My First Marathon – Fundraising Woes

Know what I could happily eat every single day?

Philadelphia soft pretzels.

I adore them. And aside from a quality cheesesteak, Philly soft pretzels are what I miss most about living in a South Jersey suburb of Philadelphia. Every time my mom and I would go to the mall, we’d get a “braid” pretzel to share.

The result? Every single time I hit the mall, I’m salivating for a pretz.

NO, not an Auntie Ann’s pretzel. Those are cheap knockoffs. And they don’t compare.

In fact, after the Shamrock Half Marathon last Sunday, I saw some chick holding a soft pretzel. I closelined her and asked her excitedly if they were giving them out at the post-race party. She laughed and told me that no, she had brought it.

I pouted.

And I’ve been thinking about that soft pretz ever since.

That’s a long time to lust after a pile of salty carbs. But really, I never said my palate was reasonable.

Guess what I’m doing today?

These babies are getting replaced!

I’m hoping my shin splints and toesie issues are a product of badly needing some new running shoes. I’ve always been an Asics girl for my skinny feet and neutral stride since I started high school track, but I’m gonna go see what the guys at Running, Etc. think about that. Yay for new shoes!

And what am I gonna do with those new shoes?

Run with a Norfolk Running Club… yaaay! I’m putting complete faith in Rob that these guys run a reasonable pace and won’t leave me and my busted toes in the dust.

First Marathon Woes

So, Anastasia, a.k.a my running twin and the reason I even run half marathons, has always dreamt of running the Marine Corps Marathon. We decided it made sense to make THIS our first marathon rather than the Shamrock next year so her family can be a part of the race.

The only problem? The race is full.

In order to race this marathon, I would need to sign up with a charity and raise the money to earn my bib. Although this is a fantastic goal and an amazing opportunity, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. $750 is a LOT of money to try and raise, and I’m not feeling like it’s a realistic goal. I’d feel like a deadbeat asking people for money for me to run my first marathon, especially since my family and friends helped me raise money for my first half marathon back when I was a poor, starving college student.

I feel like it’s now or never when it comes to my first marathon, and I’m not sure I’d do it without my running buddy.  Any words of wisdom from you marathon veterans?

What food do you crave from your childhood/hometown?

Are any of you Asics lovers out there converts to another shoe brand?


30 responses to “My First Marathon – Fundraising Woes

  1. yumm i could eat soft pretzels every day too! NOM NOM

  2. definitely thinking about getting new running shoes soon! i have asics so PLEASE tell us what the running dude says cuz there’s a solid chance ill take his advice too! I know how you feel about th emoney thang.. i have to do that with my half this oct, but honestly if you wnt to run a marathon you will find a way to raise that money.. thats how i look at.. well everything in life.. if you wnt it. go get it!! there is always a way!! send a nice email to family and neighbors.. no obligation.. just ask them if they could donate idk $10 each or so and thats it!

  3. i realize.. you’d have ot have a lot of friends and family to raise 750 with 10 bucks each.. but i know your a popular gal!!!

  4. gluck with the new sneaks:)
    I love soft (legit) pretzels too-they’re so deadly for me though!

  5. WOMAN!!!!

    You would be amazed how quickly y’all can raise funds. Believe me, I raised $1,000 for Wounded Warriors, in the time span of 4 months. You CAN do it, trust me. Please think about it, ok?? Best of luck!!

  6. i just had to buy new sneakers as well… i decided to stick with another pair of asics! last time i tried another shoe i was disappointed so now i am afriad to try another type! haha

  7. Hey Aly! I love your blog and read it all the time 🙂 I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to comment without having a blog but I hope this works. I ran with the Final Kick running club before and it is GREAT! I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for experienced people to run with. I was so encouraged before last years Rock and Roll when I ran with the group of veteran marathon runners even though I felt intimated before joining. Also, I used to ALWAYS wear Asics, but when I got fitted before my first half, none of the brands they suggested for me were Asics. I was shocked! I also have narrow feat with a medium-high arch. I ended up getting Mizuno Wave Creations which were hands down the best running shoes I ever had. For the Shamrock, I cheaped out and got a less expensive pair, and I regret it so much because they are not nearly as good and I got a huge blister after the race. My lesson, pay the big bucks for running shoes because its SO worth it! I also caught the marathon bug – I’m aiming for the NYC marathon in 2012! Good luck to you in your fund-raising and training 🙂 If you ever want to run in the state park, I go almost every Saturday morning.

  8. You are so creative you could definitely do it! I bet if you hosted a bloggie bake (or Etsy?) sale — like the ones I’ve seen others host, for charities and for other stuff — you could DEFINITELY do it.

  9. I think you can do it!! It’s a good amount of money but it IS for charity. That sounds like an awesome first marathon, too! AHHH I am obsessed with those pretzels too (the REAL thing ;)) but I have to have one with a diet coke! gah

  10. I love asics! And good luck!

  11. I agree with sable. Do a bake sale, contest to win one of your designs, etc. every one I’ve seen on blogs has been successful. you are sooo running that marathon lady!

  12. Um I crave the civilization from Hampton Roads. Going to school in Upstate NY, we have nothing up here (um but snow…).

    I am a Newtons girl all the way. I run so far on my toes-no other shoe supports me like they do…Ha I describe them like a boyfriend…

  13. Those soft pretzels look amazing! It’s been such a long time since I’ve had one 😦

  14. I’m running the Chicago Marathon this year for American Cancer Society and I want to raise at least $1,000. I’ve never fund-raised for anything before so it’s totally a new experience for me. I’ve heard the charity gives you a lot of ideas and help to make sure you reach your goal.

    I’ll let you know any tips and tricks I learn from them. 🙂

  15. Key: You’re not asking for money to run your first marathon. You’re asking for money to support sweet children who want to do amazing things that we are blessed enough to do everyday. WE just have to do the hard part for the kiddies — complete 26.2 miles and babbyyy we can do it. No doubt. I have faith in us. Love you.

  16. I’d say try and raise the money! $750 is a lot for one person, but split it up among family, friends and bloggers – I’m sure you could do it in no time!

  17. Do it yo! If you can wait until I graduate from boot camp (USMC boot camp at that) then I can donate some. It might be pushing it though since I don’t leave til June 27th

  18. Kristen McGrath

    I HAVE BEEN DYING FOR A SOFT PRETZEL OVER HERE ACROSS THE POND!! Over Christmas, my friends and I went to an outdoor holiday market in town and they had “Bretzel Chaud” which was their translation of a soft pretzel. Not even close to a Philly baby. I did eat it, but this “bretzel” was an imposter!! Don’t you worry about the 750 for the marathon. You are such a creative person that you will come up with a fantastic way to get the money. I do not have a doubt in my mind!

  19. YOU CAN DO IT!! Seriously girl, you totally can!! I’ve got to raise money for a half too, and as well as sponsorship I’m gonna try to do other things too, like bake sales and stuff…

    I’m an Asics girl, but I’m gonna get my gait analysed this weekend!! I wonder if it’s what’s aggravating my splints too…hmmmm…

    And that pretzel pic made me drool. mmmm pretzels… 🙂

  20. I was always an Asics girl, but my last three pairs are Nike. I love the difference. There is a better fit for me through the front of the foot. Less wiggle room is the only way I can think of to describe it. I also find the profile of the sole to be less wide, so it feels like the whole shoe is trimmer. Good luck finding what fits you best. Just wanted you to know that it is possible to happy in something other than Asics. 🙂

  21. I definitely think you could raise the money!! If running that marathon is what you want, I say go for it!

  22. AMEN SISTER. Philly soft pretzels are THE BEST (auntie anns? crap). I had one today at work actually : ) There’s a great bakery 2 min from my house; my family brings them to every family function and they always go first.

    YUM YUM YUM. With a cheesesteak and crab fries? Carb-loading heaven.

  23. Since the marathon isn’t until next year, I think you should try to raise the money! You could do other things like a blog bake sale instead of asking your family/friends for all the money. I just recently switched from my beloved Nike Pegasus’ to Saucony Kinvaras, and I’m in love with them. Best switch ever, and it feels weird to wear my old sneaks again!

  24. I’m originally from Philly, and I must say…Philly pretzels are the bomb!!! Love love love ’em!

  25. Oh girl, you should SOOOO go for it!!! Seriously, if you want it bad enough, you will find a way to raise that money! Heck, you can even do an auction with all of the creative goodies you make and raise money that way! My vote is to run the Marine Corps Marathon!!!

  26. Those pretzels look amazing! I really need to make a gluten-free soft pretzel! 🙂

  27. Ahhhh girl I am so excited for you!! When the Padre had to raise money for the NYC marathon, he e-mailed literally every single one of our neighbors, family friends, and church members – he had to raise a good thousand dollars or two, so he didn’t have much of a choice. BUT I am sure your friends and fam would love to help you out!!

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