Remedies for the coughing, sneezing, sore sickies

>I hate it when people bring up when it’s “that time of year.” Like my sore throat, stuffy nose, and swollen glands haven’t already let me know that the season changes wreak havoc on our otherwise healthy bodies.

With a birthday approaching in just two days, I’m in full defense mode as I start to feel lightheaded, stuffy, and sore-throated. You should see me… I look like a ghostbuster. Only I’m not busting ghosts. I’m busting bugs. 😉 Bugbuster? Sinus-defendah? I need to come up with some better superhero names.

my defensive line

With my armed defenses up in this chilly weather, I thought it may be a smart time to share my tricks and tips for when I feel a cold or sinusitis coming on.

 The HandiBac
I hate generic hand sanitizers because they dry my skin out. Bath and Body Works is my savior for moisturizing in the cold weather plus killing bacteria (and it smells niiiiice). I keep this baby on my desk at work and in my car. *TIP: If you buy ’em now, they’re cheap! BBW is having their semi-annual sale.

chloraseptic + benadryl = magic spray = feelin’ good and ready for birthday activities!

 The “Magic Spray”
Chloraseptic Spray is one of the foulest sore throat remedies some people have ever tried, but I SWEAR it works. I hate surrendering to the spray, but I’m always glad I did once I get over the initial shock of the gross gargle. Plus, a tip I learned from my nurse practitioner back home in New Jersey: mix liquid Benadryl with the Chloraseptic, and the magical combination will reduce swelling, numb your sore throat, and clean out the bacteria all at the same time. This works way better than a saltwater gargle, I promise.

 The Citrus Vitamin C Halls Defense
These babies are the money. Not only do they taste delicious (especially the grapefruit flavored ones), they provide your daily recommended Vitamin C for the day. Yuuuum + Health!

 Raspberry Emergen-C
Warning: this stuff is gross in regular water. I don’t recommend drinking it that way. I do, however, love it in my tea. Trust me on this one: hot water, tea packet, and emergen-c are great together – it’s like a sweet flavored tea, and you’re getting lotsa vitamins as you sip!

It’s true, working in a school really does make you susceptible to so many more germs per day.  The genius airborne supplement was created by a schoolteacher, and I’ve used it ever since my mom brought it home when it first came out.  Take the stuff in water at the first sign of a bug, and you’re way more likely to pull through.  I’m not a huge fan of the taste, but the lozenges are great. If you grab the tablets, head for the grapefruit flavor.

 Check that diet.
Many people don’t realize what they’re eating can make them sick, too. I have a lot of friends who think they can get by without eating fruits and veggies and wonder why they’re sick all the time. When you’re sick, it’s important to not focus on a low-fat diet. Focus on the well-balanced meals you’re putting in your body. Get that protein, fruits, veggies, and starch, then add all the comfort food you’re craving. Also, watch your dairy intake. That’ll worsen the mucus rolling around your sinuses. Ga-ross.

 Watch what you’re touching.
I make a constant effort to not touch public territory. Grab a door handle with your sleeve or on a spot most people don’t touch, avoid handrails in a stairwell, and carry your antibacterial!

 Get some ZZZ’s!
Sleep is what the body needs most to recoup.  Give yourself at least 8 hours if you’re starting to feel under the weather so your body can renew itself and your defenses can build.

 And, don’t forget momma’s advice: HYDRATE!
I will insert an e-mail I received from my mother.

She does know best.

I hope you all are feeling better than I do today. How many others are battling a cold today?


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  1. >Hi! So glad you found my blog, you're awesome! I love these remedies…I always stick with hot tea and cough drops!

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