Thank you, Thank you.

There are so many “Thanks” to dish out in this post. THANK YAAAA!

thanks a mil!

Thanks for donating.

First off, I need to send a big thank you, hug, high-five, and kiss to everyone who donated to my Dash for Dad campaign. I’ve reached my goal of $500 for Zero: The Project to End Prostate Cancer and can officially run the Marine Corps Half Marathon next October, and I’m so excited.

SO. To Natalie, Lisa-Marie, Cynthia, Rick, Allie, Maggie, Alyssa, Beth, Maleah (who is running Boston today!), Lee, Linnie & Tracy, Robby, Sara, and Amy, thank you so, so, so much. Dominating that 26.2 miles is going to be so much easier knowing you’re behind me all the way.

And I haven’t closed my donations. So if anyone would like to donate to prostate cancer, I’d be thrilled. Just click the graphic in the top left of my blog.

Thanks for the prayers for my sister.

…and for passing on breast cancer awareness. 35 is the new 40.

My entire family (especially Amy, of course) was so touched by all of your thoughtful comments and well wishes. Amy’s gonna kick breast cancer’s butt… and I’m gonna fist pump beside her as she does it. A marathon for breast cancer, anyone?

Thanks to my college loves for a fantastic weekend.

I had no idea just how badly I was missing/needing time with my two college partners in crime, Abby and Dana. We really are the three musketeers, and we haven’t had “Triple Trouble” time since the night before we graduated last year. Let’s just say, we tore this weekend up.

the night before grad… the last time we spend time together πŸ™‚

And it. was. awesome.

loooovvee isss …what I got

And guess who met us in Charlotte?


No, your eyes do not deceive you. Yes, that is Allison @ Happy Tales Blog and Ensley @ Haughty by Nature. Yes, I was psyched.

Somehow, they spotted me on the dance floor right away. I have no ideaΒ  how, because I blend in so easily…

don’t hate on my rockin’ air guitar. I lend it out to worthy admirers.

Dandelion Market tapas

After some obnoxious indulgence at Dandelion Market in Charlotte (yes, we got stuffed eggplant, ahi tuna, cheese fondue, quatro formaggio flatbread with truffle oil, pommes fritas with fresh herb topping, and baked chicken for the three of us), we made appearances all over West Fifth Street.

I’d tell you what our drinks were called, but I’m choosing to not be inappropriate.

know this: death grip from me = love.

Ensley doesn’t mess around.

And getting to tear up the dance flo’ alongside this sweetie pie and funny girl was totally the icing on the cake.

And Sunday was spent at Catawbapalooza (our annual college “carnival” day) seeing some old college friends before I drove back to VB.

I even got to do a photo sesh with Zandi, the cutest little photographer you’ll ever meet.

she’s a genius.

What a stellar weekend. Thank you, Lordy, for that.


34 responses to “Thank you, Thank you.

  1. oh my gosh you are just a little ball of gorgeousness!!!!! BAHAHA YESSSSSSSSSSSS TO THE FIST PUMPIN!!

  2. You definitely deserved this great weekend!! So excited for you. And I am SO HAPPY you have already hit your fundraising goal!!! SO awesome!

  3. I love you. That’s all I really have to say. One day we will tear apart VB bars and fistpump the whole night. We takin ovaaaa ❀

  4. Great pictures, looks like a fantastic weekend! And your fundraising is so successful, that’s great!

  5. You are one GORGEOUS model!! LOVE the dancefloor moves…and I’m seriously intrigued by the drink names…? πŸ˜‰

  6. Sounds like it was a great weekend! I love few things more than getting together with my college friends – it’s always so EFFORTLESS.

    I’ll also never get used to seeing Allison all over my favorite healthy living blogs! Haha. We spent a semester together in Australia. This world is SMALL.

    • haaaaaaa!!!! I love it!! Lauren, this just means that we’re destined to meet up again at some point!!!! Come visit Charlotte and you can meet some of your favorite bloggers!!!

  7. love eeeeeeeeeverything about this post!!!!! πŸ˜€ including your DRESS…we could easily transfer from running buddies to shopping buddiesssss πŸ˜‰

  8. so first things first…. you are GORGEOUS pretty lady!
    second, I love all of your outfits!!!!
    third, I sometimes break out the air guitar too… and than look at my pictures the next day and be like oh my goddddd, did I actually do that!!!!
    still praying for your sister! xx

  9. that picture is GORGEOUS!!!!your fun weekend festivities are making me quite jealous:)

  10. It was so good to see you! I missed you πŸ™‚

    ps- I love the dresses you and Dana are wearing in those pics

  11. That dress is the cutest thing ever! Looks like you had an awesome weekend!
    By the way – the protein powder was on backorder, so it should be coming soon now (so sorry for the long wait).

  12. so i just tried to have a website called but it wouldnt let me. 😦 anywho. i wanted to say that i need a few lessons in “proper taking cute pic pictures” i look awkward in those babies! misss you already!!!

  13. You are gorgeous girl! Those pictures are too humerous and cute-I absolutely love them! I’m glad you had such a great time and you’ll be able to runn.

  14. This looks SOO fun! There’s nothing like a weekend dancing and playing with the besties to make everything better! You totally deserve the fun, way to show life whose da bosss.

  15. Love your positive attitude & energy lady! That photo of you is stunning. So proud of you reaching your goals & being officially part of the Marine Corps Marathon!

  16. You are like the perfect party companion! I wish you lived in Miami!! 😦

  17. Yay for reaching your goal! That’s so awesome! Glad you had a stellar weekend too!!

  18. Love these pictures. You are gorgeous! Yay for weekends πŸ™‚

  19. What?? You were in Charlotte?? I wish I would have know, would have loved to meet ya!

  20. AHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had sooooSOOOsoooooo much fun with you (and Ensley!!!!!). You have GOT to get your pretty face back to Charlotte, ASAP!! I haven’t had that much fun dancing in aaaages!

  21. So glad you had a fun weekend! You deserve it, lady!!!

    P.S. LOVE the air guitar pic…classic!

  22. you are so so sosososososoososos (no exaggeration) cute!
    im so glad you met your goal!!!! Cant wait to see your recap πŸ™‚
    Sometimes girl time is so necessary and it looks like you had an amazing tiem!

  23. blogger meet ups are the best!!!! looks like you had tons of fun πŸ˜€

  24. just found your blog and love it! this was the perfect post! πŸ™‚

  25. Girl…this night was ridiculous. I felt really cool rejecting my friends Saturday night invitations by saying “I’m actually meeting up with some blogger friends…you’re not invited.” Next time I’ll wear a better outfit, and let’s pray there’s actually attractive men somewhere in the vicinity. Cool? Cool.

    • hahahaha. THEY WERE TOO INVITED! hey.. I drug along my besties, didn’t I? πŸ˜‰ and yes. next time, we’ll be all over those “attractive” gentlemen.

  26. Looks like you ladies had some SERIOUS fun! πŸ˜€

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