, it hurt so good (thank me later for that killer video). I got the okay to do an easy 6 miler this weekend with Anastasia (in DC.. yayyayayay!)

Did you know it takes 2-3 weeks for any cardiovascular training you do to actually have an effect? SO.. anything I do from here on out wouldn’t help in the half marathon in May 22nd anyway. Let’s just cross our fingers my shin can get through a breezy little 13.1. I’ve got a marathon to train for! 😉

Have a fantabulous weekend.


18 responses to “I’m So Greek.

  1. It’s ok, I’m on my way to run with you along that GORGEOUS beach riiiight now 🙂 I’m also dying to partay with you cos you guys look like you have SUCH A BLAST and peanutbutter-chocolate gelato?!?!

    Hehe you WILL breeze through that half girl cos you’re a kick-ass runner!! 😀

  2. I always used to tell ppl I was Italian. I wanted it so badly. How can ppl not get the c’mon man reference? My 9 yr old cousin gets it! Have fun with Anastasia!

  3. oh hey, best blog post ever, nice to meet you. i think i’ll be greek now.

  4. Now THAT’S a food blog I can get into!

  5. Love youuuu ❤ I am so excited to go running with you!!! p.s. I like your Greek drank

  6. Have fun in DC!

    I’ll be home so soooon! Actually in a week and 1 day. And then the half…you will most certainly make it through. 🙂

  7. Im kind of obsessed with the Greeks too! It’s gotta be the food. I am salivating over that baklava right now! I just bought cat cora’s cookbook and I am super excited to try it out!

  8. woah fun fact at the end. DID NOT KNOW..
    AHH what an awesome running view!!!!!!!
    I LOVEGREEK FOOD.. have u ever been to the greek islands? if not.. GO seriously most beautiful places ever! I went to Paros and just about died.. amazing dnst cut it

  9. The Teenage Taste

    Hope your shin starts to feel better soon! You have a great attitude about it though!

  10. Pretty sure I’m going to dream about greek donuts tonight. those look delish!
    2-3 weeks for cadio training to go in to effect?! YIIIIKES!

  11. Great eats! I’ve never been to an actual Greek restaurant before but I’ve always wanted to just to try a falafel 😀

  12. Mmmmmm gelato. My fave!

  13. Those doughnuts are called loukoumades and I’m obsessed with them!!! The Greek festival looks like so much fun! I can’t wait to they start up in Chicago this summer! I love going to all of them and eating my weight in gyros and baklava haha!

  14. ummm you need to move here stat. i’m certain life would be more fun with you as my neighbor. get on it. stat! ❤

    there are mini spoons and forks in it for ya! haha

  15. OH my gosh you are so freaking CUTE!!! I need to move there ASAP. and i love greek food- that looks like a blast!

  16. I used to eat a lot of gyros until I realized my stomach wasn’t handle lamb very well. My family is greek…my dad requests to be called not opa but papou….lol! crazy names

  17. Oh you’re so cute! Love all the pictures and the Opa talk! Surprise! Knife! Fork! (did you randomly use them in a sentence..? lol love it!)

    I heart gelato… but that’s not so greek. 😉

  18. Hehe, love this so much!! According to my name I’m Italian, but it’s only by marriage so I’m not really Italian, but I totally claim it. So I’ll give you the Greek too! 😉 Looks like you had the BEST time!

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