My FIRST Blog Award!

My little blog (at its new domain.. yay!) got its FIRST AWARD!

Thank you, thank you to Jamie and Courtney at Cupcake Dynamite for this baby.

So, without further ado, 7 Random Facts About Alyssa:

1. I was supposed to be on Rachael Ray.
I entered a giveaway on the show’s website, and to do so, I had to write a quick blurb about my cravings. I talked about how when I see my peanut butter in the pantry, I kinda hafta have some. I eat it with one of those little sample spoons you can get at ice cream places…don’t judge me.

I'd make such a great guest at Rachael's kitchen table.

My roommates always used to make so much fun of me, because every time they came out to the kitchen, there I was, snackin’ on pb in the corner. oh, hey, fat kid.

The producers at Rachel Ray thought this was hilarious, wanted pictures, and decided they wanted me on the show! I was BEYOND psyched. They called saying “Congrats! See you soon – we’re flying you out on Tuesday!”

One problem. My best friends and I were going on a cruise on MONDAY for our last Spring Break of college. They wanted to fly me out when I would be on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Womp, womp.

They did say they’d have this “cravings” expert back, and when they do, they’ll call me again. My fingers are crossed. Keep watch for my peanut buttah lovin’ fool self up there with RR.

2. I have so much love and admiration for the long-distance friendships I have that can pick up right were they left off.

good ol' high school graduation with Jules


Julie (“Jules” in my phone, or “Jewel,” as I like to call her) and I met in high school freshman year homeroom. We’ve been great friends ever since, and we even got to sit next to each other at graduation (thank YOOU, Gods of The Alphabet!). We’re both crazy busy and not the biggest phone fans, but every single time we reconnect, it’s as if no tame has passed. And I love it.

The same goes for my BFFSD (BFF Since Diapers), Kate. She was my first friend. Of my life. That’s an important title.

we loved that playground. and each other, as evidenced by that awkward pic.

AND the “little sister I never had,” Jenna. Our moms are best friends, and we basically grew up together as sisters.

there we are! Jenna, my mom, and me. we don't look like that anymore.

3. I became an Auntie for the FIFTH time this month!
My siblings are way head of me in the game of life, but I guess that’s bound to happen when you’re 13 years younger than everyone else, huh? Anyway, my sister has 3 girls (6 year old twins plus a 2 year old) and my brother has a 2 year old boy and a brand new baby girl, born at 1:23 a.m. (how cool) on February 9th.

do I have the cutest nieces ever or WHAT?

4. I grew up hating tomatoes.
I’m still learning to really like them, but I am a fan of them intermittently sprinkled on a salad or (especially) in a sammie. It’s a travesty to feel this way about to-maters when you grow up in New Jersey. I’m lucky my family didn’t disown me. They probably just kept me around because it meant more tomatoes for them.

5. I’ve never tried spinning.
(GASP!) I KNOW! How dare I? I just don’t really have the drive to mosey on into the dark cardio theatre on my own having no idea what’s going on. Maybe I’ll bribe some rando to go in with me, but I still think I’d prefer sticking to Power Cut group exercise. Or maybe one of you will just have to grab me by the collar and drag me in.

6. I’ve just added the Disney Princess Half Marathon to my bucket list.
Because my dream was to be Cinderella one day, but you already know that.I wanna run it in full costume, too. So I end up on the programs for that next year’s race. See ya there.

that's the one.

7. I cracked my head open when I was three.
In my delirium, I told the ambulance attendant my name was Humphrey. Also, when the doctor told me to sing my favorite song while he stitched me up, I sang Garth Brooks’ Friends In Low Places at the top of my lungs.

The whole hospital wing could hear me.

I was such a good girl, I got to go to McDonald’s after.

I had the best big sister/babysitter ever!

“blame it all on mah roooots..”


So, the deal is, I tag 7 other great blogs to win this award. I’m gonna hit the following great girls with their great blogs:

The following girls are supposed to answer the 7 questions, tag me, the all-powerful award-giver, and then tag 7 other girls. Hip, hip!

Katie @ Yes, I Want Cake
Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn
Meg @ Sunshine & Spice
Jenny @ Peanut Butter And Jenny
Allison @ Happy Tales
Ashley @ Oh, Jones

and a Q for you:
Name one item on your bucket list.
Did you do anything hysterical when you hurt yourself?


29 responses to “My FIRST Blog Award!

  1. that is such a cute story about the Garth Brooks song! i’ll be looking for you on Rachel Ray! 🙂

  2. Hey, just found your site….I’m a huge phillies fan too! (as you can see —->), from the burbs. Looking forward to reading more!

    Also I’d love to do the Princess half, but I wanted to be Belle as a child : )

  3. Oh my goodness, singing “I got freeeeins in looow places”… I can just picture that, so adorable! Thanks for the bloggy award!!!! I looove these kinds of things 🙂

  4. I love Rachel Ray!!!!
    Do they do the princess half marathon every year or just this one? I saw that they were having one this year but wasn’t sure if it was an annual one. If so, I’m in!!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new site! It looks so great 🙂

  6. No way, about the Rachel Ray thing!! That is BEYOND cool!!

    I do the peanut butter thing, too. Don’t worry 🙂 My mom doesn’t understand why I love peanut butter so much. he he he

    I’ll join you on the the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon!

  7. Love peanut butter! and your nieces are soo adorbale!! 🙂

  8. Hi Alyssa! Hehe I had fun reading this! So many cool happenings 😀 OMGSHHHH yes, you DO have beautiful nices/nephews! awwww I wanna pinch their cheeks. Well, it’s not HYSTERICAL per say–but when my best boy friends (when I was 6) accidentally cut a chunk of my leg skin off with their bike tires, I was afraid my mom would scold me (I always got scolded when I was hurt) that I went into the shower and ‘washed’ it with soap and water. ahhh!

  9. I wanna do the princess half too! I love the new page, so cute!

  10. I wish I had a bucket list!! I would say one thing is to run in a race and finish (which I am diong march 27th) and I better finish! ha!

  11. Thank goodness we don’t look like that anymore! haha

  12. LOVE this post!! Girl you are SO gorgeous!! And you HAVE to try spin…you’ll never look back I promise!!

    P.S. Your new site is ROCKIN’!! 😀

  13. whoa – that would be so cool to be on Rachael Ray! So sorry the first time didn’t work out! Hopefully it’ll happen again soon!

  14. Oh my gosh! That is so exciting that you even got the call from the Rachael Ray producers!! That would be so cool! One thing on my bucket list? Run a marathon!

  15. Love learning little facts about people!!
    Thanks for your comment….can I ask simple question: what are the benefits of going to to wordpress? I’m such a bloggie newbie, I have no idea about any of this stuff!

  16. Love the new site! 🙂
    Don’t worry – I’ve only tried spinning once. It was fun, but not really my thing!

  17. so I tried commenting earlier and it didn’t show up. Hope it works now…I love the new site and I totally want to do the princess half too!!

  18. Thanks for the info on wordpress. Eventually I need to make a move somewhere but I’m so clueless about this stuff. 🙂

  19. Ahhh I can’t wait to use this extra excuse to share crazy random things about myself!! You are so gorgeous girl! We are going to run the disney half together, it’s fine. We can be the Cinderella twins.

    Slash when I was in the first grade I ran into the bleachers during gym t-ball and got a GIANT cut next to my eye! Thank god it was not my eye that got slashed. One bloody ruined favorite tshirt and seven stitches later, I was all better and got a giant cookie and tons of cards from friends being worried about my “eye”. Haha:)

  20. Love the new blog! Looks so great, chica! 🙂

    I love RR so much! I’d so LOVE to see you on there! 🙂

    Ahh! Princess 1/2 marathon is going to ROCK!

  21. Thanks for the award! I was fun learning all of your little facts!

    I once climbed a fence, got my feet tangled in the barbed wire on top, fell off the fence head first, broke my elbow, and IMMEDIATELY threw up because I was so scare/in-shock. My friends thought it was hilarious…

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  23. My brothers are older than I am too so I’m an auntie {times 2 in about 7 months!} Isn’t it so much fun!!! Except they’re all in Alaska and I’m in Lynchburg, VA…oh well. Also, I want to run the Disney half marathon in full costume {except as Belle haha}.

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