Simple Math.


Math was never my strongest suit, but this equation is probably the easiest I’ve encountered in my 23 years.

I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

4 responses to “Simple Math.

  1. >I am a new reader of your blog….but are you getting a dog? I got my first dog ever a few years ago and he is my kid! I can never imagine my life without one! If this is something else —- then I just totally rambled!

  2. >this is my kind of math haha

  3. >aw, hi sweet lil puppy dog!! What a cutie!!

  4. >When I decide to eat pop chips I feel a lot better after I consume then rather than eating a bay of Lays. They are really thick and taste amazing – well most of the flavors. The original is somewhat bland… and the cheddar kind tastes kinda odd….other than that the other flavors taste great. you need to go here: and scroll to the bottom – they have a locator button and it will tell you where they may be in your vicinity.

Your comments make me smile. Thiiiiiis big.

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