New House, New DIY Project

>For your average 22 year old girl, I’d say I’m pretty handy dandy.  Growing up, when my dad fixed something for me, the engineer in him would typically tell me how it worked and how he was putting it back together.

Fast forward to 16, and I was helping my dad flip houses after his retirement from chemical engineering in Philly.  I learned how to tile a floor, replace doorknobs, and paint walls and trim until my arms were sore.

Anyway, my learned skills are frequently put to good use in my day to day life  all the time  usually.

…I’m not going to mention the time I called my dad in a panic because I couldn’t figure out how to put my new bed frame together.

So, new house = new DIY projects for me.  I’ve been working on my black and white room with a “wineberry” (think a ruby color) accent.  I have awesome throw pillows and fake flowers from Michaels in the plum color, but I needed to add some more.

Enter… homemade earring holder!

I used an old earring holder my dad made for me when I was younger.  The frame matched my bedroom at the time, and I wanted to refashion it to match my new room. That’s a screen from our porch in New Jersey in a painted picture frame!

I picked out a fabric to match my room at JoAnn fabrics.

All I did was stretch the fabric over the frame. The earrings will pull the fabric down if it’s not tight enough.

ta-da! matching earring holder!

I’m a visual person, so a way to view all my choices is easiest for me to pick out what to wear.  The only problem? I’d need a frame three times this size to fit all my earrings. 😉

What DIY projects have you added to your abode?

soon to come: my adventure with oreo balls! woooohoo!


3 responses to “New House, New DIY Project

  1. >Oh, what a clever girl!Dad

  2. >this is awesome! helllllo new project.

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