I should go to blogging school.

>Should I be ashamed I took zero pictures with my actual camera this weekend?


In the world of bLyss, it was a pretty uneventful weekend.  I’d consider it a good one to gear up for the upcoming holiday madness.

Something I did capture, however, is my love and appreciation for Starbucks.  This weekend, they had a “buy one holiday drink, get one free” special.  When we pulled up to the ‘Bucks on our way to James’ Saturday afternoon basketball game, I thought, “Hmmm… how can I capitalize on this?”

Enter Alyssa, one skinny extra-hot tall gingerbread latte on one hand, and one skinny extra-hot peppermint mocha in other.  Weeeeeheeee!

fuzzy on my camera phone, but you can still see the adoration in my eyes.

Since Starbucks can be pretty pricey, I try to limit my purchases to when I have a gift card.  Thank goodness Christmas is coming up, because that last trip just drained my last card (Hint, Hint)! 😉

After basketball, James and I joined our good friends Cynthia and John for a fun night in town at a Tree Lighting event.  We enjoyed dinner and went back to the house to play a HILARIOUS board game that I highly recommend…

Quelf!  I would give you a description of the game, but I think it’s even better to let you dive right in, as that’s what my experience was like. Here’s a little preview picture to give you an idea:

It’s crazy. Take my word for it.

The weekend was a crazy one.  Here’s to hoping for a relaxing, happy upcoming family Thanksgiving!


2 responses to “I should go to blogging school.

  1. >*creeps over from fb*Pretty blog Aly!Quelf looks so amazing! My bf and I are avid boardgame players, so I went online right away and bought it for us for Christmas. SO excited!!

  2. >@AlexAhhh, you're gonna love it! Let me know how it goes!

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