We all have our strengths…

>…and we all have a few things at which we are complete doo-doo.

For some reason recently, I’ve been really striking out. Have you ever had one of those days you feel like a rock star, only to be followed by a day that makes you feel totally incompetent?

I can kick butt in a race. I can bake some awesome deserts. I can make some great videos, I can paint pretty things, and I can sing (only thanks to several years of voice lessons). But my incompetency list is a kind of goofy one, too.

The upside? I really am working to get better at every single one… completely.

1. I’m an terrible folder. I’m one of those people who tugs the sheets up on the bed so that they’re “good enough,” don’t leave any lumps under the thick comforter, and call it a day. I can’t fold shirts nicely to save my life. Wrapping presents is something I try hard at, but I’ll never be a gift wrapper.

It’s a really good thing I never worked in retail.

I may be a crappy folder.. but I did make that toga!

2. I will never, ever, ever be a hairdresser. Doing hair is just not in the genes. I’m pretty proud of myself if I can incorporate some kind of braid in my ‘do for the day. My typical hair staple is a couple bobby pins, a straightener, and some mousse. I need a hairntervention.

I needed help with this ‘do…
and Jen served as my hairdresser for our Spring Break Cruise.
(…but, ya know, I helped her out with the whole drink thing)

3. I’m a lousy Twitter-er. I just really don’t get it. Especially because I have Facebook. I just can’t make myself post random thoughts every few hours. I’d rather not be attached to my computer or phone every second of the day, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel that’s what Twitter is for.

4. I’m dehydrated all the time. I hate the taste of water, and as a result, I’m no good at hydrating myself. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but I can only drink water when its really cold and when I’m working out. This girl will probably always be a little bit dehydrated. I can’t help it. Gimme that Propel instead!

water… yuck. (but I love Anastasia in the background in this one.)

5. I’m too into routines. I learn what I like, and I rarely stray from it. I have a few different routines I do at the gym, but I usually need someone there with me to kick my butt and get me to do something totally new. I also tend to cook the same repertoire of 6-7 things for myself, style my hair the same way a whole lot (see #2), and usually do the same thing at the same time each day. Weird for someone who loves and embraces spontaneity, huh?

sometimes I mix it up.

So, question of the day… at what things are you great/awful?


9 responses to “We all have our strengths…

  1. >Oh girl, I am so bad at hair too! My hair is pretty much always in a pony tail or in braids because it's just easy. I always thought I would "grow out of this" and magically be good at it someday, but still hasn't happened yet! haha!

  2. >I don't have the hair thing down either. I would say I'm a terrible singer. The worst in working retail is seeing someone mess up your neatly folded stack.

  3. >Aly, I am also bad at folding and I suck at doing my own hair. Since I am living with Zandi, I make her do my hair all the time.

  4. >@Erin KiddI used to have JL do my hair all the time! oh, how wonderful roommates used to be…

  5. >I am always dehydrated. always. I feel ya on this one

  6. >Hi!! I just found your blog through peanut butter fingers. (I think..I've been reading a lot this morning!) I am a Virginia Beach blogger too, and from Washington Twp. NJ! Your about me seriously freaked me out, we are the same person. Your blog is super cute, fellow jersey girl!!

  7. >Hi, new follower here. Im so bad at doing my hair too and I'm not up on the whole Twitter thing either! Ps your pup is adorable!

  8. >This is great-love this post!!!!!

  9. >Huh, i can relate to some of your weak spots! I'm HORRIBLE with my hour, am way into routines, and don't get enough water as I should!!! I also did a post on my strengths not too long ago (they make us take a strength finders test for work)… i love that stuff!

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