bLyssful THANK yous!

>I have to thank Julie for the bLyss Designs shoutout she gave me on my birthday this past Saturday on her blog. She must have known I needed some more traffic to the bLyss etsy site. 😉

Julie’s Wine-O glass. and I still have one for sale!

While I’m at it, I should thank all my great friends who have been helping me make this business finally successful. After all of my Christmas orders, I’m finally out of the red and making money on my wine glasses! It’s amazing how accomplished it can make you feel when you can turn a hobby into a moneymaker.

Jill’s beer mugs with the Irish flag

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to my etsy buyers, Kristie, Anastasia, Chelsea, Jill, Alyssa, Amy, Momma, Maggie, Michelle, Lisa-Marie, Maria, and Lauren. And anyone I may have forgotten. Ya’ll are AWESOME!

this one was for Salisbury’s veterinarian, Rebecca!

(and Maria, Mich, Chels, Alyssa, and Amy – yours are coming soon, promise!)

the beach glass.. see the sandy bottom? 🙂

Remember, most of my designs I don’t even put on etsy. The site has been more of an exemplary site for my buyers, who for the most part request personalized designs with special colors. I’ll try almost anything… I’ve even made a pink John Deere tractor beer mug for somebody!

monogrammed glass
Annnd, now debuting, bLyss CANDY dishes!
for his birthday, my dad asked for a Sno Caps candy dish.
I fashioned it like the candy box.
gooo terrapins! I was pretty proud of my Maryland “M” on the base of this one.

Apologies for the incredibly cruddy quality of these photos. I still can’t find my camera, and as you can tell by my pictures these past few weeks, I’m lost without it.  😦

one zebra for sale!

So here’s another sales pitch – they make awesome gifts, I do martini glasses, wine glasses, beer glasses and mugs, margarita glasses (if I can find them in stores), candy dishes and anything I can find in glass. Keep that business comin’, ’cause I’d love to make something for you!


5 responses to “bLyssful THANK yous!

  1. >Those are great gifts. I used to always give special glasses and things like that to one of my friends. I'll keep you in mind for the future. 🙂

  2. >I absolutely love teacups! I love giving them as gifts as well. Those wine glasses are SO adorable!

  3. >oh those are SO cute!! Next time I need a good gift, I'll think of you!

  4. >Thanks, girls! I'd love to help you out.

  5. >These are adorable! I love anything monogrammed 🙂

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