I got my butt kicked by a DVD.

>Yesterday, I had an “oopsie.”

I’m extremely busy on the reg. It’s very rare that I find myself with free time and nothing to do, and a product of my… productivity… can my a little bout of absentmindedness.

After work yesterday, I went to change into my gym clothes, as per usual, and I discovered… shoot. No shorts. Meeeeeh.

Since I’m not one to go run 5+ miles on the tread in sweatpants (Shamrock Half Marathon training is in full swing), I rolled my eyes and figured I’d go home and run outside.

Of course, since it’s the middle of winter, I forgot that it would be pitch dark out by the time I got out the door.

SO… pepper spray, keys, iTouch, AND my new Forerunner GPS training watch in tow, I chugged outside for a quick 2 miles.  I’m a baby when it comes to running in the cold much like good ol’ Julie, so getting out there in the chiiiiilly temps was a pretty big leap of faith in myself.

my new training friend, thanks to Mr. James. now I can track my pace during the halfs! (halves?)

I probably looked like a paranoid, lost psychopath determined to lose my holiday poundage.

don’t mess with me. I’ve got the red one and I’m not afraid to use it.

After the lung-burning, snot-dripping 2 miles around the neighborhood (thank goodness it was dark), I popped in this new gem from the $9 holiday rack at Wal-Mart.

“nine dolla, you say? I’m in.”

I’m typically not one for the video workout. I find them boring, annoying, and not near challenging enough for a good workout.

Jackie kicked my booty.
I found myself huffing and puffing to this 32 minute weight plus strength workout with three jacked-beyond-belief girls on screen telling me “it’s not that bad.” I silently cursed the overachievers and the fact that I don’t have any hand weights less than 10 pounds.
As I struggled through the routine, I came to several conclusions:

10. I’m coming down with a cold. That’s why this is so hard.
9. See? My body really does hate the cold. It shuts down after just 2 miles out there.
8. I need to go buy 7.5 pound dumb bells. Maybe 5 pounders. Okay, Maybe 3.
7. I really hope no one can see me through that window.
6. I hate her. And her jacked friends.
5. Do I really care if I have sculpted shoulders? Does anyone notice those, anyway?
4. She has bad hair. I’d rather have nice hair and not-so-sculpted quads.
3. I need to start putting extra shorts in my car to escape this hell and go back to my beloved treadmill.
2. Jackie doesn’t know how to count 10 seconds.
1. Jackie must be the real deal.

If you have a $9 rack at Wal-Mart, go hit up Jackie.  She’ll make you wish you didn’t. 😉

4 responses to “I got my butt kicked by a DVD.

  1. >Your will power to actually work out is really inspiring Aly. I doubt I could do it.

  2. >Haha.. I tend to feel like I don't have a choice! That's how I do it. 😉

  3. >I agree with you that workout DVD's don't usually give me a good enough workout, but this one sounds great! 😀

  4. >I love DVDs for at home workouts. I will only do Turbo Jam (kickboxing) and Cathe Friedrich stuff though. It's the only stuff I've found to work me good enough. Never tried a Jackie Warner one though. Sounds good.

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