I made it to my sister’s to play little sister nursey for a little while. Amy is doing great, she looks awesome, and I’m so glad I can be here for her.

And since I don’t have much to update you all on, I’ll leave you with these gems:

My awesome twin nieces… you may want to turn your speakers low.

And a new music find.

Amy was so touched by all your love. Thank you all so, so much.


9 responses to “From NOVA

  1. stil in my prayers!!!!your nieces are destined for show biz:)

  2. Bahaha, that video is hilarious..quite the little singers you’ve got there! So glad Amy’s doing well – I’m sure you’re being a kick ass nurse πŸ˜‰

  3. haahhahah oh my gosh your nieces are the cutest things on this planet!!

  4. You’re such a good sister. πŸ™‚ And your nieces are adorable!

  5. Obviously, they get their moves from their father…

    And yes… Alyssa is a kick-ass nurse.

  6. omg i LOVE te video! how cute are they πŸ™‚

  7. runyogarepeat

    Your nieces are so cute! I keep begging my cousin to just hire me as a nanny for the summer for her daughter and another one on the way. It would be way more fun than a real job!

  8. hellllloooo can we say ENERGY!!??! Looove your twin nieces. I want twins. Seriously, i do.

    So glad your sister has such an awesome support system… thinking of y’all!

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