>That’s right. I don’t have a speech impediment. I made a video blog. Hence,  b vlog.


I had so much fun going through old video last night when I was trying to fall asleep, I had to add some in. Do I feel a “good ol’ days” video coming soon? Why, yes I do. College friends, just you wait…

See some up close video of cutiepie Chloebabes (am I obsessed with my dog? maybe. do I care? nope.) a little of my room, and some messages to the ones I love.

And my good friends Dana, and Cynthia make a little old school cameo in some parts. Alllriiiight!

If you can’t view the above video on here, click this link.

More videos to come. I just need something to VLOG about!

Gimme ideas. Gimme, gimme.

Or I’ll be forced to embarrass all my friends with the old videos I already have.


6 responses to “I’M A VLOGGER!

  1. >Alyssa this is SOOO CUTE!!

  2. >I love this! I hope to do one someday! Chloe is adorable…as usual!

  3. >you should do something on your workout..like running 🙂

  4. >omg so cute! i def need to figure out how to do a vlogger too! your post/blog is adorable and that puppy is SOO CUTE! def going to be a follower!

  5. >you are adorable!!!!! ahhh i looooove the vid =)

  6. >Oh my goodness, girl you are SO super cute! Seriously, like gorgeous! And I loved this! Oh, and Chloe is just too precious. :)Can't wait to see more of these.

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