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Sound it out: Bijuju.

Bijuju. Pronounced “Bee-zhu-zhu.” Aren’t you glad I spell everything out phonetically? You’re welcome.

A fantastic accessory boutique. If you’re in need of jewelry, watches, scarves, handbags, etc., check out the online shop. I went a little nuts at the outlets over Easter break, and I walked away with some fantastic little additions to my wardrobe.

Like this…

Mine’s a darker purpley-gray color, but I fell in love with this sucker. I rarely even carry purses anymore.. I’m a wristlet girl. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I got these in aย  cream/pale blue theme, but you get the picture. I’m a big fan of wearing two or three at a time.

Aaand my favorites. I have a big thing for birdies, as evidenced by something else I recently purchased..

forgive me. there’s no great angle for photographing a mirror hook.

A mirrored birdie hook. For me to hang my jeeewelry. Only $8 at a little shop in Salisbury, North Carolina. I’m gaga over it. Yup.

Speaking of my thing for birdies, I finally painted myself a wine glass! Is it weird that I’ve been so busy painting creations for everyone else, I’ve never painted my own?

dear flash. you’re killin’ me.

It’s hard to see how awesome this is with the poor photo quality in my poorly-lit room, but this baby will be making an appearance with me at Wine Fest in two weekends. Yes, that’s a birdie, yes, it’s yellow, and YES, there’s glitter on it. All my favorite things on one wine glass of heaven.

GUESS WHO ELSE IS COMING TO WINE FEST? With her own bLyss Designs glass?


My college partner in crime. I can’t wait to REALLY introduce her to Virginia Beach and all my loves here.

And Lisa-Marie will be sporting a new glass at Wine Fest too! She requested I make this baby to match the dress she bought for the event.

let me see ya PEACOCK!

The whole time I painted this baby, I had Katy Perry’s song “Peacock” running through my head. It’s inappropriate. I may have sung it out loud. Sorry, Bethany.

My good friend Katie introduced me to this gem of a song. And just for you, Katie, I’ll include a live video of her performing this on Letterman.

Who agrees that little number should be my Halloween costume for next year?

Versatile Blogger Award

I like awards. Who doesn’t? It’s like someone turning to you, patting you on the back (or giving you a major league butt slap), and telling you you’re awesome.

I won awards at my college for my work in student activities and for my work as Editor of our college’s newspaper. These plaques chill in my office now and make me feel “kinda sorta” important.

these pictures are making me miss my college daaaays…

I think my first award was in 4th grade. My teacher entered all of our class in an ad design competition for a local restaurant, and I won, got to go to an awards ceremony, and I met World B. Free, a legendary basketball player.

Not that I had any clue who the heck he was. In fact, I’m not even really sure now.

You may be impressed with my stellar handwriting or “reverse psychology” ad concept. Personally, I’m more impressed with my completely straight bangs.

Thanks, Mom.

So thankya, Katie, for telling me I’m awesome (maybe it was the shot glass I made her from my giveaway… either way, I’ll take it).

To accept this award, I’m supposed to supply you with 7 tangents about me… enjoy this narcissistic rant.

7 Random Facts about me:

1.ย  I used to have a life dream of owning a monkey and teaching it sign language. Monkeys just crack me up… and ever since our trip to study Spanish in Costa Rica a few summers ago, I learned they like me, too.

there I am. just me and my monkey pal.

HOWEVER, I just finished the book Water for Elephants (yes, it IS fantastic, and thank you to Jamie for the idea), and have changed my life dream. I now want to own an elephant. Just go with it. Don’t crush my dreams.

I think my life would be pretty spectacular
with an elephant added to it.

2.ย  I may not know how to tie my shoes properly. Recently, Anastasia watched my tie my running shoes. Her words were “Wait… are you serious?” Then my mom watched me do it, and she made fun of me. Which is ironic, ’cause shouldn’t it be her fault I don’t tie my shoes right? Geez!

3.ย  I have the most obnoxious allergies of anyone I know. No allergies to food, but probably every environmental allergy one can have. I’ve probably racked up about 29 sinus infections in my lifetime, I’ve taken two pills plus a steroid nasal spray for my allergies for as long as I can remember, and I now get biweekly shots in my arms. Winning!

4.ย  I’m a neat freak.. buut I’m a closet slob. I need everything to look perfect on the surface, but.. uhh, don’t check any drawers. Cause that’s where I’ve stashed all my mess. ๐Ÿ˜‰

5.ย  I’ve had a slight (okay, not so slight) “thing” for Jesse McCartney since I was about 13. I’m currently composing my love letter to him about how I’ve loved him for three years, we’re perfect for each other, and how my life plans include a lifetime of duets and living happily ever after. With the elephant.

I mean… come on.

6.ย  I’ve never posted my personal records on here together, but I’m hoping to break them sometime soon. If my darned right shin starts feeling better, that is. Anastasia, Rob, and I are going all out for our half marathon in Williamsburg on May 22 (our last half before the FULL!), and my goal (pre-injury) was a sub-1:40 half marathon time. Right now, my PRs stand at 1:42 for a half marathon and 21:18 for a 5k. The best part about my 5k PR? I didn’t train for it, I drank wine the night before, and I won 1st in my age group. Wheee!

Turkey Trot 5k in Myrtle Beach, November 2010

7. When I lived in England as a kid, I went to a private school with “really cool” uniforms. I looked real special.

And by special, I mean special.

no shortage of hair on that head.

either my fingers were stiff or that’s just the
excitement over my gym class outfit. it was also
all the rage to wear your shorts and socks that high.

You’re welcome for those. I have no shame.

Hey Jamie, Ensley, Allison, Katelyn, Alyssa, and Colleen, wanna take part in the fun, too?

Go ahead. Gimme something random about you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Vacay, I Hate You When You Go Away.

Sorry I’m a big jerk. I took a nice selfish break from life for a little rendezvous in Myrtle Beach for Easter.

I skip on the beach. because I love it so.

And it waaas gloooorious!

My friend Bethany joined me on our adventures. Aaaand Bethany is hysterical. Honestly. I should let her guest post on here at some point, because ya’ll would love her.

I was made for beach bumming.

Sand was played in outlets were dominated, books were read, washers were played, beach jogs were had, wine glasses were painted, wine was consumed…

Seriously. Could there be another perfect vacation with my name written all over it? I’ll provide you all with a photo-filled recap of our Easter getaway.

I found a sa-weeeet coozie at a potty stop along the way.

We had a totally unplanned Target matching
V-neck moment on our beach jog.

(Pronounced “yog.” With a silent J. Because I am Ron Burgundy?)

I bought some exciting new digs… see: shirt, purse, and bracelets.

We attended the best happy hour known to mankind: live band, a brewery, and…


Do I get my love for food from my daddy?

Bethany lent a hand when there were more
important things to do than get ready.

And my parents’ buddies arrived for Easter…
My mom’s BFF, Andie, LOVES when she gets to be on the blog.

“We’re the two best friends that anyone can have”

The Bobs. Yes, they even have the same name.
And yes, my dad’s clearly making fun of my picture cheeses.

He’s jealous.

Then this pretty baby made an appearance on the beach.

I got a washers game for Christmas… aaaand it’s the best themed washers game ever.

I’m feelin’ some cookouts in my backyard soon. Phillies washers, cornhole, maybe a slip n slide… who’s in?

(Bobs vs. girls)

Just watch out. Cause when it comes to washers, I’m a ringer.

and then I’ll show you my victory dance.

And is anyone else obsessed with these reusable plastic cups WITH A STRAW?

I drink everything with a straw. And I was sold when I found this cute little Life is Good cup. Bethany and I used these babies for our coffee every day on the beach. Uh… win!

And then we dyed Easter eggs. Yes, I’m 23, and
no, I haven’t missed a year yet.

Easter dinner took place at Bonefish. I love, love, love that restaurant, and I never seem to live near one.

Holding hands on Easter. It’s what we do.

Please don’t scoff at me for not eating ham or lamb for Easter dinner. Cause my salmon with artichokes and goat cheese rocked my happy little world.

And don’t you worry, we didn’t forget to take beach pictures on our last night. And Bethany was so disappointed the whole clan wasn’t around to do the yearly white-and-khaki beach photo.

Maybe next time, Bethany.

And by yearly, I mean yearly. Check it out. Every August, the whole family comes to the beach. And we take a picture together. In our white and khaki.

This past August we gave the white/khaki combo a rest and wore shirts on honor of Poppop turning 90 years old. ๐Ÿ™‚

I know you wish you were part of my fam.

Don’t You Worry.

I’m alive.

Sorry for the subpar blogging as of late, but for the rest of the week,

I’m here:

our condo in North Myrtle Beach, SC

with this girl:

Bethany June (minus the irish princess sash)

doing the following:

drinking vino.

chasing seagulls.

eating lotsa seafood.

probably ice cream, too.

rolling around in the sand.

laughing a whole lot.

Don’t be too jealous of my rockin’ bathing suit choices as a tot.
I know, I’ve always had killer style.

And a serious thing for ruffles.

I’ve Got Some Seriously Talented Friends.

Why, do you ask, was my Facebook news feed blown up with the name “Jerry Sands?” And why was #Jerry Sands a Twitter Trend?

First off, Jerry was one of my goofiest college friends. I can’t really think of one time he failed to offer up some laughs, crazy dance moves, or a few rounds of dizzy bat when he was around.

good ol Halloween

Jerry was called up to play in the majors last night (check out his news coverage here). He started for the LA Dodgers vs. the Braves, starting at left field and batting 7th. He hit a double and a sacrifice fly, getting his first major league RBI. The Dodgers kicked some Brave booty with a final count of 4-2.

It was pretty cool to hear our buddy Jerry was already a crowd fave in L.A… the stands were apparently alight with a sound familiar to Catawba baseball fans. “Jer-ry, Jer-ry, Jer-ry.”

you know you’re a good friend of mine
when you’ve got the muskrat face down.

give Jerry a bat, he does work.

Checking out FBook and Twitter, it seemed like everyone was as psyched about the news as I was. I was cracking up at Morgan, Jerry’s fiance’s, Facebook updates.

Jerry left Catawba a year early to play in the minors and has had some rockin’ stats ever since. We missed him dearly back at school, but when he and his lovely fiance Morgan would visit, it’d be a highlight of the weekend. They even came back into town for a visit to celebrate my 21st birthday!

Talk about an amazing year for Jerry and Morgan… an engagement and the major leagues all in a few months? And seriously, how stinkin’ adorable are they?

Our whole circle of friends has Dodger fever… and it couldn’t be for a better cause.

I’ll cheer on the Dodgers for you, Jer, but no
promises when it’s time you go up against the Phillies. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, it’s official: Our friend has hit the big leagues. You may be a pro, now, Jerry, I’m pretty sure most of us are always going to enjoy remembering the good ol’ days…

Go get ’em, Jer! We’re all rooting for you. Chuck Norris included.

P.S. You know you’ve hit the big time when you get a MLB butt slap on T.V.

That’s a major league butt slap.

Thank you, Thank you.

There are so many “Thanks” to dish out in this post. THANK YAAAA!

thanks a mil!

Thanks for donating.

First off, I need to send a big thank you, hug, high-five, and kiss to everyone who donated to my Dash for Dad campaign. I’ve reached my goal of $500 for Zero: The Project to End Prostate Cancer and can officially run the Marine Corps Half Marathon next October, and I’m so excited.

SO. To Natalie, Lisa-Marie, Cynthia, Rick, Allie, Maggie, Alyssa, Beth, Maleah (who is running Boston today!), Lee, Linnie & Tracy, Robby, Sara, and Amy, thank you so, so, so much. Dominating that 26.2 miles is going to be so much easier knowing you’re behind me all the way.

And I haven’t closed my donations. So if anyone would like to donate to prostate cancer, I’d be thrilled. Just click the graphic in the top left of my blog.

Thanks for the prayers for my sister.

…and for passing on breast cancer awareness. 35 is the new 40.

My entire family (especially Amy, of course) was so touched by all of your thoughtful comments and well wishes. Amy’s gonna kick breast cancer’s butt… and I’m gonna fist pump beside her as she does it. A marathon for breast cancer, anyone?

Thanks to my college loves for a fantastic weekend.

I had no idea just how badly I was missing/needing time with my two college partners in crime, Abby and Dana. We really are the three musketeers, and we haven’t had “Triple Trouble” time since the night before we graduated last year. Let’s just say, we tore this weekend up.

the night before grad… the last time we spend time together ๐Ÿ™‚

And it. was. awesome.

loooovvee isss …what I got

And guess who met us in Charlotte?


No, your eyes do not deceive you. Yes, that is Allison @ Happy Tales Blog and Ensley @ Haughty by Nature. Yes, I was psyched.

Somehow, they spotted me on the dance floor right away. I have no ideaย  how, because I blend in so easily…

don’t hate on my rockin’ air guitar. I lend it out to worthy admirers.

Dandelion Market tapas

After some obnoxious indulgence at Dandelion Market in Charlotte (yes, we got stuffed eggplant, ahi tuna, cheese fondue, quatro formaggio flatbread with truffle oil, pommes fritas with fresh herb topping, and baked chicken for the three of us), we made appearances all over West Fifth Street.

I’d tell you what our drinks were called, but I’m choosing to not be inappropriate.

know this: death grip from me = love.

Ensley doesn’t mess around.

And getting to tear up the dance flo’ alongside this sweetie pie and funny girl was totally the icing on the cake.

And Sunday was spent at Catawbapalooza (our annual college “carnival” day) seeing some old college friends before I drove back to VB.

I even got to do a photo sesh with Zandi, the cutest little photographer you’ll ever meet.

she’s a genius.

What a stellar weekend. Thank you, Lordy, for that.

Awareness: My Sister Rocks.

People generally say good things come in three. So do bad things.

Last week, my family got some news that was hard to swallow.

My sister, Amy, has breast cancer.

2011 has been a rough year for me with my recent events, but it’s been especially hard on my family. Namely, my dad and my sister.

After my dad being diagnosed with his aggressive prostate cancer this past November, we’re in the calm of the storm for his recovery. Amy’s news kind of sent us all reeling.

Daddy and his girls

Amy is my big sister. I’ve adored her since the day I was born. I’m still told stories about how psyched she was to get a baby sister when I was on the way, and as silly as it sounds, I love knowing how much she “wanted” me.

yeah, I was born with red hair. it fell out and I grew blonde locks. don’t hate.

I mean, really… look at that adoration.

I’ve looked up to her my entire life. She’s so smart. She’s so pretty. She’s so compassionate. She’s so loving. And she’s always said that Doug (our brother) and I got the funny genes. She’s wrong. She’s pretty funny herself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

and she’s obv always shared my love for ruffles.

we’ve shared each other’s milestones together, as sisters do.

And she’s been there for me in my life every step of the way. Whether I’m up, down, healthy, or struggling, Amy has always been a solid rock in my life. And I’m so thankful I’ve been lucky enough to have a big sister like her.

Amy is 36. Women are supposed to have their first mammogram at age 40.

The only reason Amy had a mammogram at her age is because a traveling breast cancer van came to the school at which she works. She had the test done because everyone else did. She was flagged, and went for further testing.

She found out a few days later she had cancer.

Had Amy waited until she was 40 to get her mammogram, she would need extensive chemotherapy and her life would be much, much more at risk. Yes, this is serious, but it would be so much more serious had she waited.

SO. For my sister, check with your insurance company. Ask them for the earliest age they cover mammogram screenings. And once you hit that age, go get tested.

Amy is a sister, a mother, a daughter, an aunt, a granddaughter, and a teacher. No matter who you are, be proactive. Research. Spread awareness.

And do me a favor and send some prayers up for her. I love my big sister so much, and I’m going to be there for her through all of this mess.

‘Cause as you know, Cancer’s got nothin’ on us Halters.

Pass it on: 35 is the new 40.

Chobani FMMFMF

FMMFMF = “for my mouf, for my face.” It’s just something we say when a certain food is that awesome. We’re cool like that. I really should be saying for my belly, but I guess sometimes we do smear a little food on our faces.

Just me? Mmkay, nevermind.

Remember my (very late, albeit exciting) discovery of Chobani greek yogurt? After a disappointing run-around with some Oikos, I was so excited to see that one company completely catered to my taste buds.

And after I professed my love, Chobani completely delivered.


gimme that bulk yogurt!

The company sent me a big box of their flavors to sample and review. I was so excited, especially since I don’t have a few of their new flavors available to me here in Virginia Beach.

so exciting to finally try lemon, mango, and black cherry!

I have a new lunch/snack obsession, and it goes by the name of Chobani yogurt. I honestly haven’t met a flavor I don’t like, and LOVED the new flavors I got to try. The tart lemon was delicious over a little baby bowl of fruit.

get ready for it…


I was a little surprised by the lemon flavor’s more watery texture, but the taste was still rockin’ my world.

And my typical granola, bango, and ‘naner combo was awesome with some black cherry.

Another favorite combo? Plain + Nectar chocolate truffle protein powder + granola. I can’t get enough. I must stop.

As evidenced by my fridge, Chobani has found a new lover. I’m diggin’ it. My favorite flavors? Black cherry, mango, and blueberry. But they’re all fantastic.


AND guess who received her free Sunwarrior protein from Lauren! I’m so excited to try it, and I’m so impressed by the huge sample they sent me. Bring it on, vanilla. I hope you go well with some Chobani. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve been very lucky in giveaways recently. I’m still waiting on a shipment from Emma‘s, too! I just love her.

Function over Style

I’m picky with my running shoes. I’ve never bought a pair of which I hate the colors.

Until now.


I hate these shoes. They look like rookie shoes. They’re a color scheme reminiscent of my N*SYNC loving days (not that I don’t still love them or anything…).

But I needed new ones. Liiiike… two months ago. And I’ve been putting it off forever, as ย you all know. So I finally caved. And after trying on the Brooks and realizing with my skinny feet and high arches that I’m an Asics girl through and through, I learned that the Asics Cumulus were the only ones for me.

And those are the only darn ones they have.

SO, function over style. My shins need these. And I’m gonna suck it up.

Dear Asics company, please make me a pair of Cumuluses in neon yellow or pink? I’ll even take orange. Or something sweet. Not these.

Love, Alyssa.

Yeah, We’re Fancy.

I had quite the weekend in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

fancy shmancy

But let’s get serious, who wouldn’t be down for a weekend of sunshine, beach activities, dancing, drinks, and fancy dresses at a tropical Hilton resort with a bunch of Sig Ep goofballs from UGA?

the first beach lovin’ of 2011. ah yeah!

If you’re thinking that clipboard of fun is right up my alley, you’re oh so right. And I think this group is officially my favorite bunch of goofballs.

We’re starting a club for social unacceptability.

Especially Matt, cause he gave my blog some lovin’ (everyone in my life who gives some props to the blog gets extra brownie points, duh).

we planned a run. it may not have happened.

I like them. Even if they are all Braves fans.

After some fun activities around the hotel on Friday night and a fun day at the beach on Saturday, it was time to get gussied up for the Sig Ep formal of 2011.

And guess who found herself a hair CHAMPION? This giiiirl!

[That’s right. The Phils defeated the Braves 10-2 on Saturday, so I naturally donned my Phils apparel and my “I’m from a South Jersey suburb outside of Philadelphia” proud face. They were unimpressed. I loved every minute of it.]

I went with the “side-favoring” bun to go with my one-shoulder dress.

Dear Becca, you’re a huge life-saver. Thank yooooou!

Once we were all ready-eady, we took lots of pictures and got ourselves ready for some dancin’.

Ready to rock.

Thomas and I rocked that dance flo’!

Sig Ep love.

It was so good to see these guys haven’t changed since I saw them last.

the first time we all met. awww.

I am aware my date’s the he got me Andre.

the Hilton entertained us with their really creative birdie statues…

and danced with this cutie… (her name is Dallas. how cool?)

our table of fun

It all ended too soon on Sunday when I had to drive back home. And now it’s back to the grind of work and runs. Hello, real world. I haven’t missed you one bit.

On the upside, I get to spend time with some of my favorite girlfriends this upcoming weekend. Aren’t weekdays so much better when you’ve got something to look forward to?

And Lisa-Marie gets lots and lots and lots of love for staying with my baby all weekend. My favorite update I got from her was, “I don’t know how you get anything done.”

Chloe and her favorite weekend babysitter

That’s the thing… I don’t. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Chloe’s frantic jumps made it clear she was a little put off by my weekend departure.

Tonight, Mama Gin is coming to VA Beach to pick up Chloe to take her to Boot Camp where she will be trained for 4-6 weeks with her breeder. The coolest part? She gets to do it with her doggy mom. I’m really going to miss her while she’s off learning how to be a lady.

I was especially thankful for her upcoming training when she jumped up towards the stove this morning and TURNED A BURNER ON. Yowza.

Did you get to experience Greek Life in college? I was an officer of my “Society,” (Delphi, whatwhat!) but we didn’t have Greek Life. I’m feelin’ like I totally missed out.

Need some new tunes? I probably listened to my new favorite song about 30 times on my drive this weekend. I was also introduced to some sa-weet dance music. Download Digital Love by Daft Punk, Dirty Talk by Wynter Gordon, Hello by Martin Solveig & Dragonette, and Give Me Everything by Pitbull. And then get ready to dance.

Baby Blog No More. I Also Almost Died.

I’m not one to dwell on site stats.

I write my bloggity blog cause I like writing, I like my workout log, and I like being able to keep in touch with all of my family and friends all over the world. And hey, I like you fellow bloggers, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ For those who don’t like the blog, uhh.. why are you reading it?

BUT, I’ve gotta say, after my Guest Post on Carrie’s blog, Moves ‘N Munchies yesterday, I was so touched by all the new readers I’ve snagged.

I really just added some subliminal messages in those videos. Just like in that Josie & The Pussycat Dolls movie. I forced you to like me. You’re welcome!

No, but really. I felt great when I hit 800 some views yesterday. I can feel the love, and I love it!

if I could give you all kisses, I would.

Know what else I love? When friends I haven’t talked to in ages approach me to tell me they follow this. Seriously, you guys are too cool. Keep coming outta the woodwork, cause I love hearing it.

I’m gonna stop talking about love. I’m getting a little mushy.

But I DO love my dog. She’s my baby, I’m her mama, and she makes me happy.


Chloe – 1; Papazan Chair – 0

Bad girl.

“uh. wasn’t me?”

I’m thankful that chair had already seen better days. My friend Anna and I probably logged 80 hours in those chairs watching every episode of The O.C. as 8th graders.

I use the term “better days” loosely.

Speaking of Chloebear and her obedience, guess who is going off to Boot Camp next week? For what may be FIVE whole weeks?ย I’m excited for her. She’s going back to her breeder and learning how to be a lady. And she’ll alongside her mama, Kate.

You’re welcome, dear Papazan Chair.

I’m a Phan.

Victoria’s Secret may have gotten MLB apparel. And I may have used my Secret Rewards card to do work.

I have a valid excuse, though. I don’t live in Philly country. It’s hard for me to get my hands on some good Phillies gear, and I love Vic Secret clothes. Don’t rain on my parade and tell me this is out of hand. I like it too much.

Hanson Never Disappoints.

Why I haven’t heard their new single before today is beyond me, but my college roommate Dana sent me a bbm telling me I had to download “Give A Little.”

Can we saaayyy… “this baby’s gonna be played on repeat on my obnoxiously long drive this weekend?”

Cause it is. I have no shame. I’ll own this Hanson love.

Plus, they cut their hair. It’s now a little more socially acceptable to profess your love for them.

I almost died on Tuesday.

I’m also melodramatic.

I showed up to a little running group with my buddy Robby expecting a nice long run with some people who would probably push me to plug along a little faster. After a little warmup run, what words did I hear?

“Six 800 repeats. Two minutes in between. Let’s go.”

Let’s talk about speed training. I haven’t done a speed workout since high school track. I did suicides and punishment sprints in college field hockey.

Me and sprints? We don’t like each other. I don’t like them. They’re ugly, they’re mean, and they aren’t nice to my slow-twich muscle fibers. Although I was a sprinter in high school track (200m runners, whatwhat!), my natural ability definitely lies in long distance.

I wasn’t happy.

But I did it. And I’m happy I did it. We’re not going to mention my shins. They’re not so happy.

And ya know what? I ran with the faster group, and I didn’t come close to being last once. And then I kept a 7:30 minute pace for a 2.5 mile cooldown. Bam!

Q & A

I had entirely too much fun completing Carrie’s goofy Q & A for my guest post yesterday. And I wanna do it more.

So, give me some random questions I can answer just like I did on her blog. I’ll even make a fool of myself in some more shorty videos. Just for you. You’re gettin’ that fa sho. Fa sho.

’cause life’s no fun when you’re serious.

I’ll be on haitus from here till next week. Tonight Anastasia comes to me for a nice dose of friendship and wine, and tomorrow I’m headed on a rooooad trip to a fun formal. Thankfully, I’ve got my new tunes andย Water for Elephants on audiobook. Ah, yeah!

Hit me with some questions to answer!
And really, let’s not get too serious here.

Do you incorporate speed training on a regular basis?
something tells me I need to start doing this.

What’s the most recent Audiobook you’ve purchased?
I’m a fan of the mindless Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella for car-listening. Cause dad likes me to focus on the road. We all know I’m the best driver ever. I don’t know what he worries about all the time.