A Virginia Beach SNOW DAY!

>It’s official.

I’ve had my first VB Snow Day!

Picture it: 5:50 a.m. My phone’s vibration rudely wakes me up, and I hit the “Send” button to pick up the call.  I hear an automated message telling me that, due to weather, school is CLOSED for today!

Yeeesssssss! Suddenly, I’m 12 years old in my footie pajames doing the celebratory running man with pumping fist beside my disheveled bed.

My mounting excitement took me to my bedroom window to see the snow.

THIS was my view:

womp womp.

But hey, I’m not one to complain when I’m being handed a day off to sleep in. I happily snuggled back into bed and slept until 9:45. Woooohoo!

After some puttering around the house and working up a nice breakfast appetite, I checked outside again.


Just try and tell me that backyard wouldn’t look better with some puppy footprints in it.  If I had a pup, that little girl would have gone nuts. And I would have played in the snow with her.

gimme, gimme!

And she would have looked like that.

I busied myself by making a nice yogurt bowl of Dannon Light & Fit and blueberry muesli.

a match made in heaven.

Is Trader Joe’s not the money? I first got turned on to muesli on our cruise last spring break, and I recently found this baby at TJ’s. I’m not one for soggy things (cereal, oatmeal, whatever), and muesli is the perfect combo of filling, crunchy, and sweet.

And when paired with the new Orchard Pear flavored yogurt, it was fabulous!

You know you’re an adult when a Snow Day makes you so thrilled you can get things done.  The remainder of my day will be spent finishing some glasses on Christmas order for bLyss Designs and setting up my wireless.

Gotta get that TiVo back! šŸ˜‰

Happy Snow Day!


4 responses to “A Virginia Beach SNOW DAY!

  1. >Snow days are fabulous! Glad you got to enjoy one.

  2. >one thing you would NOT have done with a puppy is sleep until 0945! (smile)Love, Dad

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