And The Verdict Is… [Video Blog]



(can we just talk about how good looking I am?
MAN, that’s a nice screen capture up there.)

I’m psyched.

You should be psyched.

These girls were psyched.

I’m choosing to treat my shin issues aggressively. I will be going to my Active Release Technique therapy twice a week until the Williamsburg Half Marathon on May 22, and although I can’t “race,” I’m still allowed to jog the run.

I’m a little disappointed since this was going to be the first half marathon for which I’d officially go all out, but hey… I’d rather have healthy shins and run with my running twin. 😉

In a nutshell, in my new desk job, sitting all day has made my hips and quads really tight. This puts too much stress on my shins and calves when I run, so with the massage therapy and area-targeted stretching, I should be okay in no time.

Three cheers for good news! Happy dances all around!


But slow, easy happy dances. No hills or speedwork. Don’t get ahead of yourselves.


25 responses to “And The Verdict Is… [Video Blog]

    im SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! THAT IS FAB FAB FAB FAB FAB NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the video just made my day– tell ur friends that I challenge them to a dance off

  2. LOL “… to see if I’m a balanced runner, which I am” smuuuug!!

    LOVE the good news, and the vlog. 🙂 So happy to hear we will be rockin’ Marine Corps together, healthy and speedy!

    Now go stretch!

  3. haha you crack me up! Love the video…and love the fact that noooo stress fracture even more!

  4. Ha, you are something else, girl! Great video. And how exciting to be stress fractureless!

    Also, those little dance moves made me miss my guy friends. Guy friends are the best.

  5. YAYAYAYAYAY so exciting!!!!!:)
    ps i i love the happy dance picture/video so funny

  6. YAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!! That is AWESOME!! SO happy for you!! 😀

    Oh, and that vid is the funniest+cutest thing I have seen EVER!! Ohmygeez your accent is SO CUTE I want it!!

  7. MAJOOOOOOOR happy dance! That is such great news that you can run the race with help from the doc and some fancy schmantzy stretches! love ya girly! ❤ so happy for you!!!

    ps: i may enlist you as my vlog editor b/c you seriously rock at these! so jeal.

  8. blissfulbritt

    Congrats on the news, and loved the vlog dances!

  9. Hooray I’m doing the happy dance for you!! 😀 Love ya

  10. Awww hell yeah!! I love happy news! 🙂

  11. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! So happy for you!

  12. WOOO WOO!! Jog your heart out 🙂

  13. YAY! So happy for you, girl!!! 😀

    Also, you have the best vlogs ever. Seriously. Love ’em!


  15. Ahhhh yay girl!!!! Now we can still go running this summer:) I am probably coming to Virginia in the first two weeks or so of July!

  16. YAY. I’m super duper excited for you. That video is seriously adorable!

  17. YAYY for no stress fracture!!! That’s fabulous news.
    I don’t think anyone wants to see my happy dance. IT’s pretty pathetic.
    That’s pretty awesome that you and Kate are BFF. No worries, I have a couple of BFF’s like that, too! haha.

  18. The Teenage Taste

    CONGRATS! You must be ecstatic about the news! Stress fractures succccckkkk.

  19. Yayyy congrats!

  20. YAYAYYA! I’m so happy for you! Good luck on your 1/2 in 2 weeks.

    Loved the video, you got some vlog makin’ skills 😀

  21. that video is just too cute. SO happy for you lady! Take it easy with the running 🙂

  22. I gotta say, you so rock at Vlogs! No wonder it’s your j-o-b. BTW, you have tight hips and quads?! Well apparently I have MESSY hips!!!! Some guy at the marathon expo the other weekend told me this, and i was like… “um excuse me WHAT does ‘messy’ hips mean?!?!!” He then went on to say they are “loose…” as in “flexible”. Hm. Looks like it’s hard to be just normal! Le sigh…

    Oh, and another BTW, i loved the way you said “specificity”. It sounds like the way I say “statistics”… i have to think about it really hard to say it right sometimes. I’m odd. It’s fine.

  23. BEST video EVER! That was hilarious 🙂
    & I’m SOOO Happy for you 😀

  24. Saved as a favorite, I really like your site! 🙂

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