Say Mah Name, Say Mah Naaame

Big news.

Alyssa is #3 on the list of top baby names of 2012.

Congrats, Gin and Bob… you’ve got some good taste!

you don’t have to tell me how cute my lifegivers are. I already knooow.

So, while thinking about how my name is popular now, I thought about back when I was bornksi. ‘Twas a SNOW DAY in South Jerz, and a serious blizzard was ripping through. I was two weeks late, and since my mom was probably assuming she was bearing a baby elephant (hang in there, Katie, I’m proof of “good things come to those who wait”), my dad offered to physically drive the doc to the hospital so I could get outta there.

I’d like to say it’s just cause they were sooo ready to meet me.

because, duuh, I was the life of the party from birth

Anyway, this tangent has a point.


I was supposed to be named “Meredith Noel.” Since I wasn’t born on Christmas (my due date), Noel was kinda thrown out the window, and apparently that baby shown above just doesn’t look like a “Meredith.”

So this kid went without a name for a few days.

really? I get a bonnet, but no name?

After a nurse pointedly told my mom she’d be crying too if she didn’t have a name (the horror!), my mom broke down, cracked the baby book, and shut her eyes and pointed to a rando page.

Okay, not really… she and my dad picked “Alyssa Lauren” because they had never heard of it and they thought it was pretty. And here. I. am.

So, this is where my tangent comes full circle. Alyssa was never the most popular name in the world. I graduated with two other Alyssas in my high school class, but other than that, I haven’t known many (other than this one!). But NOOOW, get ready for barrels full of Alyssa babies comin’ atcha!

And because I just know you were wondering, “Alyssa” has Greek/British/Scottish roots (YES! I ALWAYS KNEW I WAS A LITTLE GREEK), and is derived from the bright yellow Alyssum flower. It means “bright,” “logical,” “loyal,” and “noble and kind.”

I like my name. And I think it fits.

I’m not going to tell you the story of how I tried to change my name to Rashecca as a 6 year old because I wanted to be twins with my best friend Rebecca. And I’m not going to mention how angry I was when my parents laughed at me.

AND look what I found.

Check out the “Like Alyssa” names. In there is Emma, my old black lab, AND Chloe, my new one. Looks like I prefer names like me own? Weeeird.

Emma-roo and baby me


And speaking of NAAAMES, you may see that I updated my Blogroll. I loved how Lisa added little bios next to everyone on hers, so I added a little “Why I love your bloggity” blurb to go with each of my favorite blogs.

And if yours isn’t on there, it’s not ’cause I don’t love you. ‘Cause I most likely do. Blogrolls just look dumb if theyre 23842739 blogs long. And I’m pretty sure I have that many in my Google Reader.

P.S. Dear Mom, sorry if I got any facts wrong. You can stop e-mailing me telling me you’re going to write “retractions” to my blog because it’s not your fault I don’t tie my shoes right.

P.P.S. I ran a slow four miles on Tuesday (per my physical therapist’s recommendations), and my shin felt a liiiittle better. I biked for 30 minutes yesterday, and I’m doing another slow four today. It’ll be interesting to see how this slooow half marathon goes next Sunday. Cross your fingers for some pain-free running fo’ meee.

P.P.S.S. This Greek-named girl is hitting up a Greek festival tonight. Get ready for lots of gyro and tzaziki sauce shots.

What’s your name mean? Are you a fan of it? Did you ever try to change it to something totally sweet like Rashecca?


29 responses to “Say Mah Name, Say Mah Naaame

  1. I didn’t have a name for 4 days after being born because the name my mother picked (Lauren) was chosen by a local newscaster the same day and she didn’t want her baby to be the OTHER Lauren. So they put “Peaches” on the card for my name – the first thing my mother got to eat after labor. Eventually I got named, but Peaches is still my nickname with my grandparents!

  2. Woo Emma and Alyssa are clearly awesome names!!! 😉

    Emma is old German for ‘Nurse’. Sure I’d prefer a name that meant ‘amazing’ or somthing but whatever! 😛

  3. runyogarepeat

    Cute story, I love your name, especially your middle name Lauren! I didn’t know many Lauren’s in my town or high school, but when I got to college, I met so many Laurens around my age. SO MANY!

  4. Love this!! & I do love your name- I just think Alyssa is so cute! I don’t know too many either- I think maybe 3 at max- so I love that it’s unique too.
    My name is kind of random too- well, not really- but anyways (lol!) I was born on December 26th (I was ALSO 2 weeks late- ridiculous!!) & my name is Holly…so everyone always assumes that it’s because I was born near Christmas, well they are wrong.
    It’s because my Grammie always wanted a girl named Holly & she had 3 boys. (go figure- lol!) I was the first girl born in the family & still am the only girl (I mean by blood) that’s how I got my name 🙂

    PS: If I had know about your shop on Etsy before I ordered the ones I have, I would of gone thru you- PROMISE! I’m going to go look through it now though, I have a friend getting married in July & I would love to get her cute glasses 🙂

    • ahh, it’s okay! they turned out AWESOME! I’m coincidentally working on a Ravens glass now for a friend, too. 🙂

      and what a cool name origin you have!

  5. fun fact: my middle name was ALMOST alyssa… but then it wasn’t… I WOULD MUCH prefer alyssa to what it is now.. but fart buckets…
    hmm well another fun fact: my real name isnt Carrie.. its actually Carolyn… origin? NO IDEA!

  6. What a cute tale! Perhaps if your parents chose to drive north just a bit to CENTRAL jerz, you would be one of a million in your class. Not really but I seriously know at least 20 Alyssas/Elyssas/Alissas/Ilyssas. Your parents definitely picked the best spelling!
    I was named Alex(andra) because my mom thought it would be sooo cool for a girl to have a boys name. I would walk into a “board room” and shock everyone with my womanliness! Obviously this was ridiculous and I hated my name until like 3 years ago.

  7. Loved this little story!
    My name means pearl I think?
    I used to want to change my name because I thought too many people had it, but now I’m used to it – I look a megan anyway 🙂

  8. I definitely tried to change my name…more than once. They were lots more shocking than Rashecca haha I promise, you would probably pee yourself. Slash I did a baby book for psych a few weeks ago and it made me all warm and fuzzy inside to see baby pictures of myself and with my parents:) I wonder where Katelyn ranks?!

  9. Ha I love the intro of your name. So interesting. My name was never (and still will never) be that popular. It was supposed to spelled Holli but the birth certificate people messed up and it was too complicated to fix it. Ha-true story.

    I’m glad you were able to run even for a short amount. Are you still going to do the half?

  10. My mom knew I was going to be a Meaghan since she was a teenager. I’m pretty sure my dad had zero say in it 😛 Of course though she had to pick the long way of spelling it, so I NEVER had anything with my name on it.

  11. You are too cute! And look at you as a baby- oh my! Those eyes. Love the bonnet. 🙂

    I love your name. I like mine, too since not many people have it (at least not younger people).


  12. Greek festivals are my happy place! I actually am 1/2 Greek, so I blame that on why I can’t ever have enough gyros, feta and pepperocinis 🙂

  13. Such a cute little bonneted baby! 🙂

    Lets see…Lisa means “God of my oath.” It was also the TOP and most popular name in 1965. Heck yeah!

    but yes…full name is Lisa Marie.

  14. Amy @ countrystrong21

    All I know about how I got my name is my mom picked it. As she told my dad, “I’ll name the kids and you can name the dogs” haha! I’m actually the one to come up with Duke’s name though, but dad approved it lol.

  15. I love your name!! Mine was #2 on the list this year!! Woot woot!! Mine means wisdom, and it’s Greek, just like me!

  16. you are so flippin cute in your bonnet!!!!!my parents didnt name me for a week….apparently they were in absolutely zero rush!
    ps-chloe looks beautiful….her fur is so shiny!!!!

  17. This post made me LOL per the usual. My name meaning fits me to a T – Colleen literally means “girl.” It’s Irish, as am I 🙂 So totally perfect.

    Although, I used to hate it. Now I love it, because I rarely meet a Colleen.

  18. Pingback: I’m So Greek. | Life of bLyss

  19. you look like a little porcelain baby!!

    i think i already told you this but my parents were going to name me anastasia and then when I was born they met someone named alyssa in the hospital who was really sweet and decided to change it to that. then in 3rd grade i tried to change my name to Brittany because I wanted my initials to be BANK (still keeping the alyssa part) and then in 6th grade I tried to change my name to Alissa Hanson. Haha Us Alyssa’s must be crazy 🙂

  20. LMAO @ The title. I used to heart that Destiny’s Child song!

    When I was little, I wanted my name to be Alyssa–Who’s The Boss was one of my favorite shows 🙂

    PS-your parentals are so cute!

  21. Girl, I swear, you are just the cutest thing! I love your name, it is so pretty! Your parents definitely picked a good one. And I love that you changed your name… oh gracious, that’s good stuff!

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