Thanksgiving at the Beach

>Okay, finally time for the Thanksgiving recap.  I had a whirlwind of a Thanksgiving break!

After the 7 hour drive there, I overloaded on food (and loooots of it), shopping, wine glass painting, and a Turkey Trot!

It was my first ever Turkey Trot, which I was talked into by my cousin, Kristie.  I was just coming off an IT band injury, so a little hesitant, but eventually was persuaded to register.  A 5k has to be a piece of cake after getting so used to half marathons, right?

cousins ready to TROT
we’ve always been cute. 😉
I wasn’t really looking forward to an exciting time for the 5k, considering I’m more of a long-distance runner and haven’t been training well.  These days, I’m running a lot slower than I was this summer.

After waking up bright and early on Thanksgiving Day, my cousins Kristie and Greg and I drove down the Grand Strand to the starting line.

1 Alyssa Halter        22 Hertford           NC   21:18 

21:18 minutes later, I came in 20th overall and FIRST in my age group!

the finish at 21:18!

I was so surprised and thrilled I was able to crank out a quick time after barely preparing.  I’m usually over prepared for races.

My cousin Kristie did fantastically.  She beat her time by over two minutes!  We must have good genes. 😉


I forsee more Turkey Trots in my future…


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