My iPad Works My Booty.

>Nike is amazing. iPads are awesome.

No, I’m not a Nike shoe wearer. I’m an Asics girl for my narrow feet and high arches.

But I’m officially a big bad Nike fan because this FREE Nike Training Club App is the monneeeey.

work me out, Nike!

Anyone with an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad can download this baby, and unlike other decent training apps, you don’t pay a cent for each workout or the app itself.

I was feelin’ a home workout for my snow day and got pretty psyched when I remembered I still had this baby to try out.

So, after some of this…

bottoms up, bottoms up (up!), lemme see ya cup… got a couple bottles….

Chloe got corralled in the kitchen…

“really, mom?”

And I threw these babies on for a sweat session in front of my iPad.

I’ve missed you guys.

I bought my Reebok Easytones for work when I was in restaurant management for a summer before I got my “real” job. They were perfect for standing and walking around a restaurant all day, and I felt like I was tonin’ while I worked (cue the 7 dwarf music).

Perhaps it had something to do with the extra nachos and restaurant food I was constantly chowing down on that added some extra curve-age to my frame, but trust me, these babies work.

Once I was all set up, I selected my workout. I chose “get toned” for a full body workout (next, I want to try “get focused” so I can just do arms and save the hard legwork for running days).

choose your workout
choose your level
choose your workout

I hit up “SUPER FUSION,” a 45 minute strength workout.

each workout gives you a preview of the circuits you’ll be completing
AND you can play your music while you work out!

My favorite part was the fact that I could select any album or playlist from my iTunes library. If anyone’s looking for some new workout music, I highly recommend The Ready Set (their debut single, Love Like Woe, was the opening of my vlog).

I really liked the fast pace of this circuit workout. I used my dumb bells for almost every move, but you can adapt any move to use no weight. Also, you can view a quick 10 second video of each move if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

can we all have a laugh at my attempt at taking dead lift instructional shots?

I’ve gotta work on the whole documenting my workout thing…

but I have a feeling I’ll be using the Nike Training Club a whole lot for weight days!

FORTUNATELY, Anastasia and I will be running the Virginia is for Lovers 14k tomorrow (because hello? I love her) along with Jamie, and we hope to snap some great pictures pre- and post-race. I’m excited!


8 responses to “My iPad Works My Booty.

  1. >Ooooh how cool is this! Go Nike! 🙂

  2. >I love this app! I did one of the workouts this morning and realized how out of shape I am!

  3. >I'm so jealous, I want that app!

  4. >iPads and their apps are amazing-agreed! Haven't dl the nike one tho, i'll have to check it out!

  5. >I'll have to download that app – sounds like a good one!

  6. >I have heard such good things about the Nike training app! Wish I could take advantage, but I dont think they have it for the blackberry?

  7. >Good to know! I just got an iphone and have been looking for apps!! How was your race?

  8. >I am going to have to download that app! Thanks for showing it to us!

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