I have a love for costumes…

>A post about the Turkey Trot is pending (still waiting for Kristie to post more pictures!), so I’m switching gears a little to express my mounting joy for this weekend’s upcoming activities.

I’m getting oh-so excited for our tacky christmas party! 

In college, I was introduced to the “Ugly Sweater Party,” and of course, we went all out ever year we could (pictures to come).Come to think of it… I think I’ve always had a thing for costumes. 

looks like it runs in the family.  cool clown costume, Amy.

I’d go out on a limb and say Halloween is for sure second on my list of favorite holidays (I can’t take away the #1 spot from Christmas… there’s just too much joy for Halloween to override it).
There have been high school field hockey team themes.
calling all SHSFH05 Renegade Regulators – remember this one?

Then I apparently needed a year of college to figure out I needed to get some cooler costumes…

wow, a ladybug? extremely original.

So the next year, I found a costume that played off my internship with NASCAR.

vroom, vroom!
…and yes, that’s a jar of peanut butter and a girls volleyball team around me.
And then I found a costume with POCKETS.  Winnnnnerrrrr!
I’m a home wrecker! get it?
After those few years, I finally discovered just how much fun you can have when you get creative yourself.
THAT is gladiator domination. completely homemade costumes!
And this year, my personal favorite, was a tribute to my most favorite pop artist out there… hellloooo Ke$ha!

1. it’s a fake bottle of Jack – just a Fiji waterbottle.
2. family members from afar, I have NOT flown off the handle. this was just Halloween.

Is it just me, or are the craziest costumes the most fun?  I think it’s like starring in plays and musicals – the most fun characters are the ones who are nothing like your actual self.  🙂

Aaaaaaanyway, this is all relevant to my plans for this weekend.  Just wait till you see my tacky Christmas costume for our beach partaay! Woohoo!

Your comments make me smile. Thiiiiiis big.

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