Take That, Cancer.

The “C” word is a really scary one, and when it’s used in regards to someone close to you, it’s even scarier.

My mom’s mother, my Mamoe, passed away from colon cancer last winter. She lived to be 89, and was one of the strongest women I’ve ever known. Her husband, my poppop, has survived two different types of cancer. It’s people like these we learn to live from.

When my dad came to Virginia Beach to meet me for lunch one day this past fall, I had no idea I’d leave Panera Bread in tears. My dad had really scary news for me; he’s been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Forget the fact that many men live with prostate cancer. This was my dad. I’ve never seen him sick. He’s always the strong one taking care of other people. When I had to hear those words coming from his mouth, I was scared to death.

daddy had hair when I was little!

To those of you who didn’t know, does my really emotional birthday post to my dad make more sense, now? 🙂

Fortunately, his doctor is one of the best. After lots of tests and a second opinion, my dad was scheduled to have surgery to remove the cancer on the day before new years eve, December 30. Quite an eventful start to 2011, huh, Dad?

The hospital is here in Norfolk, VA, so I got to be at the hospital with my parents after his surgery. He was in the operating room from 8:00 a.m. until almost 2:00 p.m., and had the da Vinci robotic surgery. As far as surgery goes, how cool is that? The doctor essentially plays a video game and uses robotic hands to do the removal.

“hes proud’a me, so proud’a me!”

When I saw my dad for the first time in that hospital room, it was a little upsetting for me. I was used to seeing my dad knowing everything, fixing houses, and taking any lake on water-skis like a champ. His hurting was really hard for me to think about.
Fortunately, my dad is a champ. After I stayed with him in his little recovery room overnight, he went on a walk through the hospital wing the very next day, and did well through his two hour ride home in the back of the minivan.

I’ve been learning more and more lately that it’s hard times such as these that show you just how strong people are. I so admire the strength of my mom through all of this, and I love how both of my parents have taken the attitude of just getting through this. Cancer is surmountable, and we will conquer it.

Dad’s now at home and recuperating with his Kindle loaded up with new books, DVR full of fresh TV shows, and my momma at his side!

the muskrat spirit shines. he’ll be up and at’em in no time!

Take that, cancer. You’ve got nothin’ on us Halters.


7 responses to “Take That, Cancer.

  1. >Aw, this warms my heart! It's so wonderful to har your dad kicked cancer's butt!Amazing!

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  3. Your family is so strong!! I’m happy to hear that your dad is now recuperating! 🙂

  4. So glad he’s doing well. Sounds like he has a wonderful family to be there for him..

  5. eff cancer! =) He’s gonna kick it’s butt! =) So lucky that he has his wonderful family by his side in this! ❤ It runs in my family too girl! my daddy passed away when I was in middle school and My grandma and puppy both had the same type of cancer as my dad. Its just the most BS thing ever and deserves a good whooping!

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