Chobani FMMFMF

FMMFMF = “for my mouf, for my face.” It’s just something we say when a certain food is that awesome. We’re cool like that. I really should be saying for my belly, but I guess sometimes we do smear a little food on our faces.

Just me? Mmkay, nevermind.

Remember my (very late, albeit exciting) discovery of Chobani greek yogurt? After a disappointing run-around with some Oikos, I was so excited to see that one company completely catered to my taste buds.

And after I professed my love, Chobani completely delivered.


gimme that bulk yogurt!

The company sent me a big box of their flavors to sample and review. I was so excited, especially since I don’t have a few of their new flavors available to me here in Virginia Beach.

so exciting to finally try lemon, mango, and black cherry!

I have a new lunch/snack obsession, and it goes by the name of Chobani yogurt. I honestly haven’t met a flavor I don’t like, and LOVED the new flavors I got to try. The tart lemon was delicious over a little baby bowl of fruit.

get ready for it…


I was a little surprised by the lemon flavor’s more watery texture, but the taste was still rockin’ my world.

And my typical granola, bango, and ‘naner combo was awesome with some black cherry.

Another favorite combo? Plain + Nectar chocolate truffle protein powder + granola. I can’t get enough. I must stop.

As evidenced by my fridge, Chobani has found a new lover. I’m diggin’ it. My favorite flavors? Black cherry, mango, and blueberry. But they’re all fantastic.


AND guess who received her free Sunwarrior protein from Lauren! I’m so excited to try it, and I’m so impressed by the huge sample they sent me. Bring it on, vanilla. I hope you go well with some Chobani. πŸ˜‰

I’ve been very lucky in giveaways recently. I’m still waiting on a shipment from Emma‘s, too! I just love her.

Function over Style

I’m picky with my running shoes. I’ve never bought a pair of which I hate the colors.

Until now.


I hate these shoes. They look like rookie shoes. They’re a color scheme reminiscent of my N*SYNC loving days (not that I don’t still love them or anything…).

But I needed new ones. Liiiike… two months ago. And I’ve been putting it off forever, as Β you all know. So I finally caved. And after trying on the Brooks and realizing with my skinny feet and high arches that I’m an Asics girl through and through, I learned that the Asics Cumulus were the only ones for me.

And those are the only darn ones they have.

SO, function over style. My shins need these. And I’m gonna suck it up.

Dear Asics company, please make me a pair of Cumuluses in neon yellow or pink? I’ll even take orange. Or something sweet. Not these.

Love, Alyssa.


39 responses to “Chobani FMMFMF

  1. ABAHA the color isn’t THAT bad.. but i feel ya.. i hate when you find a good fit and then the color looks like a poop rainbow

    AHHH SO JEAL of your sun warrior- that stuff makes my world go round!

  2. Yo – looks like your South Jersey high school colors!

  3. Wha you talkin bout girl?! I HAVE them in pink!! Maybe that’s a UK thing…? I dunno…but I feel ya- I’m all about the looks really! πŸ˜›

  4. Jealous of all the Chobani! Harris Teeter in VB carries Lemon and Mango.

    And Running Warehouse has your shoes in other colors! Both pink and lavendar!

  5. Oh maaaa gosh, so jealous of the Chobani….. I have never tried it because you can’t get it where I live but I NEED too.

    haha i totalllly know where you are comming from with the shoes, the colours remind me of my childhood as well, YES.. pink and orange would be greaaaaaaaat! email them with your concerns ahaha

  6. Chobani is the!!! I die for the lemon flavor!! At least you have the right fit over the perfect color!! injuries are not worth it!

  7. The black cherry is my FAVORITE Chobani- so delish πŸ™‚
    And, I hear ya about shoes- so funny, I tried that same pair on (well, not THAT pair, but you know what I mean πŸ™‚ ) & I was between those & the ones I actually picked. I LOVE Asics though. I was always a New Balance girl..but I’ve been converted πŸ˜€

  8. Awwww I just bought new Asics, I may post pics on the blog — they are the exact same shoes (or really really close) except mine are purple and dark magenta. Whatever, I still love NSync πŸ˜‰

    So jealous of your loot from Chobs! YUM!

  9. I kinda like you running shoes! πŸ™‚ hahah

    Chobani is so delicious! Your pictures bring out the colors and flavor so well!!

  10. The blog world introduced me to Chobani and I’m forever grateful — it is the best yogurt I’ve ever tasted. My fave flavors are blueberry, black cherry, and vanilla.

  11. You lucky girl – personally, I love the black cherry flavor – it is da bombbb πŸ™‚

    I have also heard so many great things about the sunwarrior protein powder – apparently, it makes some pretty darn good vanilla frosting to put on top of oatmeal πŸ™‚ (just an idea)

  12. OMGGGGGG THAT YOGURT!!!!!!!!! Heaven in a box. Holy chobani.

  13. Totally love Chobani!! They just sent me some too!! Can’t wait to try that mango!

  14. I know what you mean… my asics (a few years old – just started using them really, hehemm) are silver and gold! Feel like a running disco queen and not in a good way.

  15. I love Chobani! It’s so thick and creamy! My favorite way to eat it is the following…Honey flavor Chobani, fresh blueberries, and crunchy granola. Best.snack.ever!!!

  16. LMAO I love your dad’s comment!! So cute.

    Hope the new shoes work for you. I’m usually a Brooks girl, but bought some Asics [they’re neon yellow. pleasedonthate] and now I can’t go back to the Brooks without my form feeling ‘off’ and some knee pain.


  17. Seriously can I just come over and steal all your Chobani-I love greek yogurt. So gooood.

    I hope the shoes go well. I’m such a newtons girl and always will be. PS are you doing any races this summer? I’m making my race schedule this weekend. Email me girl

  18. Chobani is soooo good! yums. They hooked me up too, and delivered my package on my birthday =)

  19. Hah thanks for the shout out, but mine was for Arbonne protein…I think the Sun Warrior was Emma’s giveaway! I’ll ask Jennifer again because she said she mailed it out over a week ago…
    Enjoy the Sun Warrior though!

  20. asics ARE the best!!!!i think they have single handedly saved me from my stupid shin splints

  21. Yay enjoy your plethora of yogurt! I love the lemon πŸ˜€

  22. I am team Cho all the way! I have tried other greek yogurts and none are as good as Chobani’s!

  23. You know you are growing up when you value function over fashion.

    and by the way, I dig the throwback to N Sync day colors. I’ve seen SO much worse!

  24. I’m so jealous. I have zero access as well! But chobani ingores me =( I think they hate my guts. I love them though!

  25. oh my gosh, I’m so jealous of all the chobani! Ahh, I’m obsessed. Those shoes may not be the prettiest, but at least they’ll help you be speedy speedy πŸ™‚

  26. haha your post made me laugh because I am the exact same way with shoes. I need really good shoes but they better look damn good too!

    Mizuno is a great brand and they usually have an array of options. I buy my shoes from runningwarehouse and they ship in two days its great.

  27. i just wrote a post on how much i adoreee chobani!

    they are such a generous company, and they will always have my vote for best greek yogurt!


  28. WELL, I rest my case. Your feet and my feet (ha, I like this sentence already) have never had much in common, because you’ve got waffle stompers and I didn’t grow a baby toenail until I was fourteen. But my arches are CRAZY HIGHER than I thought, and I’ve been running on Brooks since January, and I have to tell ya: it has NOT been fun. I am simply NOT the runner I was when I had my Asics. I just poop out from various discomforts within the first four or so miles. Not cool. You have affirmed my suspicion that Brooks SUCKS, and Asics don’t.

    P.S. Relax. The colors are nice.

  29. oh my goshh all of that chobani looks sooo yummy! I really want to try mango!

  30. Come on girl, your shoes have a buzz lightyear (minus the purple) color scheme. They are automatically amazing! πŸ™‚

    I just bought a pair of Asics, and I have skinny feet and high arches too! I have yet to try them out but it’s nice to know they work out for you. I put off getting new shoes until I lost one shoe from my old pair last weekend…guess that was my sign it was finally time to stop putting it off!

  31. I love you for loving N’sync. I have to admit, I definitely get in a boy band mood from time to time and have to revert to my teen years. πŸ˜‰

    I wish Chobani didn’t have so much sugar in it so I could try it! Everyone just loves it so much!

  32. I am an Asics girl through and through, too!!!!!! I’m more of a skinny feet girl, though… just normal arches.

  33. Farm Fresh on VB Blvd has all 3 new flavors:-).

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