Sa-weeeet Chicken Salad

> In continuation of my Fresh Foods Mission, I made one of my favorites.

chicken salad should be a food group.
When I first created my chicken salad recipe, I adapted the recipe quite a bit. My version of chicken salad is a light, sweet, crunchy one.
do you see the “mystery” ingredient?
In my chicken salad, I use:
   boneless chicken breasts (grill, bake, or boil them)
   a little dollop of fat free mayo
   celery, chopped
   lemon juice
   Craisins or raisins
   a couple tablespoons of the “secret” ingredient
I take a Rachael Ray approach to my recipes. Don’t worry about measurements. Prepare the chicken salad to taste. The key for the mayo is to only use enough to hold the chicken together.
a winning combination
I prefer to pull the chicken rather than chop it. Then, add a dollop of mayo, a nice splash of lemon or lime juice, and all the aforementioned components. Add the Splenda last, mix it well, and add more if you like it sweeter.

The above amounts yield one hefty serving. I’d use four chicken breasts if you plan on serving two, and multiply from there.

Serve as a wrap (sooo good), in a sandwich, with celery sticks, or on a bed of spinach.
Can any of my foodie blogger friends figure out what that mystery bag is that just brings this whole recipe together? 😉
Go try this recipe. It’s a winner!

8 responses to “Sa-weeeet Chicken Salad

  1. >Hmm, this is a tough one, but I'm going to guess curry powder. I think it's a key ingredient in a lot of chicken salad recipes! I also love chicken salad with grapes in it…yum!

  2. >I use the same Rachael Ray method to cooking when it comes to measuring things out. It's all about how it looks and tastes! 🙂

  3. >Oh this looks delicious!I think I will have to fix this like tomorrow! Thanks for the recipe.

  4. >Mmm have to try the wrap version, sounds really good! I'm gonna guess the secret recipe is… paprika?

  5. >stillll looking for the correct secret ingredient! 😉

  6. >oh come, walnuts obviiiiiiii

  7. >*crushed walnutsBut anyway… Wah!

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