>Remember my post about the critters in ma attic?

I was hearing serious noises upstairs in my new house. I thought I had a raccoon, a ghost, or a not-so-friendly homeless man wreaking havoc above my head.

Thank you, Mr. Exterminator, for changing the population to (hopefully) 0.

my squirrely friend is quickly regretting his decision to shack up with me.

His triumphant finds? One dead rat (the trap got him, R.I.P.), and one pesky little squirrel. These guys are to blame for the noises I’ve been hearing in the morning, afternoon, and in the middle of the night.

It’s good to know I’m not going crazy, right?

Now I can watch Criminal Minds before bed without the freak outs over a possible serial killer in my attic. I’m a newbie to this show, and I can’t get enough of the millions of reruns.

Speaking of addicting TV shows, is anybody else getting a kick out of Brad Womack’s return to The Bachelor? My mom watched his previous season, and I only saw the very end, but I’m already tired of the declarations of how he has changed, etc. We get it, Brad, and good luck with those crazy pizza-breath nutjobs. I think I’d take the real live vampire first.

Brad wants his own man version of Twilight.

I wanna know what ya’ll think!


6 responses to “Gotcha!

  1. >glad you have the pest situation ironed out. a friend of mine in Audubon had bats in her belfry. Literally!I don't watch the Bachelor – sorry. I had a dream a few nights ago that I was teaching again. So, I've seen you recently! LOLHope all is well in VA Beach. xoxo

  2. >Ahh the poor little guy-but good for your sanity! haha

  3. >your blog is beautiful! We used to catch a lot of racoons or is it raccoons…back in the day..they are evil little things.@

  4. >Good think you caught those critters! The noises would freak me out as well 🙂 I used to be a big Bachelor fan, but I gave it up many years ago.

  5. >Wow, The Bachelor is for sure crazy this season. Michelle is psycho and needs to go! I'm glad he didn't stand for those dramatic girls. There are a few I am starting to like, but it is a bit early to know for sure. I can't wait for next week though!! We are making it kind of a Tuesday night get-together over here 🙂 Miss you!! xx

  6. >Oh the Bachelor… I'm sadly obsessed with watching all the crazies! And I love that Brad is back… more drama!

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