My Running Necessities

>Everyones got a few things they’d be lost without for their training routine, and I’ve decided to take a moment to pay tribute to mine.

1. Ouchless hair ties – I NEED my hair completely out of my face and I need an ponytail holder that won’t fall out.  My go-to style necessity is an no-slip grip headband with a thick goody ouchless hair tie. I’ve got a lotta hair, so a skinny hair tie doesn’t work for me

proof! matching no-slip grips for the VA Beach Rock & Roll

2. Asics. I’ve got high arches, and only Asics will do for my tootsies. I’ve been wearing them ever since high school track, and I’ve refused to stray from the brand ever since.

Mag and I even had matching Asics. the best part? completely unplanned.

3. A great water bottle. I do a very poor job with keeping hydrated, so a water bottle that makes me drink water/propel when working out is moneeeyyyy.

I hate water. But with this baby, I’ll suck it down!

4. My iTouch Pedometer. I love running with my iTouch, and my Pedometer app is awesome.  It plays my running playlist within the app while showing me how many steps I’ve taken, how many miles I’ve run, and my time. When I take my outdoor runs, I can’t live without it!

5. The Wright Sock.  If you’re prone to blisters like I am, these guys have got ya back.

6. A great running jacket.  I’m big on layering when it comes to working out, and my blue C2 jacket from Target is perfect for running in lower temperatures and tying around my waist if I get too hot.

and it’s my favorite color!

What’s a necessity for your training?


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