Greek Yogurt, What’s The Dealio?

winner? not exactly…

I have friends (namely, Abby) who rave about organic greek yogurt. Abbs, my college roommate, used to buy it by the big tub-full in college. She raved, and I ignored her.

Because I like what I like.

I’ve read it can be used as a healthy cooking substitute, but I honestly had never tried it. I’m a Dannon Light & Fit girl, and I really never stray from what I know I love.

However.. sometimes, I get curious.

I found this little number on a recent trip to Food Lion and had to try it. Yogurt? Chocolate? “Pure Pleasure on the Bottom?” “Healthy Indulgence?” Uhhh.. sign me up.. now?’

My afternoon led me to what I thought could be a dream team winning combination. A red apple in chocolatey greek yogurt.

The result? I had a yogurt on my hands that tasted like sour milk with a little choco mixed in it. Maybe I just haven’t been inducted into the world of Greek Yogurt, but why is it so… un-sweet? Even with the chocolate mixed with the yogurt, I felt the need to break out a good friend of mine…

now, that’s what I need right now. a little sweetness in my life.  🙂
After the sweetness addition, the yogurt was better. But why buy this stuff when I love the Dannon stuff when it’s naked? Am I crazy, here? Greek yogurt enthusiasts, steer me in the right direction.
sadly unimpressive.
But, on the bright side… guess what I spent my Victoria’s Secret $10 off birthday cert on?

ooooohhh yeah.

Check out the pair second from the front. They’re mine.

…whennn they actually arrive.Q: Do you prefer greek yogurt over the other stuff? Why, and how do you generally eat it?


17 responses to “Greek Yogurt, What’s The Dealio?

  1. >I am OBSESSED with greek yogurt but I HATE that chocolate kind! I actually bought it twice because I was sure the first time I had a bad batch. LOL. It's so bitter. The oikos caramel is AMAZING, try that one!!

  2. >I DO like greek yogurt, mostly because it has so much protein and it's SO thick and creamy. That said, you do have to add sweetener to it, in my opinion. I like to add some Truvia, some blueberries, and a little fiber one. I love love love greek yogurt!!!

  3. >I love greek yogurt- the texture and the increased protein!I used to eat only light and fit, and I still do s sometimes, but don't exactly call it 'naked' – most low fat yogurts (dannon included) are LOADED with sugar.

  4. >i think i like and buy greek yogurt because of peer pressure!!!my brain tells me i DO like it..but its not that amayonasing really…ps.LOVE THE BOOTS.

  5. >Ok so I'm kind of with you on this whole thing….However, I have found one type of greek yogurt I like–Chobani 2% Pineapple….it has yummy chunks of pineapple in it which somehow help to cut the tartness of the greek yogurt. It's definitely a tough switch to make from the super sweet other yogurts, but I do find that I am fuller (if that's a word) for much longer after eating greek yogurt. Must be all that extra protein!

  6. >I still haven't tried Greek yogurt, but I love the Dannon Light and Fit too!

  7. >I always eat natural yoghurt and maybe add frozen berries or honey – but you also get used to the natural flavor! This way you know what you're eating. There are just so many additives in light and flavored products (just look at the nutricional info)Absolutely love the boots!

  8. >I was always hesitant about the "greek yogurt crazy." But i have to admit I really am in love with Chobani yogurt! The pineapple, peach, and strawberry flavors are the best! Try it!

  9. >I like Dannon Lite$Fit, and I eat… but it has sooooo. muuuuch. sugar. It's seroiusly up there with icecream (take a look, not even kidding!) I do like greek yogurt, too! Just experiment with the different flavors. I've actually never tried the chocolate before because I don't think I'd like it… greek yogurt has to be fruity to me! Add your own fruit if you want!

  10. >I just hopped on board the greek yogurt train I do chobani any fruit flavor and blueberries and I crushed some Kashi clusters too so I get all kinds of protein and full and it's delish. Love the boots been eying them down in black

  11. >I'm honestly not a big fan of yogurt in general. But I once had a parfait with Greek yogurt, honey, strawberries and pitaschios and that was delicious! The honey added sweetness, so you might want to try that.I just came across your blog and can't wait to read more!

  12. >I too have never tried greek yogurt but have been curious with all the rage! I go by it at the grocery store and always pause for a minute but haven't grabbed one yet!Love the boots;)

  13. >I love Greek yogurt because I really think the extra protein keeps me full longer…and it's great for right after a workout in a smoothie! I usually just buy whatever brand is on sale 🙂

  14. >I love greek yogurt! Every morning I put Chobani's plain greek yogurt on a piece of Ezekiel bread and spread a little bit of honey on it too! Its healthy and delicious!

  15. I’m a big Chobani fan! I don’t like American style yogurt because its runny and loaded with sugar and chemicals. Maybe try the fruity Greek yogurts? I love the raspberry, strawberry, peach, and pineapple Chobani flavors! Super delicious and not sour. Plus Greek yogurt is packed with protein. I do tend to avoid the vanilla or chocolate flavored ones…they are just not tasty to me.

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  17. I like chobani greek… and thats prob the only yogurt i will eat! though that key lime pie yogurt that yoplait makes is fantastic… well, anything key lime pie is just glorious!!!! or lemon. or plain lime.. ahh fruit ❤

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