Nobody likes a Mr. Sniffles

As my good friend Kate Hudson says, “nobody likes a Mr. Sniffles!

(Okay.. maybe she’s just my good friend in mind. Keep dreaming, dreamer.)

Anyway, all weekend, Lisa-Marie and I were Ms. Sniffles. We couldn’t figure out if it was a bug or allergies, but we were poppin Halls left and right.

our Sunday-Funday beach setup: Halls, Vicks tissues, iced coffee, breakfast sandwiches

Has anybody else experienced the wonder that is Puffs with Vicks? Holy geez.

That’s what you do when you have an awesome Vicks tissue. You stick it in, enjoy its goodness, and, HEY! when you sneeze, it’s so convenient!

sickies on the beach

All this sickness is making me a little worried for my Williamsburg Run for the Dream Half Marathon on May 22. I was planning on running this for my final PR before starting to train for the Marine Corps Marathon on October 30, 2011, but with the way my shin’s been hating on me plus my sickness plus some unforeseen family issues lately, it looks like this may be the least prepared I’ve ever been for a half marathon. Waaah.

My last run was on Friday with Jamie.. we were troopers with my oncoming sickness and her sore leggies, but we had to get in one more run before she moved (Jamie just moved to the oceanfront, so she’s now about 15 minutes away instead of 2.4 miles away). Laaaaame.

Anyway, we felt the (strange) need to capture our last ceremonious Friday Fun-Run run togeths.


there it is.. our sacred meeting place!

we run through the jungle. normal.

and then we played for a little bit.

“does this count as my weight training for the day?”

To wrap up the weekend, LisaRee and I had the Sunday Funday of a lifetime. Our fun weekend included some 80s music, dancing, shopping, a photo shoot, a movie (Water for Elephants! Uh, the book is SO much better), and a day on the beach with lots of halls, tissues, and wine. And maybe some margaritas at the end.

blueberry mojito!

Today was spent buying myself a neti pot after work.

I don’t want to talk about it.

I’m off to blow my nose for the 2939183th time today. I need more Vicks tissues.


26 responses to “Nobody likes a Mr. Sniffles

  1. Ahhhh feel better!!! Looks like an awesome weekend! I want come of that blueberry mojito…yes I know it’s monday!

  2. I liked Water for Elephants the movie but the book was a lot better-I do agree.

    Your run looks like so much fun. Seriously I cannot wait to run with you!! šŸ™‚

  3. Boo! Having a cold is no fun – hope you feel better soon, friend!

  4. oh girl i am RIGHT there with you (obviously from my post yesterday and today) ha i def have the sniffles…ugh so not good but i think mine is because of a cold not allergies.. yuck! love the post though regardless and you look SO pretty in your last picture..blueberry mojito..yummy!

  5. Get better baby booo! I am so excited for the beach this summer. Prepare to get black and meet some beach boys with me because there are some fiiiiine sons up in Silvah Beach. Slash you are GORGEOUS, you will do great no matter what love dove!!

  6. vicks tissues!? never heard of them but have been congested for 2 weeks now so im gonna need to find me some of them!

  7. Puffs are magic to the nose!!!I hope you feel better!

  8. LMAO @ the Mr. Sniffles line. Love that movie! Nothing sucks more than being sick when it’s hot out. Edit: Nothing sucks more than being sick when its hot out and you’re at the beach. Thumbs down.

  9. Hope your cold goes away soon, I hate having the flu when it is hot out especially when their is precious beach time to be had šŸ˜‰

  10. Hahaha I love that movie. I’ve seen it so many times I never get sick of it. šŸ™‚

    Hope the cold goes away! Never fun especially at the beach!

  11. I love you!!! Feel better sniffles- you knew this was coming!!!! I’m off Saturday we should beach if you aren’t busy! xoxo

  12. Awww Mr. Sniffles XD I hope you feel better, nothing worse than feeling sicky =/

  13. I JUST watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days…the Mr. Sniffles part is the best! Love it! Ah, the Neti Pot…so gross, yet pretty darn effective. FEEL BETTER! ā¤

  14. Kate Hudson and I are great friends too she helps me out in times of need haha. Don’t worry about the half marathon as long as you enjoy it nothing else matters. Just make sure you have those puffs to stick up your nose šŸ™‚

  15. GAHHH!!! hope mr sniffles moves away soon! I LOVEEEEEEEE how to lose a guy in 10 days– now u got me cravin to see it!

  16. I hate having a stuffy nose!!! I feel your pain! I hope you feel better VERY soon.

  17. Sniffles suck, feel better soon!

  18. Feel better soon lady! As icky as nety pots are.. I swear by them!!

  19. Amy @ countrystrong21

    I definitely want to see the movie Water For Elephants but no one seems to want to go with me šŸ˜¦

    I hope you feel better soon girly!

  20. oh girl, I’m in the same allergy boat (only, minus the fun beach-trip, so be thankful for that at least!) I love the gorgeous weather, just wish I could enjoy it without my nose running like a faucet and constant pressure in my sinuses! Ugh!

  21. Iā€™m still studying from you, while Iā€™m trying to reach my goals. I genuinely love reading all that is written on your blog. Keep the stories coming. I loved it!

  22. I’m guilty of sticking tissues in my nose and leaving them there. Usually it starts as me trying to be a smartass.. and then ends as a functional plug =) bahaha! the title of this cracked me up! MUST watch this movie again!

  23. My nose is all raw! I ran out of the Halls tissues this morning. NOOOOOO! But I love that we are now getting each other sick…means we’re spending too much time together. šŸ˜‰ XOXOXO!

  24. Jenna's Journey

    hey alyssa! i just came across your blog and i love it! can’t wait to continue to follow it!! jenna

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