Versatile Blogger Award

I like awards. Who doesn’t? It’s like someone turning to you, patting you on the back (or giving you a major league butt slap), and telling you you’re awesome.

I won awards at my college for my work in student activities and for my work as Editor of our college’s newspaper. These plaques chill in my office now and make me feel “kinda sorta” important.

these pictures are making me miss my college daaaays…

I think my first award was in 4th grade. My teacher entered all of our class in an ad design competition for a local restaurant, and I won, got to go to an awards ceremony, and I met World B. Free, a legendary basketball player.

Not that I had any clue who the heck he was. In fact, I’m not even really sure now.

You may be impressed with my stellar handwriting or “reverse psychology” ad concept. Personally, I’m more impressed with my completely straight bangs.

Thanks, Mom.

So thankya, Katie, for telling me I’m awesome (maybe it was the shot glass I made her from my giveaway… either way, I’ll take it).

To accept this award, I’m supposed to supply you with 7 tangents about me… enjoy this narcissistic rant.

7 Random Facts about me:

1.  I used to have a life dream of owning a monkey and teaching it sign language. Monkeys just crack me up… and ever since our trip to study Spanish in Costa Rica a few summers ago, I learned they like me, too.

there I am. just me and my monkey pal.

HOWEVER, I just finished the book Water for Elephants (yes, it IS fantastic, and thank you to Jamie for the idea), and have changed my life dream. I now want to own an elephant. Just go with it. Don’t crush my dreams.

I think my life would be pretty spectacular
with an elephant added to it.

2.  I may not know how to tie my shoes properly. Recently, Anastasia watched my tie my running shoes. Her words were “Wait… are you serious?” Then my mom watched me do it, and she made fun of me. Which is ironic, ’cause shouldn’t it be her fault I don’t tie my shoes right? Geez!

3.  I have the most obnoxious allergies of anyone I know. No allergies to food, but probably every environmental allergy one can have. I’ve probably racked up about 29 sinus infections in my lifetime, I’ve taken two pills plus a steroid nasal spray for my allergies for as long as I can remember, and I now get biweekly shots in my arms. Winning!

4.  I’m a neat freak.. buut I’m a closet slob. I need everything to look perfect on the surface, but.. uhh, don’t check any drawers. Cause that’s where I’ve stashed all my mess. 😉

5.  I’ve had a slight (okay, not so slight) “thing” for Jesse McCartney since I was about 13. I’m currently composing my love letter to him about how I’ve loved him for three years, we’re perfect for each other, and how my life plans include a lifetime of duets and living happily ever after. With the elephant.

I mean… come on.

6.  I’ve never posted my personal records on here together, but I’m hoping to break them sometime soon. If my darned right shin starts feeling better, that is. Anastasia, Rob, and I are going all out for our half marathon in Williamsburg on May 22 (our last half before the FULL!), and my goal (pre-injury) was a sub-1:40 half marathon time. Right now, my PRs stand at 1:42 for a half marathon and 21:18 for a 5k. The best part about my 5k PR? I didn’t train for it, I drank wine the night before, and I won 1st in my age group. Wheee!

Turkey Trot 5k in Myrtle Beach, November 2010

7. When I lived in England as a kid, I went to a private school with “really cool” uniforms. I looked real special.

And by special, I mean special.

no shortage of hair on that head.

either my fingers were stiff or that’s just the
excitement over my gym class outfit. it was also
all the rage to wear your shorts and socks that high.

You’re welcome for those. I have no shame.

Hey Jamie, Ensley, Allison, Katelyn, Alyssa, and Colleen, wanna take part in the fun, too?

Go ahead. Gimme something random about you. 😉


23 responses to “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Haha, I laughed out loud at the elephant! Your little kid uniform pictures are too cute!! 🙂

  2. I *always* wanted a monkey growing up. My fiance’ did too… maybe we’ll have one someday! 😉

  3. BAHAHHA YES. I can’t tie my shoes either, I do the bunny ears. 😀

  4. I always wanted to ride in on an elephant on my wedding day. Not that I am Indian or anything but I think that it would be pretty spectaular!

  5. Hehe that 5k is fabulous! My PR is a half is 1:42 too! Twinnies! I think everyones life would be better with exotic animals.

  6. Of course I want to take part in the fun! 🙂 You make me laugh out loud. Suurisouly.

  7. very cute! I just learned a lot of things I didn’t know about you!

  8. BAHAHAHAH you were SO DARN CUTE!.. AHAHA LOVE how you cnt tie ur shoes properly– not sure whether to laugh or feel sorry fo you…
    good luck on the elephant- after watching March of the Penguins, I;v always wanted a baby penguin!

  9. dang girl, you are fast! I totally also like to give the “clean” allusion by hiding all my belongings in drawers, under the bed, stuffed behind the closet door, etc…oops 🙂

  10. hahahaha your pictures are so cute! can you get me an elephant too…or a giraffe..i can settle for a giraffe!

  11. LOL i need to see the way you tie your shoes. That totally cracked me up!!!!!!!! My mom just recently read Water for Elephants and she loooved it! I must read it now 🙂

    And thaaaaaank you for the bloggy award!!!! YAYYY!

  12. HAHA love the pics of you as a child!

    yes, I am totally doing this 🙂

  13. I am the same way about my closets. I have no organization there, but it keeps the rest of the house looking nice.

  14. BAHAHA!! You look SO DARN CUTE in those pictures!! Awww I could EAT the younger you, and don’t take the mick out of the hair/shorts/socks cos I still do all of those things (it’s cool in England 😉 )

  15. i love all your awards and the cute kid pics!! We have the same running goals. Maybe we need to live closer? hehe.

  16. I hope you get your pet monkey one day! haha and seeing all my own pictures makes me miss college too 😦 You look so hot in that white dress!

  17. Hahahaha wait you were too darn cute. One day I will be as fast as you!!! Thank you for the award love ❤

  18. Hehe- the pics of you long ago are so cute!! (I miss college too….)

    I’m a slob and I don’t hide it well. What a fun post! I’m so glad you shared all that info with us! Fun to learn about (interesting) facts about others!

  19. You are so darn cute! I did my 7 facts the other day, and I admitted that I can’t touch my toes or do a cartwheel…true story!

  20. Kristen McGrath

    I remember you winning that award in 4th grade! hahahaha. I need to read Water for Elephants. Congrats on your killer running times miss speedy!

  21. YAY! So glad you finished it! I also want to own an elephant…maybe one day. And you know what’s even better than a monkey? One that rides a pig…bahaha

  22. This is so fun! I’m such a neat freak on the surface too. But my closet is a MOUNTAIN of shoes and a crazy overflowing clothing rack with jeans that fall out when I open the door.. 🙂

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