A bLyss Designs Giveaway!

All my bloggy friends are so generous in their giveaways they sponsor.

…and then there’s me. That selfish girl who hasn’t offered anything up through her blog.


a personalized hand painted shot glass. JUST FOR YOU!

…thas how I roll.

Homemade edible goods can melt in the mail. So what’s better than a personalized hand painted bLyss Designs shot glass?

I will paint whatever you’d like on the above glass. In whatever colors your little heart desires. You’re welcome! 🙂

Check out my Etsy site or the bLyss Designs Facebook Page for some inspiration. I’ve got lots of pictures of beer, wine, and shot glasses there.

display your diesel race accomplishments on a shot glass. or your fave team!

I’ll take on whatever design you wish. Give me something new to paint. 🙂

It can be for you, or it can be for a gift for a friend! Any 21st birthdays coming up? 😉

And, because I like ya, maybe I throw in the latest batch of my new and improved recipe for Maggie Mix!

In the mix, there’s now a little baking soda, vanilla extract, light maple syrup (as usual), and Splenda Brown Sugar blend.

if you're a granola or cereal monster like me, you'll LOVE Maggie Mix.

Ch-ch-check it out. And enter to win your own personalized shot glass and some Mag Mix.

To Enter To Win, You Can:
(use separate comments to let me know what you did
for each entry, please. ;))

  1. Tell me a design idea for YOUR shot glass (it doesn’t have to be your actual order if you win. I know creativity takes some time!)
  2. “Like” bLyss Designs on Facebook! 🙂
  3. On your bloggity blog, post about and link back to this giveaway
  4. If you’re a fan, subscribe to this blog (but only if you’re a fan. duh)

Woohoo! Good luck, ever’body! I’m excited. 😀


74 responses to “A bLyss Designs Giveaway!

  1. What a great idea, girl! I love this! I think I would probably have one designed for my sister-in-law. She collects shot glasses from all over the place and I think she’d probably love one with her name on it!

  2. the eiffel tower with pretty flowers! not like overly artistic obvs, like a stick figure version haha. it’s m y dream to go there!

  3. i subscribe in mah goooogle reader!

  4. annnnnnnd i just liked on FB. clearly i’m in the market for a pretty slash class way to down them shots

  5. What a great idea!! I’d probably have you design one for my mister since his birthday is in a month and I have NO ideas! As for the design…maybe his frat, or maybe his Cobra that he loves more than me?! haha.

  6. With this comment I will subscribe by email! (I never ever check google reader)… I also linked you on my blogroll 🙂

  7. I liked you on Facebook! 🙂

  8. OK I’m having trouble deciding between these two designs that I’ve titled…

    OPTION 1: “Flamingo-Fanatic”
    Flamingos…so many of them. So many of them that they look like a pink stripe all around the middle of the glass with orange legs going down to the bottom and little necks & heads above.
    OPTION 2: “Flamingo Lover”
    Flams in pairs – standing so that their necks make hearts – all around the glass. With their bodies around the middle, legs reaching to the bottom and little heads/necks towards the top.

  9. OK, I subscribed, and liked the Blyss designs on FBook, (can’t believe I hadn’t already!?) But I don’t have a blog, so I’ll Tweet about the contest and make a FBook status about it. BOOM. Substitution.

    PS: Thanks for fixing it so that non-bloggers can comment. You’ll be seeing mah face (or that general picture they use) around here more often!

  10. My shot glass would consist of part Bulldog (I went to the Univ. of GA for undergrad) and part Yellow Jacket (and I went to GaTech for grad school). And it would be painted in red and black and gold and white. I think all of my friends who went to either UGA or Tech would HATE me for it (major in state rivalry), but I think it’s a fun idea! 🙂

  11. So cute! Hmm…. I’m thinking I’d like something Philly-based (sports, love sculpture, whatevs!) I’ll link back in my post tomorrow, too!

    And re: your comment on my blog; I’ve been laughing about that quote all day! Stepbrothers was just on the other day…classic.

  12. Love the idea!
    I try to maintain a wondrous shot glass collection – despite many losses, drops and misplacements – so I always love a new, pretty one to add to the collection! Although, the little broski is having a 21st coming up so I need to find a present…What about a shot glass with a painted on tie or suit on one side and “Suit Up” on the other? 🙂

  13. I feel like I’d be cheating if I tried to “enter”. But I just wanted to say that your glasses are the sh*t (<—no cursing, its not classy). love you!

  14. ahhh fun! you’re so creative!

    design idea/ hmm…. peas and crayons! hahaha – that’s totally what I would adore on my shot glass at least! ❤

  15. Fabulous ideaaa!! I would want my design to be bride related!

  16. Annnd I liked you Facebook! 🙂

  17. I would want one for my sister. She just turned 21 and so needs a shot glass! I’d have to get her sorority letters on there!

  18. I liked you on facebook! Love the page on there!

  19. I already am subscribed to your blog!

  20. Youre on my blog!! 😀

  21. I would like a shot glass that says Lyss with a princess crown 🙂

  22. this is SUCH a brilliant idea- you are so creative and clever!
    hmm i would have a design on a pb jar heheh
    actually there are so many ideas floating in my head- im not sure!

  23. i mean a design OF a pb jar.. my bad!!

  24. i subscribe- cuz duh your blog rocks!

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  26. I’m the least creative person–ever. But if I were I’d throw in something cool for my 21st coming up in July 😉

    great giveaway! 🙂

  27. coolest idea ever! i love etsy! i’ve got to check out your shop! these are too cute.

    i think for mine, i’d ask for something sports related. i’m really into basketball and volleyball!


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  29. linked back, babe! :)http://freckledfoodie.wordpress.com/2011/03/03/wow-god/

  30. i subscribed! 🙂 you’re on my google reader!

  31. If I were to win the shot glass, I would like it to be a design of my first race (rock n roll marathon on 3.27.11)! whoohoo, shots for all afterwards! ha!

  32. littlehealthjunkie

    Ooh what about an orange sunrise theme?!?! Orange is my fave color EVER! 🙂

  33. ooooo, you could design a “bride” shot glass for November 12, 2011 =) I will definitely need to use it that week!!

    And I, like Jacq Jacq Allen, will tweet this contest!!


  34. I would definitely love a painted purple bird of some sort!! 🙂

  35. I have you in my reader… does that count for subscribing?

  36. OMG what a funnnn idea!! I actually collect shot glasses (was a crazy partier in college, not so much of a drinker anymore, but when I do.. it’s liquor!) Umm… hm. I’d have to think about what I’d want painted on it! Perhaps something Happy related? I think I’d give you a creative license to do your thang on it!

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  38. Ooooh I will think of a good idea for the hubs. I tend to be found on the floor if I utilize a shot glass, lol!

  39. squigglefloey

    How about an “All I do is win” shotglass? haha

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  41. Yay, love giveaways! And I love anything homemade. I could think of a million cool designs..perhaps an NY Giants one? Or one to match my blog? 🙂

  42. I would have you design a shot glass that represents California – fresh produce, the ocean, mountains, wine – all that good stuff! 🙂

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  44. I would love something to do with college swimming and running. As a 2 sport athlete-you don’t find that very often. 😉

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  46. Giiirl I would get something with being legal finally, or becoming a college student! Aka a reason to celebrate:)

  47. I like it on Facebook!

  48. And babygirl I already subscribe!:)

  49. I’m entering but not giving you my ideas because I know I’ll get my hopes up. I really love shot glasses and wine glasses etc etc etc because I had to quit drinking for health reasons and love to have the paraphernalia for irony sake.

    …it’s embarrassing but i think it’s so funny to carry glasses around with water and pretend to be boozing… next stop? faux-kelia

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  51. I subscribed to your blog!

  52. I would love a turtle running on the glass! 🙂

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  54. OH! I can’t believe it took me this long to enter. I’d get the Air Defense mascot for my husband. He’s done so much in the Army, in such a short amount of time – I’m so proud of him, and feel like he’d love this!!

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  56. oohhh!!! i would like a cupcake… or something… on mine!
    no… how about my name?
    i don’t know i can’t decide! lol :o)

  57. i subscribed by email
    because your site rocks… duh

  58. I’ve contacted you about ordering a glass before – so AS you know I’m extremely indecisive!! 🙂 I think for a shot-glass though – something SUPER sassy is in the makings!! Girly, fun, and feisty! Maybe even letting YOU decide and experiment – since you are the CLEAR creative one! 😉 lol

  59. and p.s. – i had already had you “LIKED” on facebook!! 😉

  60. Liked blyss designs on FB!

  61. i don’t have a blog either – but i’ll get the word out about yours ASAP – and the best i can! 🙂

  62. & just subscribed!

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