That’s what I’ve been doing… sorryyyy!

The time leading up to the holidays has just been so hectic.  I’ve been running around doing a lot of this…

personalized wine glasses are a great holiday gift! 😉

and some of this…

coworkers need some holiday goodies… and I made a lot of ’em!

and a whooole lotta this…

holiday treats at work… yuu-uum.

and this!

guess who…
recognize this dolphin?
Okay, so maybe it’s not my job per say, but I got to be Henry the school dolphin this afternoon.  It’s not Cinderella at Disney World, but I still had a whole lotta fun giving out hugs to the little ones. 🙂
my dream, cinderella. laaalalalaa!

Your comments make me smile. Thiiiiiis big.

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