Anastasia, AKA Bar Exam Smasher. And A Running Breakthrough!

My beautiful friend Anastasia has been such a wonderful addition to my life for the years I’ve known her.

She’s compassionate, fun, loving, smart, and such a loyal friend I can truly count on. And that’s been the case since the day I’ve met her.

Don’t call her Nas. And it’s not Aaa-nuh-stay-juh, either. Her name is Greek, and it’s pronounced “Uh-nass-sta-see-uh.” If you’re teaching a kid to say it, tell him to say “uh, nice to see ya” really fast.

pretty, pretty Greek friend

Today’s a big one for Anastasia. As this is posted, she’s taking the Maryland Bar Exam to be a licensed attorney in her home state. And although I’d love to selfishly hope she doesn’t get barred anywhere but Virginia (so she can live here and we’ll all live happily ever after), I can’t wish anything but the best for my dear friend.

I always selfishly talk about how these bar exams have taken my loved ones away from me (copious amounts of studying are not conducive to fun with Alyssa), but it’s more important to highlight just how many months of hard work are put into these tests. I know, just as it did for the Virginia Bar, Anastasia’s hard work is gonna pay off for her.  🙂

Anastasia and I have been through a lot together in the few years we’ve known each other.

many races
and QUITE a few miles…
lots of bottles of wine…
a whole lotta dancin’…
a bunch’a holidays (and the best halloween ever)…
And lots and lots and lots of support and love. I know I’d be lost without Anastasia, and I wish you the very best as you dominate this bar exam today and tomorrow.  🙂 

and after you do, these people will be waiting for you in VB
to come celebrate. 😉

Lots of love and luck to you, Anastasia Theodora! Hip, hip, hooray, you’re almost done!

And some Running News…

I was hitting the treadmill yesterday, I got a text from Jamie proposing an evening run. I hopped off that tread at mile 3, headed home, and ran outside for a run with her.

BIG NEWS. I’m over my wussy refusal to run in the cold! It was a chilly one, and it didn’t bother me at all. And including my quick gym run, I finished yesterday up with 9.5 miles.

I think between running earlier in the morning, running in the cold, and running with no ipod, I’m getting used to swingin’ it and being a laid-back runner.

You don’t phase me, cold!

Jamie’s such a good influence on me. 🙂

What was your biggest recent running breakthrough?

Aaaand… I think I fixed the “comment” bug… users without a blog should now be able to post again (if you can’t, let me know).


26 responses to “Anastasia, AKA Bar Exam Smasher. And A Running Breakthrough!

  1. >Anastasia sounds like an awesome friend! those ones are keepers :Dand WOW what a RUN GIRL.. treadmill and then outside!! i would have just stopped at 3 miles and crashed on the couch-hah!

  2. >You're a running machine! 🙂 My latest running breakthrough was running a 5K in 28 minutes. I'm a slow runner, so this was huge for me! PS – SO glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours! YAY for VA bloggers 🙂 We have a lot in common! You've got yourself a new reader!

  3. >Good luck to her! My big running breakthrough was finally starting again with 2 runs this weekend.

  4. >Nice run!! I love having someone push me to a limit I wouldnt normally push myself!My dad wanted to name me Anastasia but my mom won the debate with Alyssa 🙂

  5. >Haha hilarious "Uh nice to see ya" As this comment is posted, Sia is making the Bar Exam her biyatch

  6. >I love watching my old friends grow up and start becoming "real people" – it's a proud feeling to have watched someone grow and succeed, good luck to her!I'm really impressed by your running too – running for so many miles, in the cold weather is no easy feat! I'm a running wimp but I did just buy a Groupon towards a new pair of shoes so I hope that helps haha

  7. >great run!!!keep that friend!! They are hard to find these days!

  8. >The bar exam is a huge thing!!!! You two are so cute!!!

  9. >I keep seeing all these facebook updates about the bar exam today in VA, WV and MD then I saw this—so random!

  10. >Aww, I hope she rocks it!

  11. >You two are ADORABLE and look like so much FUN!! I'm sure she'll ace her bar exam…GOOD LUCK to her!!And AWESOME run girlie! Treadmill and then outside in the cold?! Hardcore…I love it:)

  12. >Soo – I know I'm commented again, but I wasn't able to comment on your "About Me" page. 1. I love Jesse McCartney, too! 2. Wine and cookie dough make up the majority of my diet many weekends3. I saw Oh, Jones…on your blogroll! She's my sorority sister and one of my best friends! That made me SO excited!

  13. >Aw, how sweet of you! I have a friend taking the BAR, too- how nerve wrecking for them!

  14. >Yessss I am sooo glad I am not the only one who likes to spell things out fah-neh-tick-lee. LOVE IT! And awesome job on your running break through, becoming an outside winter runner totally made me feel like a "real" runner. My most recent break through? Rocking my 15mile training run this past weekend!!!! EEEE!!!

  15. >What a beautiful and encouraging post for your friend. It's easy to see that you have a very special friendship. Good luck to her on her exam! 🙂

  16. >Good luck to your buddy!!! My biggest running breakthrough was a couple of weeks ago when I ran 4 miles…that was the longest I'd ever run. Now I'm up to 5 and proud of my little self. 🙂

  17. >Running in the cold actually helps – you are need expending precious energy to keep from overheating.

  18. >you are too good to me. seriously. thats an understatment, actually. thank you so much for always supporting me and being my rock. I LOVE YOU. (and all your sweet comments from your friends are so nice!) amazing =) xoxoxoxo

  19. >awww – what a great friend! I'm a total wuss about running in the rain! Still haven't done it (although living in a desert – tucson – does help!)

  20. >errr.. "understatement". 6 hours of typing. heres to hoping i spelled something right on my exam 😉

  21. >You guys seem like perfect buddies on and off the pavement! Not to mention you're both gorgeous! I finally started running again after a 9 month break…so i'd say that's my breakthrough right now.

  22. >My biggest running accomplishment was living through Alyssa's blog and looking at her many pics. :)))))Seriously, mad props.

  23. >Alyssa, you have a nice sportive figure! I can see how good u two enjoy each-others' company! …… just recalling my funny hostel life few years back 🙂

  24. >AGAIN – SO glad I found your blog…I saw you're running the VA Beach Half marathon soon….which i totally would be too if I were back home!! I'm from Richmond and miss home so much, but I'll be back this fall and can't wait! Good luck with your run!

  25. >Running outside is my next goal! I love your blog! I'm so glad you find mine and in turn I found yours! Hooray. Blog friends! Too soon?

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